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A Case Study: The Liliaceae Family


Dr. Sujit Chatterjee presents a case of Meningioma in a young woman.

This is a case of a woman in her thirties, who was suffering from Meningioma.

She describes her chief complaint as a waving sensation from her ears to her brain; she needs to bend her knees and bring them up for relief. She is unable to inhale the fresh newspaper smell that she once enjoyed. The manners of her husband and sons are important; wherever they go the husband should not drink alcohol and the sons must behave. She is very sensitive about her privacy and how her husband behaves when he is outside the house; she dislikes misbehavior. It is important for her that her husband must talk and behave decently.

She spoke about an incident where she felt that when a person is not needed he is thrown into the dustbin, even if the person has helped in bad times. She has a lot of respect for her boss at work, as he has not taken undue advantage of her. She does not want someone to tell her that her husband is a drunkard. She will tell her husband and son to eat and drink properly. She has not had a complete education but she feels her children should get a nice education. Her ambition is that her son should be good host and a well-mannered boy. She feels very alone and she talks to God. She says, “God, please, you be with my husband – he is not driving the car properly.”

One of her saddest incidents was when her husband said to her to get out of the house, and she felt very hurt. She felt her importance was nothing and did not like that he said to get out, or that he tried to throw her out. She dreams of a huge lion turning into swami (God), dreams of her dead mother, dreams of Goddesses, and dreams of having lunch with doctors.

Remedy Chosen: Colchicum, 200C

This patient was given Colchicum from the Liliaceae family. Colchicum is from the Malarial miasm. The remedy Colchicum has the following rubrics:

  • Misdeeds of others agg. – from Phatak’s Repertory (DDX Staphysagria)
  • Sensitive, odors to
  • Delusions of animals
  • Dreams of animals
  • Fear of animals

From Phatak’s Materia Medica:

In Colchicum, extreme impressions such as strong odors, contact, and misdeeds of others make him quite beside himself. Modalities from this remedy include worse from the smell of food and better from stooping and doubling up.


  • Forced Out
  • Excluded-left out (I am neglected)
  • Constricted (held in)
  • Constrained
  • Lots of efforts to be included
  • Theme of food, social position, morality

Themes of the Malarial Miasm:

  • Stuck and intermittently attacked
  • Between Acute & Sycotic
  • Unfortunate, harassed, imprisoned feeling
  • Dependent




Follow-up: As per the reports, there was no significant abnormality detected on the scan and there was no evidence of any abnormal enhancement or mass lesion seen.

Sujit Chatterjee  – Senior consultant, ‘the  other song’

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About the author

Sujit Chatterjee

Dr. Sujit Chatterjee, is a classical homoeopath practising in Mumbai the last 27 years. His knowledge of converting patients’ understanding into Rubrics is unique. He has also conducted provings of several known as well as new remedies such as Chocolate, Camphora, Pipal (Ficus religiosa), Banyan (Ficus indica and Uranium nitrate. He has also made brilliant use of the 50 millesimal potency in his practice. Dr. Sujit is a senior consultant, an esteemed faculty member at the other song and has rich and varied clinical experience in treating several cancer cases with excellent results.

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