A Case of Large Ovarian Cyst

Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma finds the simillimum for a woman with a large ovarian cyst.

This case history shows how Homoeopathic treatment resolves the gross pathological changes in an individual with marked manifestations forming an exact portrait of signs and symptoms. The careful case taking and correct analysis of collected data leads the physician to easily recognize the remedy and the result is always miraculous.

Mrs. A, Female- 30 years, Date of consultation- 07-02-2014


Presenting Complaints

This lady presented with heat in palms and soles and headache in right temporal region better after vomiting along with severe burning during urination, painful menses with premenstrual engorgement of breasts before and during menses.


Clinical history

She was much restless, anxious, but thirst less, constipated with no urging for four to five days, hard, dry stool. Had offensive perspiration, with offensive leucorrhoea with fishy odour. She had right temporal headache with amelioration by vomiting for seven years along with heat in palms and soles. Now she had developed bland piles for a few months with dry hard stool and sluggish rectum.

Had severe burning during urination, premenstrual engorgement of breasts before and during usually always painful menses.

Had offensive perspiration.

She was multiparous, normotensive, normoglycemic, irritable, confused, introvert and dull lady.


Past History

She was having recurrent history of right sided headache for last seven years. Headache better after vomiting with heat in palms and soles. Had history of recurrent calculi in either kidney.


Mental Generals

  • Restlessness
  • Dull
  • Anxious (About her health)
  • Confused
  • Irritable
  • Introvert


Physical Generals

 Thirstless

 Lean thin built

 Desires sweets and warm food

 Hot

 Better after vomiting

 The entire discharges offensive


Clinical diagnosis

Right ovarian Cyst (HomeopathyTreatment for Ovarian Cyst) with tiny left renal calculi


Clinical analysis



Irritability psora+++ sycosis+++

Rubric Miasm
Anxiety – health; about – own health; one’s psora+++
Dullness sycosis+ syphilis+++
Confusion of mind psora++ sycosis+
Restlessness psora++++
Introspection psora+
Sweets –desire psora+++ syphilis+
Warm food –desire psora+++
Discharges- offensive, fetid psora+ sycosis+
Menses –painful psora+++ sycosis++ syphilis+
Leukorrhea – offensive – fish-brine, like psora+ sycosis++
Swelling – mammae – menses – before – agg. Psora+
Swelling – mammae – menses – during – agg.  Psora+


Head – pain – temples –right psora+++
Head – pain – vomiting – amel. Psora+
Heat – flushes of – headache; during psora+
Thirstless psora+
Stool –hard psora++++
Inactivity of rectum psora+++ syphilis+
Hemorrhoids psora+++
Kidneys –stones psora++ sycosis+


Miasmatic analysis



All the miasms are equally present.



Based on history of renal stones and mental as well as physical generals, Lycopodium seems to be the remedy of choice as it covers all the miasms present in this case. Since Lycopodium is covering not only miasms but also mental as well as physical symptoms, 200 c is the potency of choice.





Lycopodium 200 one dose stat followed by placebo thrice daily.




image003 image004 image005

Result and discussion

Complete cure with a single dose within 10 days! The mental and physical generals simultaneously matched are often the key to the case. Though, Pulsatilla and Calcarea carb were also indicated in this case, the history of renal calculi and desires for food worked as keynote and the total miasmatic coverage by a single remedy resulted is this perfect cure.

This is a true miracle only possible by Homoeopathy.



  • Chronic miasms in Homoeopathy- Dr. R. P. Patel
  • Organon of Medicine- Samuel Hahnemann- 5th and 6th
  • Radar 10


Copyright Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma

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  • God must have also been with you and for grace of this woman.
    I appreciate your careful miasmatic analysis of this case, as I have indeed also found it to be the key to the simillimum, but I must say your case taking showed brilliance and the fruits of your labors and years of careful and serious study received the biggest reward!

    If patient was more feeble I wondered if you would have considered starting with a 30c? IT seems like a very high potency to have begun with, and I would not have thought to start so high, though I understand many old masters might have started high though obviously yielding brilliant results.

    You touch on why you selected 200c, but from Classical teaching I thought Hahnemann would start with split 30c?

    • Dear Marie,
      Thanks a lot for reading and appreciating my case presentation.
      Really, without God’s Grace, nothing is possible.
      Your precious comments and suggestions are the key to the successful presentations.

  • I have 1 ovary left and it has a dermoid cyst of 22 cm doctor said I might lose the only ovary I have left but I saw that homeopathic medicine has worked can that work to shrink my cyst too?

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