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A Sensitive Woman

A case of a sensitive woman suffering from constant nausea and headaches, treated with homeopathy using homeopathy facial analysis.



51 years old

1st Consultation 27th May 2006


Sonya, accompanied by her partner, sought help from me for what she described as long-term stomach and head problems. These had become particularly severe in the last couple of months. She complained of constant nausea, which was worse for eating. This was often followed by burping and then a one sided headache. The headache could appear on either side. Sonya felt that she had developed a lot of allergies and that she responds negatively to almost any food. Symptoms included bloating, abdominal pain and burping. The only foods that she felt were OK were dry biscuits and herbal tea. Sonya had lost 10 kgs over this time and was still losing weight. These problems had commenced about 2 years ago. At that time she was in extreme pain and underwent a gastroscopy which revealed a hernia and an extremely inflamed stomach lining. Prior to this she said that she was always hungry and that she felt hungry even after eating. She had a strong craving for sugar and sweet food but now avoids both.

Sonya also mentioned that she had been a migraine sufferer for over 30 years but that these seemed to be subsiding as she goes through menopause.

Although Sonya sleeps 10-12 hours she always wakes feeling exhausted and has trouble getting up in the mornings. She said that the tiredness had been there a long time. Concentration was also difficult and she said that she lives in a fog most of the time.

Over the last couple of years Sonya has developed arthritis in the first finger of both hands. She said that she always has cold hands & feet.

Health history

At 14 years of age Sonya was diagnosed with poly nephritis. Sonya blamed not drinking enough (“I am never thirsty”) for this problem, which was severe enough that dialysis, was considered. The only symptom she could recall was a dull aching in kidney region.

Sonya had a history of very irregular periods and had trouble conceiving. She had cycles with no ovulation; cycles with 2 ovulations and could have a period that would last for 3 months and then no period for 6-9 months. Sonya underwent ovulation therapy to conceive her twins.

Ten years ago she suffered with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which took 2 years to be diagnosed and was treated with vitamins and Sonya felt she recovered well.

Sonya was born in East Germany and her partner came from India. Initially, both her partner and Sonya were very closed about her past. She said that it was extremely painful and wanted to leave it all behind. After some discussion they decided to tell the story. This was her fourth relationship. Her first husband (who suffered schizophrenia) committed suicide when she was 5 months pregnant with her twins. After the birth Sonya became involved with another man who beat her. She attempted to leave East Germany to get away from him. She was captured and held as a political prisoner for 2 years. Her children were placed in a home at the time and she did not see them. She eventually left East Germany and met up with her 3rd husband and this relationship did not work out because Sonya did not feel that he took care of her when she became sick with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Both her partner and Sonya described her current relationship as good.

COMMENTS: In the case Sonya gave me a number of very clear and distinctive symptoms that would fall under the Generals umbrella – sleep, menses, food desires. I used these plus a couple of broad rubrics to describe her main complaint. The only mental rubric used was “Violence” as this describes her history and the circumstances that have been around her.


GENERALITIES; FOOD and drinks; sweets; desires (101)

GENERALITIES; EATING; after; agg. (192)

FEMALE; MENSES; irregular (113)

STOMACH; APPETITE; ravenous, canine, excessive (235)



HEAD PAIN; LOCALIZATION; Sides; one-sided (253)

MIND; VIOLENCE, vehemence (124)

MacRepertory for Windows.


YELLOW (psora) RED (sycosis) BLUE (syphilis)
0 Hairline 1








Hairline 2



Sonya was assessed as being dominantly sycotic and so belongs to the Red miasm.


The remedies that came through on this repertorisation were

Lyc, Sulph, Nux, Phos, Calc, Sep, Bry, Kali C, Sil, Merc, Nit Ac, Sabad, Kali Ars, Plb

REMEDY AND DOSE From the repertorisation only Sepia comes through as a sycotic (Red) remedy. Sepia was chosen.

Sepia 200C, 1 dose.


1st July 2006: Sonya reported (with a huge smile) that she has been very good since the remedy. Sonya said that she felt the impact of the remedy almost immediately. She felt very tired and needed a good sleep. She now sleeps 8-9 hours and wakes refreshed and ready for the day. All problems had cleared – including problems that she had not mentioned. (in particular constipation and hot flushes). Since the remedy she had only had one very mild attack about 3 days later and it had cleared quickly. She said that the brain fog had cleared and she felt she was thinking very clearly for the first time. Emotionally she was a lot more positive. Sonya had challenged her new sense of well being with all the foods that she felt caused her problems and had had no ill effects. Arthritic pain had disappeared although her fingers still showed some affects from the arthritis. Hands and feet now felt warm.

Watch & Wait

5th August 2006: Some return of headaches – much milder than previously – over the past 2 weeks. Energy levels lower and has noticed that it is getting harder to get up in the morning. Experiencing arthritic pain at the base of the thumb of both hands.

Sepia 200C, 1 dose

26th November 2006: Had been well until last 2 weeks. Came down with gastro enteritis which has left her with a very painful, inflamed stomach. Now constantly burping, nauseous worse for eating. Hot flushes have returned and hands and feet again cold.

Sepia 200C, 1 dose.

Christmas 2006: I received a Christmas card from Sonya and her partner. “Thank you for the restoration of my health. We are both doing very well at the moment (I am also seeing her partner as a client). We will see you soon.”

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