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Backache in a Woman of 48 I Feel as If I Am Stuck

Dr. Sonu Mehrotra Shares a case of backache in a woman of 48. Her feeling “stuck” with stiffness and that she must live with it, lead to the simillimum.

One day a lady (aged 48 years) came to the clinic with severe backache and sciatica pain on the right side. She was looking restless and was limping when she entered my chamber; she took the support of her son.

DOCTOR – What happened to you?

PATIENT – Doctor I am having this pain for last 1 year and I have taken all kinds of   treatment but some have given temporary relief or no relief at all.

I am suffering from this pain like hell, I am afraid to go anywhere, I  have come to your clinic with great difficulty. I have to take support  of someone.

Once I sit I am in a comfortable position but after sitting for a while when I try to stand oh God it’s just next to impossible, therefore I can’t sit for long.

When I try to move after sitting or taking rest it’s very painful, I cry and bring the roof of the house down by weeping and crying And after walking a little I am little comfortable, pain slightly reduces, I can manage to work on my own, so I feel that I should keep on moving because Once I sit again, I have to go through the same crucial pain.

PATIENT – I have terrific pain I cannot describe, but I feel that after sitting when I try to walk, my body has become stiff, wood like, I cannot move and pain starts from back more towards the right side than it goes downward to right foot.

Of late I have started having pain in left side too, but it started on right side more and I still feel the pain more on right side, and it always comes with numbness. Really the thought of sitting gives me shivers down the spine.

DOCTOR – how do you manage?

PATIENT – I avoid sitting, I avoid people because I don’t like when they show sympathy, I even avoid talking on phone as it irritates me, and I always try to do something so that I do not come in rest position and having excruciating pain.

DOCTOR – what do you feel?

PATIENT – I feel as if i am stagnated, i am stuck somewhere as I cannot do work on my own, I have to depend on others. I was very good at sports, I was always walking and always active but this pain has made me crippled, I wish I was moving freely without any pain.

DOCTOR – how does it affect your behaviour?

PATIENT I am frustrated by pain but I still try to be normal, hide my painful condition from others, and think why to show when I will become fine one day.

DOCTOR – Describe “stuck.”

PATIENT – When I was studying agriculture, I used to feel monotonous by studying theory only not executing my knowledge anywhere and used to tell my mother I feel I am stagnated, I am stuck, I want to go with the flow but I feel I am not gaining anything, just reading not applying it practically, I felt stuck. I want to grow want to move forward but unable to get any clue how to get more knowledge.

DOCTOR – What gives you relief?

PATIENT – If I keep on moving I feel better, and yes hot fomentation gives immense relief. Whenever I have this pain I take hot water bag and keep over the painful area I feel better.

DOCTOR – Tell me about your dreams?

PATIENT – I don’t remember.

DOCTOR – Any kind of fear?

PATIENT – I don’t fear anything except from my pain.

DOCTOR – Your hobbies?

PATIENT – I am fitness freak doctor, up to college days I was playing badminton, after marriage I was very active in yoga and meditation, walking now I    am bedridden.

DOCTOR – Why meditation?

PATIENT – I feel meditation gives me relief for some time so that I can avoid  my pain I think I should try to forget pain, and meditation teaches me how to live with this pain.

DOCTOR -Which foods do you like?

PATIENT – I like all food but prefer simple veg food, and fruits. Oranges and mangoes.


Here we see a lady is feeling stuck in all parts of life, having stiffness, and “stuck” feeling which is better by movement. These sensations – stiffness, caught, stuck, cannot move, belong to:





and she has accepted it but at the same time she knows it is not fatal and is hopeful. She avoids showing people her pain, which shows a sycotic miasm, and the love for mangoes confirms mangifera indica.

“Fixed stiffness” like; has to live with this stiffness. It is fixed and I am restricted by it and can’t change it, but it is not fatal.


When the sensation of the Anacardiaceae family is combined with the Sycotic miasm, the feeling of Mangifera indica would be:

I have to live with this stiffness, it is fixed, I am restricted by it; I accept it and cannot change it; I need to avoid it.

REMEDY:  Mangifera indica 200 one dose


After 1 month- she was much better, pain has reduced now intensity of pain reduced and she can walk but still pain is there. One dose placebo given.

After 2 months- She visited me on 22/06/23 without any complaint, I gave her placebo and asked her to visit me after 2 months

After 4 months- She is completely free from pain. I repeated placebo.

After 6 months- Case is completely cured by a single dose of Mangifera Indica which was the simillimum and this magic was only possible by homoeopathy.

About the author

Sonu Mehrotra

Dr. Sonu Mehrotra, D.H.M.S (Merit) DI HOM (London) I have been practicing homoeopathy since my childhood as my father, Dr S. S. Mehrotra, was a renowned homoeopath. I am practicing individually for the last 25 years, dealing with all kinds of acute and chronic cases. My son is also studying homeopathy and is in his final year in homoeopathic college. Nowadays I am practicing the Sensation method introduced by Dr. Rajan Sankaran and I‘m getting more accurate prescriptions. I am really thankful to him.

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  • I just wanted to ask you, since nobody has this remedy, and the case looks so much like Rhus tox, which has stiffness, worse sitting, better motion and better hot applications, is there some reason you didn’t start the case with Rhus tox?

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