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A Case of Ovarian Cyst

Written by Dr. Manish Bhatia

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Mrs. R, Age 30

Mrs. R initially came to me for the treatment of her 5 year old son. The son had two patches of Psoriasis on his head, which were resolved in a few months time. This gave her the confidence to consult for her own problems.

She had a large ovarian cyst, measuring (68*53 mm) in her right ovary.

Since the birth of her son, her periods were delayed and lasted only for two days.

She also had contact dermatitis on her neck and suffered from recurring colds, which were especially worse during change of weather.

Past History:

– She had some skin rashes when she was a young girl.

– In 2001, she suffered from dry cough, which used to end in vomiting.

– Bilateral renal calculi, diagnosed in 2004.

– Dysmenorrhoea before the birth her son.

Patient as a person

Mrs. R was one of the most mild and sweet persons that I have seen in my practice. I had this impression of her even before I started treating her. During the course of the interview she told me that she becomes irritable very easily and often cries over small matters. She was afraid of being alone and was unable to sleep alone at night.


Thirst: Increased since some time. Earlier used to have very low thirst.

Food Desires: Sweets, Rice, Eggs.

Food Aversion: Non-veg.

Perspiration: Profuse.

Prescription: I did not repertorize this case. Her picture appeared clear enough to me and I prescribed her Pulsatilla 1M on 06/06/06.

Follow up

20/06/06 – The patient developed a cough, which responded well to Bryonia.

04/08/06 – The case did not improve. The patient complained of a sense of obstruction and choking in throat. She also had blackish discoloration of tongue. I gave her Lachesis 200C and asked her to come back after one week.

10/08/06 – There was no change, so I increased the potency further and gave her a dose of Lachesis 1M.

25/08/06 – There was still no change. On reflection, I realized that I had faltered with this case. First mistake, I treated the cold that came up after giving Pulsatilla. I should not have done this, it was probably a healing reaction. Second mistake, I prescribed (Lachesis) for the ‘symptoms’ while forgetting the ‘patient’. Considering this, I again gave her a dose of Pulsatilla 200C.

02/09/06 – There was a 50% amelioration in the sense of suffocation. No change in tongue. Pulsatilla 200, one dose was repeated again.

09/09/06 – There was slight further amelioration. Pulsatilla 200C was repeated again. One dose.

06/10/06 – The USG report showed No cyst.

Note: The last report suggests probability of PID. The conclusion is derived from the presense of fluid in the pouch of douglas. But this fluid could be due to the cyst that has burst. It is not a definite indication of PID.
But her periods continued to be late and scanty. Due to this, she was given Pulsatilla 1M twice (23/10/06 and 04/04/07). Her periods are now normal. In addition, she has reported an overall improvement in her state and does not catch colds frequently anymore. She continues to do well.

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