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Allergic Conjunctivitis Treated by Classical Homeopathy


Dr. Santosh Kumar Choudhary presents a case of allergic conjunctivitis in a girl of 13.

I have been an eye surgeon and a practicing ophthalmologist for the last 10 yrs. I did my medical course (MBBS, MS) from KGMU Lucknow, one of the most reputed medical colleges of India.

One of the major and very common diseases in ophthalmology is Allergic conjunctivitis. There is a tremendous increase in cases of conjunctivitis (Homeopathy Treatment for Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye) nowadays in India. But the reasons for increase of such cases are not well understood. It is assumed that increasing pollution may be one of the key reasons. However, in my opinion, if it is due to pollution then why are such cases also increasing in remote villages where there is not so much of pollution?

Basically, allergy is caused by over reaction of our immune system to any normal stimuli; it is an immune dysfunction. We initially give anti allergic medicines like Mast cell inhibitor to control allergy, but usually these medicines do not help the patient very much. So, we either use combinations of anti-inflammatory medicines (like Ketorolac) with anti-allergic properties or immune suppressant steroids (like Dexamethasone, omanacortil) if required. But due to the severe side effects of steroids, we cannot give them for very long. In some cases, allergic conjunctivitis becomes so severe that we cannot discontinue it for >3-4 days. Then it is called steroid dependant allergic conjunctivitis.

After coming in contact with homeopathy and the teachings of Prof. George Vithoulkas (student of E-Learning course since 2015), I have been able to cure many cases of allergic conjunctivitis with homeopathic treatment. Here I am presenting a case of a patient with steroid dependent severe allergic conjunctivitis.

I had treated this patient by allopathic eye drops (Dexamethasone and Olopatadine) five years back. Whenever the condition relapsed the patient consulted a different eye surgeon. They all prescribed the same type of eye drops along with a short course of oral steroid. But the redness and itching reappeared frequently after stopping the steroids. The patient consulted me again in May 2017. I told the patient about homoeopathic treatment and its results. The patient agreed to the homeopathic treatment. I decided to treat this case by the classical homoeopathic method as taught by Prof. G. Vithoulkas


A 13 year old girl suffering from recurrent cold and cough since one year of age.

For her condition, she had consulted allopathic doctors for treatment. She was treated allopathically till the age of 4-5 yrs. After 5 yrs. of age her recurrent cold and cough subsided.  At the age of 6 yrs she developed redness and itching in both eyes. These symptoms were more prominent in summers initially but later on it became perennial. For these complaints, she consulted many eye surgeons, and was diagnosed as a case of allergic conjunctivitis. All doctors prescribed the same type of eye drops. Symptoms used to subside when she used the eye drops (steroid).

  • Severe redness and itching (BE) for 5 yrs.
  • Summer aggravation.
  • Generalities:-
    • Warm aggravation +3
    • Salt desire +2
    • Milk desire +3
    • Meat desire +2
    • Fat aversion+3
  • Mind :
    • Reserved (not talking too much)
    • Company aversion

Irritability and sadness due to long chronic illness

Late learning to walk (walking at the age of 2yrs.)

Fear of snake +1, Dark +2

  • Head:– Perspiration on head
  • Eye:– Redness+3, itching +3
  • Ear :– Otorrhoea+2(left side)
  • Sleeplessness


It is a case of immune Dysfunction (over sensitivity). This dysfunction is due to suppression of recurrent cold cough and fever by allopathic medicine. The strong acute inflammatory stage has subsided and sub-acute stage started. If we analyze it on the basis of LEVEL OF HEALTH, this girl is at the 7th level of health group-c. But her immune system is in quite good condition. So if we start treating this case by homoeopathy, the chronic sub-acute inflammation will be converted into acute inflammation leading to re-appearance of high grade fever which is indication of strengthening of the immune system. This fever may or may not need a second remedy.

PRESCREPTION: Date: 14/05/2017

NAT.MUR -30. OD×3 days. And stop all steroid eye drops and oral steroid.

FOLLOW-UP: Date: 22/06/2017.

20 days after giving the remedy she developed high grade fever with cold and diarrhea. It continued for 3-4 days. No medicine was given during this febrile period. Her eye problem completely disappeared. After 4 days her cold, fever and diarrhea subsided but redness of the eye re-appeared. This redness is much less than what it was before taking the homoeopathic remedy.

* Her sleep was much better.  Dream  disappeared.

* Talking during sleep disappeared.

* Fear of dark much reduced.

FOLLOW-UP: Date: 24/09/2017

* Allergy much reduced

* Patient is very comfortable at all levels (mentally, emotionally and


FOLLOW-UP: Date: 24/10/2017

* Redness and itching completely disappeared

Before treatment                                   

After treatment                                                                                                                                                               



The pathology in question is basically dysfunction of the immune system. According to homoeopathy this dysfunction is due to suppression of the acute inflammatory stage by antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medicine. Using a  homoeopathic remedy this dysfunction of the immune system is corrected and synchronized again in its natural forms and the allergy is cured. By the use of level of health and homoeopathic rules we can cure such types of chronic illness and a large proportion of the disease burden can be reduced.


We acknowledge the co-operation of the patient and his kin in allowing us to publish this case. We acknowledge the teachings of George Vithoulkas through which alone, we were able to see the laws laid down by Hahnemann and the revelation of which has provided us with the means to help the sufferings of fellow beings.


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About the author

Santosh Kumar Choudhary

Dr. Santosh Kumar Chaudhari is an eye surgeon and currently practicing in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. He did his Bachelor of medicine and surgery (MBBS) as well as Masters in Ophthalmology (MS) from one of the most renowned colleges of India, ‘King George Medical College’, Lucknow. During his student life as well as practice as an allopathic doctor, he has come across many patients with ailments where allopathy failed to cure the disease, leading him to develop interest in Homeopathy. This is when he started learning about Homeopathy and got in touch with the teachings of Prof George Vithoulkas. He is now a student of Prof George Vithoulkas and also a Coordinator of the E-Learning program of the teachings of Professor George Vithoulkas in Northern India.


  • This young girl was fortunate to have found Dr. Choudhary. Otherwise she would have been on steroids for years.

  • Thank you for all your interesting and helpful research Dr.Choudhary . I have a question on your remedy recommendation of Nat Mur for allergic conjunctivitis .NAT MUR -30. OD x 3 day ,what does OD stand for? I want to try this for myself because I have been dealing with these same symptoms for many years. Thank you for your time and expertise.

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