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Adenocarcinoma of the Upper, Lateral Side of the Right Breast

A useful article about Adenocarcinoma of the Upper, Lateral Side of the Right Breast.Full details about Adenocarcinoma of the Upper, Lateral Side of the Right Breast

(Note: References to God have only a philosophical significance. Use of “He” or “She” in the comments are interchangeable. Remedies always taken as one dry dose unless “X001” dilutions = plussing.)

The patient is a woman born in 1937.

The diagnosis was made in 2002, following a mammogram. The tumor was surgically removed a few months later. A mastectomy with clearing out was proposed. The patient hesitated. Her mother had died after a succession of tumor removals.

I saw her for the first time on the 30/12/2002

“For some years now I have felt tired all the time. Everything makes me tired, cleaning, walking, cooking.”

– Her husband is violent and bad tempered. The least contradiction sets off an ‘international’ drama and everything is her fault.

A colleague has been treating her. She worked hard and gave the following remedies: (Lycopodium, Phytolacca, Sepia, Myrica, Ambra, Hammamellis (she dreams she is flying and falls), Asarum, Conium, Laurocerasus, Cuprum, Magnesia Phos, Ars-s-f).
I need to find a remedy not known to my colleague.

She has repeated dreams: Taking care of children.  In a previous version of Radar, I find:   Adamas, Brassica-n-o, Lac delph. Brassica has been taken out of this rubric in Radar 10 because the real dream is of ‘neglecting children’.  In Masi’s dynamic view on symptoms, the dream that the patient had of taking care of children can be explained as an egotrophic defence reaction in the first degree: the patient will have a positive dream to react against the feeling of ‘neglecting children’. Brassica is present in Dreams, children (Srj) in Radar 10)

In the case I find several themes in accordance with the picture of Brassica:

Lost, cannot find her way.

She cannot find her car, keys, her paperwork.

She dreams of an unknown place, a labyrinth, she is lost without paperwork

Walks on her hands and knees in narrow paths, there are always walls in front, cannot find the way out of the labyrinth.

Brassica: Dream of descending escalators, cannot find the way up

I am in a tunnel, somebody blocks the exit.

Brassica: Delusion is hindered by everybody

Men who are menacing or courting.

Brassica: 25) Dreams of an unknown man, we hit each other violently with chairs. There is aggression but no anxiety or fear.

Dreams of being courted.

Brassica: sexual dreams


She dreams of being crushed between two trucks.  She is afraid of being stuck in a lift. She hates being stuck in a traffic jam.  She desires liberty, she suffered in boarding school: the others were allowed out, I wasn’t.

She would always leave the doors open, she is not afraid of burglars.  She cannot tolerate seeing a bird in a cage or a dog in an apartment.

She is afraid of being buried alive in a box.

Brassica: Vision, desire to have an unobstructed field of vision.

She needs air.  She lives on a small island in the Atlantic and goes out in the morning to fill her lungs with air.  She dreams she is caught in the silt, it fills her lungs.

Brassica: Respiration deep, desire to breath deep

She dreams of menacing men.  I fear for my life and my chastity.

Brassica: Dream about an unknown man, we lashed out at each other with chairs.

Feet not on the ground:

She dreams she is descending a steep slope along a wall which she touches with a stick, it goes very quickly, her feet do not touch the ground.

Brassica: Sensation of vertigo, I did not feel the contact with the ground, I stumbled on several occasions.

– There are a few dreams I cannot classify: ‘Young girl who self-harms with a knife, she sticks the knife in her abdomen.’ ‘Woman with cut off arms, her hands are attached to the shoulders.’ But I find in the Materia Medica: pain, cutting pain and stitching pains.

One dose of Brassica-n-o XM


I feel better, my morale is good, I have more energy.  The micro-calcifications on the left side have disappeared.

She dreams that the doctor finds her cold and covers her head with the sheet.  She feels cold and pushes it back.

She has decided to have the mastectomy.

One dose of Brassica-n-o 10300

18/03/03 she undergoes a mastectomy with clearing of the pectoral area.

The histological result is better than expected.  The tumor is thought to be precancerous. The 20 ganglions examined show no tumors.  The wound is clear.  The doctor proposes a hormone therapy which she refuses because of the possibility of side effects (phlebitis and cancer of the endometrium).

Due to her immobility after the surgery, she develops a fibrosis of the tendons non- responsive to physiotherapy.  One dose of Brassica 12000 solves the problem.


She dreams of being in a crowd, they are black people dressed in black, she is frightened.

Brassica: Dreams of going shopping, there are changes:  people and places change.

‘I come home and my husband has repainted a room in dark brown and black, I am afraid of disapproving.’

Brassica: Dreams of coming home and her daughter has shaved her son’s hair.

– We are still in the psoric state of Brassica: on arriving home, she discovers an unexpected change, caused by somebody else. –


She has gained 6 Kg.

There is the appearance of an old symptom: stiffness of the fingers.

She is still claustrophobic.  “I visited somebody in hospital.  I was so afraid to take the lift that I jumped out of a window.  I panicked.  I had to go all around the buildings to find my husband who had taken the lift.

The dreams change:

She dreams of a labyrinth but has the keys to find the way out.  During menacing dreams she is more confident that things will sort themselves out.

“I think this disease has a meaning, it is there to sort out the relationship with my husband.”


Cystitis following constipation:   Brassica-n-o  10M


Common cold and gastro-enteritis alternate for the past 2 months.

Dreams of good relations with unsympathetic persons.

Locked in a closed area, somebody gives me a key

I have taken the lift on my own in the hospital.

Brassica-n-o  10300


Her daughter has been very ill for 3 months. She has given much of herself.

She has a sensation of vertigo with her head caught in a vice. When she stands up she does not feel balanced. When she bends over everything swirls.

For the rest she does very well.

Control mammography is clear.

“I am less in the action, I am more present for my husband.  I see now he is a man with a heart.  I need his tenderness and his strength.  Because I do not contradict him anymore, he can now question himself.  It has moved things forward.  I now say to myself: “silence is golden”.  It has been 40 years that we have been together and I discover this now.  He is a man who likes to give, he has lots of patience with older people…”

“I used to say to myself, ‘I cannot let him say this, this is not possible’ and I did not allow him to move on. This is something I am given.”

She dreams of sympathetic men

Brassica-n-o 12000

After having studied the Materia Medica on Brassica I found two more themes I had overlooked:

Theme of working.

Everything I do, I try to do it perfectly. I always need a project, a goal to achieve. When I dreamt of the women with the arms cut off and the hands attached to her body, I wondered how will she be able to work?  She will always need to bend over to work.

Meaning: ‘being bent over work without being able to rise and take distance’

Theme of cold.

Pressing head pain as from a vice due to exposure to cold and wind

Coldness of the interior part of the thighs.

Sixth nucleus:

‘I do embroidery of icons, it is therapeutic for me’.
Better from the acceptance of a duty, it is the reconciliation side of Brassica.

The synthesis of Brassica: Brassica refuses the elevation of man through the effort of daily tasks and collaboration with the other, while being in the valley where the view is limited and wishes to be the distant God who can observe things from on high without the need to be implicated in the daily chores.

The desire to be very high, is to be differentiated from Bromium who wants to accelerate his access to The Knowledge without following the normal steps.

When suffering:

Cannot elevate, rise. Lacks in breath.

Brassica suffers from the daily chores, he/she gets lost in them, cannot arrange them.

– A mother complains about her daily duties: I need to clean my children’s bums.  Dream: ‘I sniffed the children and when I turned away there was this awful smell, like dog faeces.’  She complains her husband does not help her, he is always away.

– A worker envies his boss; he doesn’t has to go up the steps, he sees everything from above, he doesn’t understand us, we workers have our daily struggle.

Think about the remedy when a patient says: God up there has it easy, he doesn’t care.

Egotrophy, 1st degree:

He who goes up the mountain and still has the breath and ability to rise through his daily chores. Wants to rise professionally (bromium) through his daily jobs while keeping a wide distance from his entourage, even to the point of neglecting his children.

Egotrophy 2nd degree:

He stays on top of the mountain and looks down on the daily affairs. It is not his problem.


‘Tired, exhausted, wants to lie down.’

He does not want to start to work because he is convinced it will lead to nothing.


You cannot rise through your work, you will get bogged down.

Or: ‘these intellectuals are above the daily worries, they are unrealistic, they know nothing about real life, they don’t apply themselves.

When healthy:

He puts order in his work, he starts with being aware of what is most important, keeping things in the right order of importance.  He advances step by step, using his good judgement together with those around him.  Order allows him to have a good oversight of the human condition.

The patient will use the following words: roll up one’s sleeves

The dreams that accompany the cure of my patient illustrate this evolution in the sense of the nucleus of Brassica.

‘Good relations with unsympathetic people (she accepts to make contact with those around and relate to them and comes to the conclusion they are not as annoying as she first thought.)

‘She is given a key’ (she accepts the help from somebody else to get out of her predicament.)

‘She takes an elevator’ (she accepts taking a road where she cannot see the end, and is confident to go through the exit.)

“My disease has a meaning: is there to help our marriage.” She is confident in God’s help with the obscure and she will walk the road with her partner, not on her own. She doesn’t hold him up anymore, he can go his way. Her heterolysis (i.e. husband-lysis) is sorted.


Has vertigo when stooping. (This is within the sensitivity of Brassica who finds himself in a situation where he cannot look from above.)

–          During the vertigo I feel adrift, I am not in my line.

–          ‘Do you feel you are not centred?’

–          Yes, that is what it is.

The themes of Brassica of not being centred, of not having contact with the ground. (She already expressed this in a previous dream)

She was very upset about seeing her daughter ill when she lost weight.

Dream: I have a good relation with the people I previously avoided.

‘And in life?’

I accept the others much better.

(She is correcting her attitude of keeping distances.)

‘And your embroidery?’

It is my therapy, it is incredible, incomprehensible, I move forward step by step, I have come to terms, I have the impression of making a pilgrimage.

‘Would you like to make a pilgrimage?’

It would be my dream.

(A pilgrimage, through the valleys, where you walk along with strangers is the perfect therapy for Brassica.)

One dose of Brassica-n-o 15000K


Very tired the day after the remedy, then very well.  The vertigo is gone.  Good digestion, gained one kg in weight.

Beginning July: Temporary recurrence of a basocellular of the forehead which was taken away before the breast cancer appeared. It disappeared ten days later.

October 04:  All conventional tests are normal. The gynaecologist accepts her refusal to take Taxomyphene.

March 05:  In the last fortnight felt the same pain under the arm as there was after the surgery.

One dose of Brassica-n-o 20 000

May 05: Digestive troubles during holidays in Morocco, better from Brassica 200

Pleasant dreams of reconciliation.

When she finds herself ‘caught’ in her dreams she always finds a solution.

September 05: Drawing pains around the heart. This happens every time she is tired.

One dose of Brassica-n-o 21000

August 06: Is doing very well even after her husband’s terrible health problems.

‘With my husband we live something nicer every day.’

Still has dreams of being locked in but there is always an issue.


Addendum: Dr. Fayeton Discusses Her Method – A brief correspondence

10300 and Other Unusual Dilutions Used by Dr. Fayeton

I had the pleasure of translating a few human cases that were sent to me by Dr SML Fayeton. I then discovered that she uses dilutions like 12000, 10300, 15000, 21000, 1001 and 12001.

It is unusual to come across these types of dilutions so I asked her what they referred to. This is her response.

Much of my homeopathy technique is based on the study and teachings of Dr A. Masi. He suggested that we use these ‘intermediate’ dilutions to approach the ideal dilution for the patient. A 1M, 10M or 50M dilution may be a good choice for the patient, but sometimes the 1300, 10300 or 12000 is even better suited and will help the patient to improve further.

After some experimenting, I found that the 12000, 15000 and 18000 are the ones that gave me the best results. To simplify the work of my pharmacist I now restrict the use of these ‘new dilutions’ to these three. He makes them for me according to the Korsakow method.

I have no set theory to decide what dilution to use. When a patient is responding well to a remedy I will trial the different dilutions to allow the remedy to do as much as possible of the work it can achieve in this patient.

Of course the ‘1’ (like 1001 and 10001 dilutions) refer to the technique of plussing. Again here I have no fast rule but If a response to one particular dilution was very satisfying, plussing is often all that is needed to obtain further results.

# # #


Vita Dr Fayeton:

Medical studies in Paris, doctor in 1960
1965 – 1967 Homoeopathy in Region of Toulouse, urgency city
1968-1969 Rwanda, homoeopathy in bush health centre
1971-2008 Practice in Le Puy-en-Velay
1977 – 1983 Teaching of Homoeopathy for the ‘Groupe lyonnais d’etudes Medicales Lyon’
1984 – 2008 Founder and President of AFADH (AFADH ; Association Française pour l’Approfondissement de la Doctrine Homéopathique = French association for the profound study of homeopathic doctrine)

First teaching in homeopathy: pluralist technique, CHF in Paris, 1959

‘I found that pluralist prescription was irrational and always used only one remedy at a time.’ Further homeopathy education:

1969-70 Unicist technique, Dr Mureau in Belgium
1970-71 With Dr Schmidt in France.
2003 meeting with Dr Masi.

About the author

SML Fayeton

Dr. Simonne Marie Luc Fayeton was born January 1935. She did her medical studies in Paris, and earned her medical degree 1960. From 1977- 1983 she taught Homeopathy in Groupe Lyonnais d'Etudes Médicales. She studied Unicist techniques with Dr. Mureau in Belgium and later with Dr. Schmidt in France. In 1983 she met Dr Alphonso Elizalde Masi. In 1984 she became Founder and President of Association Française pour l'Approfondissement de la Doctrine Hahemanienne.

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