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Atopic Dermatitis / Allergic Bronchitis in a Woman of 47


Dr.Vivek R. Ghadage shares a case of atopic dermatitis and allergic bronchitis in a woman of 47. Fear of being alone, of ghosts and dreams of snakes were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.


This case was initiated on 8/8/2018.  A 47 year old female consulted me for eczema that began 6 months ago and  allergic bronchitis (Homeopathy Treatment for Bronchitis) for the last 2 years. She had tried other systems of medicine and dermatologists without relief. Her greatest concern was that she wasn’t able to perform even routine work.

Preliminary Data-


Name – Mrs. MVR

Age – 47 years/F

Religion- Hindu

Occupation- housemaid at hospital

Chief Complaints

She is suffering for the last 6 months from the eruptions with cuts on hands; inter phalangeal joint has itching and burning sensation. There was dry, thick blackish eruptions on dorsum of foot, ankle . There was no discharge from it. These complaints were worse by putting hands in water. She was also suffering from dry cough with breathlessness < dust3+, < Night 3+,     < Lying down 3+, Cloudy weather3+,> sitting with bending forward3+. Back pain coughing when 3+.

Physical generals:

Average Build.  Perspiration scanty

O/E–   T- 98(A), P-80/m, RR- 16/m, BP- 130/80

S/E– RS- Mild rhonchi +     CVS- s1s2 (N) P/A- soft NT  CNS- Conscious oriented.

Past history – She was admitted in a government hospital for constant cough. Had treatment for  more than 2 weeks and got better.

Family history – father was suffering from diabetes mellitus.

Mental – Pt is fearful of being alone at home. She won’t travel alone. Fear of ghosts. Anxiety about health and dreams of snakes.

Had attachment with family members since her husband and 1st son expired. She works to support her family.

She is a working woman struggling to provide for her family.

Due to an acute fever and body ache Rhus tox 200 tds was prescribed first. On 24/8/18 Kali carb 200 was started.

Date Symptoms Changes in symptoms Remedy
24/8/18 Itching +, eruptions +, cuts +, cough + breathlessness+   Kali carb 200 1p weekly
7/9/18 Eruptions >, cough+ O/E- RS- Rhonchii+ Itching increased, burning + Kali carb 200 1p weekly
9/10/18 Itching + no breathlessness cough +,eruptions>+, cuts>+ Headache 1episode Kali carb 200 3p weekly
27/10/18 Itching Mild, No headache, eruptions >++, cuts >+, cough>++ no breathlessness. O/E -RS- Clear Kali carb 200 3p weekly
18/11/18 Itching >+, no cough/breathlessness eruptions>++,Cuts>++   Kali carb 200 3p weekly
13/12/18 Itching stops, No cough, eruption>++   On placebo
4/2/19 No itching/cuts no new eruptions. cough 1-2 time no breathless.   Kali carb 200 3p weekly
17/4/19 Itching occ, no cuts, eruptions foot >+++ no epi of cough/breathless since month.   Kali carb 200 3p weekly
14/6/19 Pt was on treatment for 2 months by herself – no c/o, no cuts no eruptions no breathlessness/ cough   Placebo.

Stock Kali carb 200 3p sos

Pt said she was happy as she can provide for her grandson was able to go in public.

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Vivek Ghadage

Dr.Vivek R.Ghadage MD (repertory) From ML Dhawale Iinstitute Mumbai. Ex. Medical Officer of Medicine, Pulmonology & Infertility OPD at MLDMHI, Palghar. Associate Professor at GPHMC Miraj.

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