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Aurum Muriaticum Natronatum for On-Going Headaches and Grief following Intra cranial bleed

Written by Beverley Brown

The author finds success with Aurum Muriaticum Natronatum in a case of ongoing headaches and grief.

Mr D 40 year old referred to me by osteopath as he was concerned about Mr D,s

Ongoing tension & anger about unresolved issues;

Pt history; AVM 3 years previously, had surgery  for  intra cranial haemorrhage  from Arteriovenous malformation.  Pt suffered left hemiparesis and Left hemianopia following surgery for this. Pt in rehabilitation for several months following bleed. He has no memory of the first few months post-surgery. Chronic headaches since.


Chief complaints:

  • Persistent occipital headaches  worse with stress,
  • Neck & shoulder pain, worse laying on back
  • Feeling of fuzziness in head
  •  Ongoing Fatigue
  •  Feelings of anger and resentment
  • Depression (seeing  psychologist)
  • Previous History
  • Usual childhood illnesses, Ts and A,s  8 years old,  generally  fit and healthy since then
  • Fears:
  • Of being alone
  • Seen to  be  stupid
  • Failing at tasks, not being able to return to high functioning position
  • Having the ongoing  fatigue and brain fade forever


1st Consult; September 2011

  • Pt described himself as a previously high functioning, very successful businessman, responsible for many staff. He was highly intelligent & a high achiever at school.
  • Now he just feels stupid –it takes him all day to do basic tasks as he struggles to concentrate. This  is one of the most  frustrating things for him as he keeps trying to do some of the things he used to do.
  • Mr D struggles with extreme fatigue and needs a 2 hour nap in the middle of the day.
  • At time of Intra cranial bleed Mr D felt under pressure due to changes within the companies. He was working very long hours and felt responsible for all his workers.
  • Mr D  stated that the hardest thing to cope with “is the loss of me and the subsequent loss of  the relationship with my partner.”
  • He talked of his time as a manager, stating he was at the zenith of his career before the AVM. He spoke of his ability to build good relationships with his management teams and respect shown to him by his workers.
  • Mr Ds partner stayed with him initially but could not cope with his anger. He talks of this time  as feeling angry that he was not appreciated or respected, and having his wishes ignored.
  • Mr D states his head and neck pains are worse lying on back, better after initial osteopathic treatment. He says he carries his tension in his  shoulders and neck


Pt initially given Natrum Sulph 1M for the on-going effects of his head injury with fatigue and depression. This is a well-known remedy for the ongoing effect of head injuries, particularly where there is depression and fatigue.

Pt phoned 10 days later.  Initially very tired but some improvement with fatigue after one week. Mood has lifted a little, talking more to others, but still having headaches.


1st follow up: October 2011

Pt opened up more about his emotional issues and talked of his feelings of loss over the end of his relationship. He stated that he needed his partner to complete him. He said he felt abandoned by both his partner and his parents… he doesn’t feel they are there for him. “I need to be with someone , being alone is scary.” He really grieves over this and he admitted at one point in the past he felt suicidal. (He denied this at 1st consult). He feels let down by doctors and says they never  gave him enough information or supported him. “ I would have remembered if they had told me as I have  several degrees –I’m not stupid.”  He is very resentful about this. He talked a lot about the grievances he has about his family and his career.


Rubric arn aur calc carc hell hyp Kali phos Nat mur Natrum sulph
 Head injury Mental function altered 2 1 2
Headache,head injury after 3 1 3 3 1 1 3
Headache pressing occiput 1 1 2 2 2 2
Suicidal thoughts 3 3 3
Depression from grief 3 2 3
Dwells on past grievances 3
Over responsible 2 3 2 1 1
fastidious 2 3 2 2
total 4 8 7 10 7 5 2 12 13











Pt  presented as a very mineral person with  his talk of “I”. He talked of his responsibility, leadership and management, which is very Gold Series.

Scholten’s Homeopathy and the Elements talks of the Gold series being dictatorial, dignified, haughty, managerial, workaholics, high achievers who feel superior to others.  They have a fear of failure which can lead to depression and suicidal feelings. They can have feelings of isolation. Gold series people are prone to high blood pressure, strokes and heart problems.


Pt also talked about breakdown of his relationship and feelings of abandonment, loneliness and resentment with the ongoing grief of this, which led to depression.

Looking at these combinations led me to look at the remedy Aurum Muriaticum Natronatum. 


George Loukas writes about these combinations. He says of this remedy: “They are individuals who have a lot of Aurum characteristics, but who have been greatly disappointed in their love relationships. The element Aurum is related to great care and responsibility of their loved ones. He needs to be first and is easily offended.

The Natrum group puts great emphasis on love relationships. The element Muriaticum is related to feelings of disappointment.

Scholten’s Homeopathy and Minerals states: Natrums are known for grief,  depression and pessimism. Muriaticums are known for self pity stemming from the need to be nurtured and cared for.


Aurum Muriaticum Natronatum   1M given


Pt called 1 week later, reports that his low mood has lifted a little, feeling more positive now, has a little more energy.


2nd Follow up November 2011

Mr D says mood more elevated. He laughed and said “I didn’t expect to feel this way –so I know it’s not a placebo effect !” Says he is still seeing Osteopath, who has noticed an improved response when treating him. He is getting a lot more relief after treatment.


Aurum Muriaticum Natronatum   1M given

Phone call 10 days later, continuing to feel more energised and less depressed


3rd follow up Dec 2011

Definitely feeling better  both emotionally  and physically, doing some really constructive work with psychologist who is noticing a big change, Mr D says he is letting go of a lot of old anger and  resentment. He realises he still has a way to go. Mr D states he never really believed in Homeopathy before, but realises it is doing something to help.


Aurum Muriaticum Natronatum 1M repeated

Ph call 10 days later, continues to feel better in himself.


4th Follow up Jan 2012

Feeling really good, feeling more robust. Working on strategies with psychologist. Feeling quite empowered. Head and neck pain easing, not needing Osteopathic treatment as frequently. Further remedy not given at this stage. Given cell salts Mag Phos, Calc Phos, Kali Phos 6x to try for a week


5th Follow up Feb 2012

He said he feels great; he has met someone who is very special. He doesn’t feel as sensitive about all the old issues. Says the tissue salts helped a lot with neck tension and he has bought some to carry on with.  No further remedy.


6th follow up March 2012

Mr D cancelled appointment. He doesn’t feel he needs a further appointment at this stage.

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Beverley Brown: I am a new Zealand Homeopath and have only been practising since 2009, having finally decided when I was 50 to study Homeopathy on a formal basis. I have used Homeopathy and other natural therapies for over 20 years and I am still blown away by the results of Homeopathy. I mainly work with young children and have had great results with behaviour issues using Homeopathy.

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