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A Three Year Old Boy with Vaccine Damage

Written by Sohani Gonzalez

Homeopath Sohani Gonzalez shares a case of vaccine damage in a boy of three. Eczema developed at 5 months old after vaccines.

 14.9.2020  –  Main presenting symptoms: catarrh, nasal allergy worse at night, can be chronically blocked, dry itchy skin.

Hair analysis test showed he was allergic to: cows’ milk, soya, citrus, peanuts, kiwi’s sesame seeds and very severely to cats.

Vaccinations: Polio, Diptheria and Tetanus 1st dose.

Skin: Eczema developed at 5 months old after vaccines and the same time mum was trying to wean him. Mum decided “no more vaccines” and continued to breastfeed him till 15 months old.

Still has patches of dry skin that flare up. In the past he was covered in eczema and it became infected.  Taken to a Chinese herbalist who eliminated the infection. The skin became calmer but then the severe catarrhal condition developed. (In homeopathy I would feel this was a form of suppression by the Chinese herbs)

The mum has put him on rice milk for now.

Nose:  Obstructed at night   Catarrh +++……….may almost suffocate him

Then would sneeze.  Discharge…..greenish or white and thick ++


Humorous ++

Very bright, has a facility for language

Quite cautious, will watch and look and then decide.

Swims but still very cautious.

Cinema terrifies him, especially loud noises

Terrified of the dark

Obstinate ++ and stroppy?

Responsive to his Dad

Very affectionate………unusually so. “Says I love you lots”

A soft boy?

Mum says “Eccentric but basically a very nice boy”

Nature also may be contrary with the affectionate ways

Excitable +++ especially after nursery

Likes to take all his clothes off.

Fears and anxieties

Comes into parents bed every night. It has become habitual.

Fear of the sea, though okay in a pool (fairly normal I feel these days?)


Late sleeper……..prefers going to settle at 9.45pm. Sleeps till 8-9am

Needs a light on at night,  << 3am


 He’s quite beautiful

Big fringed eyes and long lashes

All perfectly proportioned

Slim ++

Olive skin – from the Dad

Tans easily (maternal and paternal side)

Blue sclerotics

Average height

Good shaped legs

Appetite is not very good

Hot ++

Perspires only on severe exertion

Not a complicated child


<<damp weather

>>Mediterranean climate

>>open air


Excellent grammar   Very articulate


Desires: Mint flavours, marmite ++, brown bread ++, porridge & syrup or honey, ham, bacon, eggs occasionally, chocolate +++

Bananas++, grapes+, pears++ ice cream++, pasta +++++

Smoked foods +++

Fish ++++

Aversion to meat

Prefers vegetarian

1st Prescription: Based on this little information I gave him DPT 30c  to take once a day for 5 days.


Mum says initially he seemed a lot better.  He ate and slept well.  Then he started nursery and became even more cautious. Seems like he has difficulties making changes?


Problems << due to milk products at nursery

> outdoors


Wheezy << night   << lying down  / Cough sounds “choking, spluttering” , White frothy sputum

Skin dry still


Is very emotional and clingy ++ and hot.  (Mum tells me that his sister did well on Pulsatilla) He has problems adjusting to school and is more contrary than earlier

2nd prescriptionDPT 200c b.d and if necessary to give Pulsatilla 30c after for a few days


He’s basically been better in many ways. Settled into nursery school and is more confident.  In the last couple of weeks, he is happily going to bed and sleeping through consistently. Quality of sleep >>> Eating well too, especially at nursery school.


Has had a cold and a cough but managed it very well, no time off. Recent cough was more productive and nose is no longer obstructed


Generally less excitable

(Observation given by mum: He was a big fat baby from breast milk, once he went on solids he lost weight and went down hill?)

Skin much better

No longer snorts in bed

Wheezy cough has cleared

When he had the cold his catarrh was green


Generally very good:  1-2 viruses  Developed herpetic lip  (surprising)

Was unwell on birthday, hot and floppy but personality wise very self contained when unwell now but still loses energy quickly

(Spongia  30c a few doses over Christmas when the mum rang me on my helpline and it helped)


Thirstless always


May wake occasionally at 3am  / Late getting up / Still afraid of the dark

3rd prescription:  Pulsatilla 200c bd


Better but mum says due to family situation is coughing at night again but sounds like asthma.  Cough:  Loose and phlegmy  <<<waking him

Rises at 4am

Appetite low

Skin dry again


Intense silence and then shouting. Will wear only ‘super hero’ clothing night and day.  Obstinate and angry ++  Tantrums, screaming alternating with clinging and anxiety attachment afterwards.

Stomach:  Vomited green slimy mucous

Energy better

4th Prescription:    Calc Carb 30 +++



Exzema has erupted again <<<starting primary school in September

Recent cold and was better for it

Mum using EPA’s as a supplement for him and he is having live yogurt daily.

Last night slept through for first time in ages.  Loves school

Generally a happy boy but obstinate and oppositional.

Blue sclerotics still marked

Still has some allergies but less

Misses elder siblings who are now travelling


Boil <right side

5th Prescription: Carcinosin 30c bd

Mum rang a few months later. Today he was overall better and doing well. We repeated the remedy one more time in 8.10 2022. I considered the case closed and never saw him again.

About the author

Sohani Gonzalez

Sohani Gonzalez trained at The College of Homeopathy, London and qualified in 1984 . For some time she lived and practised mainly in Brighton, East Sussex in a variety of clinics, including the renowned Dolphin Clinic, which treats children. Sohani was part of a small team of homeopaths who, for three years, taught other professionals in Beirut Lebanon to become practising homeopaths. Nine years ago she moved to Dorset in the South West of the Uk and continues to practise homeopathy, nutrition and allergy testing. Her specialty interests are female problems, children and ailments of the digestive system.
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  • Well done Sohani! People need to understand what is happening, especially when their doctors will not inform them.

    Martin Earl

  • I had a case NBWS vaccines when the child was brought to me at 8 months. I used Ton Jansen’s protocol and detoxed using a mixture of all the vaccine (calledVaxx Feb’22) and eczema went away and stayed away. Have treated the child since for fevers with the usual remedies. I haven’t seen her for a while now.

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