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Adenomyosis in a Woman of 47

Written by Rashmi Rani

Dr. Rashmi Rani shares a case of Adenomyosis in a woman of 47. Impatience, fear of misfortune, weakness of memory and desire for ice were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.

A female age 47 presented with complaints of profuse menses for the last six months. She had been taking hormonal pills as advised by a gynaecologist but got no relief. Menses are painful, profuse, dark, clotted, and last more than 2 weeks.

Associated with frequent urination during menses

Pain during menses is ameliorated by lying on abdomen.

She was also complaining of pain in small joints the last 2 years, which got aggravated in winters, morning and ameliorated by hot fomentation.

Pain in joints – lasts for 1 hour

O/E- tenderness, pain and limitation of movements are absent.

Obstetrical and gynaecological history

P2 L2


LMP- 25-11-2018

Duration- 12 days

Cycle- 26-28 days

Character – profuse, painful, dark, clotted




Father- Hypertension

Mother died 10 years back. Had fibroid uterus


Born and brought up: Delhi

Developmental Landmarks: On time

Education:  Bsc, PhD

Diet:  Non vegetarian

Addiction:  Nothing Significant

Occupation:  lecturer

Marital Status:  Married


Mental generals

Weak memory. She constantly feels that she is forgetting something. Fear of misfortune- she says “If something happens to me, what will happen to my children.” Impatient, she cannot wait, must do things immediately.

Physical Generals:

Thermal Reaction: hot

Appetite: Normal, 5-6 chappatis/day

Thirst: large quantity

Desires: cold water, sweets, ice

Aversion: Nothing significant

Stool: Satisfactory

Urine: D4-5 N1-2  , no burning , no pain

Perspiration: Non-staining, non-offensive

Sleep: refreshing 6 hours


General Physical Examination:

Build: Mesomorphic

Nutrition: Adequate

Anaemia: Absent

Jaundice: Absent

Cyanosis: Absent

Pigmentation: Absent

Clubbing: Absent

Oedema: Absent

Pulse: 88bpm

Temperature: 97˚F

Respiration: 22 /min

Blood Pressure: 120/80mm of Hg, Right arm sitting

Weight: 72 Kg


USG whole abdomen done on 21 dec 2017

Impression: bulky uterus s/o adenomyosis



After repertorization and going through the homoeopathic Materia Medica the following medicine was selected:


Followed by placebo 1vial of 1dram. 4 globules BID for 2 weeks


Date      Remarks Medicine Duration



Clots during menses reduced,

amount of bleeding during menses -moderate

(6-7pads /day)

Duration -8 days

Placebo 2drahm,5 globules, BID








Calmness of mind.

Memory improved

No pain in small joints in morning

Placebo 2 drahm,5globules , BID 2weeks






Amount of bleeding during menses- normal

4-5 pads /day

Duration -7 days

Placebo 2drahm, 5globules, BID 2weeks



15/8/18 Severe Pain in small joints during morning

Frequent urination at night

Medorrhinum 200/1 dose

Placebo 2drahm, 5globules, BID

16/9/18 Menses become normal,

Duration- 5days

Amount of bleeding become normal

No pain in small joints


Placebo 2drahm, 5globules, BID 1month
17/10/18 No complaints Placebo 2drahm, 5globules, BID 1 month
18/11/18 Patient is much better

Energy level is good

Overall, the patient is much better. Energy level is good. Mentally stable, anxiety is much better. Amount of bleeding during menses became normal.

INVESTIGATION   Done on FEB 16 2019 (below)


Forgetful of facts, figures and names; of what he has read.  Makes mistakes in writing, of spelling, and words. Time moves too slowly; everybody moves too slowly. He is in a constant hurry, in such a hurry that he gets out of breath. She is in such a hurry that she feels faint. Confusion of mind, dazed; fear of sensation; loses the idea when speaking.

Thinks someone is behind her; hears whispering. Sees faces that peer at her from behind the furniture (Phos.). Everything seems unreal (Alum.).

Wild desperate feeling as if incipient insanity. Weeps when talking. Exhilaration in evening. Changeable state of mind; one moment sad, the next mirthful. Presentiment of death. Frightened sensation on waking as if something dreadful had happened. Fear of the dark. Anxiety about her salvation.

Vertigo when stooping; ameliorated lying; aggravated from motion. Fear of of chronic rheumatism. Great disturbance and irritability of nervous system. Pains intolerable; nerves quiver and tingle.

Children dwarfed and stunted. Chronic catarrhal conditions in children. Nose dirty, tonsils enlarged, thick yellow mucus from nostrils; lips thickened from mouth breathing. State of collapse and trembling all over. History of sycosis. Often restores a gonnorheal discharge. Intensity of all sensations. Oedema of limbs; dropsy of serous sacs. Disseminated sclerosis.


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Rashmi Rani

Dr.Rashmi Rani [MD (HOM)] is a homoeopath practising in Delhi. She has five years’ experience. She completed her BHMS from Dr B. R. Sur Homoeopathic Medical College.

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