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Homeopathy Supports a Patient During Chemotherapy

Written by Ziad Salloum

Dr. Ziad Salloum presents a case where homeopathy was used supportively during chemotherapy.

chemotherapyA 62 year old female, born in Senegal, was referred by an oncologist who advised her to take a homeopathic treatment to raise her immunity, particularly her WBC. She is under chemotherapy since May 2014. Her blood values have been fluctuating, but by September 2014 her WBC and platelets went down.

She was raised in a very conservative, reserved family and environment. She had a domineering mother and didn’t get the mother’s affection. She was oppressed by her mother who was dictatorial. The patient suppressed the hatred and anger she had towards her mother.

1977 she was pressured to study dentistry and to get married to a relative 15 years older than her. Since then she had a major love disappointment due to not marrying the one she loved. She said: “Since then my life was moving in the wrong direction”. She had feelings of indifference, grief, hatred mixed with anger and disappointment.

1987 got divorced then married for the second time and divorced in 2009.

She is a perfectionist and meticulous, especially in her profession. She is a teacher and now she is in the school administration as coordinator. She’s very rigid in her ideas, but doesn’t like to hurt anyone. Doesn’t like to be touched, even by students, because this will irritate her, but has no problem with physical-sexual contact. She desires company yet has aversion to consolation. She has fear of fire and electricity, closed spaces. She’s punctual, impatient, very jealous and passionate in her relations and very possessive.

Twenty five years ago she had warts on her soles, left and right, removed by surgery.

Aggravates and aversion to winter, especially cloudy weather. Hates the cold, desires a the sun and gets better in the sun. Desires sour food, bitter chocolate, sweets, pungent and spicy flavors, bread, butter, fats, eggs, coffee and ice-cream. She is a chilly person. Feels better by the sea. Memory: forgets names.


Personal Medical History:

1-High blood pressure and high cholesterol

2-Taking Avastan for the HBP; and Xeloda (chemotherapy drug)

3-At age 23 had T.B. when she was in Senegal and took antibiotics for 6 months.

4-1998: cancer of cervix – partial hysterectomy done removing her uterus, followed by radiotherapy.

5-2011: Recurrence of cancer in her genital organs. Removal of ovaries and vagina.

6-April 2014: she had burning sensation starting from the outer rim of her left breast extending to axilla, then to shoulder, forming a circular unbearable painful burning sensation. The X-rays revealed the presence of two nodules on her left breast. She started chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The pain is reduced 90% but the burning sensation is still the same.

Family Medical History:

Father and mother healthy.

Case strategy:

1-Repertorization-Check the Figures in page 3.

2-Choosing the Remedy:

The choice of Conium Maculatum is due to the combination of her keynotes, essence and pathology which indicates Conium Maculatum.

Her sexual desire is suppressed after the total removal of her ovaries and vagina. (2011)

She desires coffee a lot, rigid in her ideas, and a very practical person.

The indurations are located in her sexual organs: uterus, ovaries and mammae.

3-Choosing the Potency: Since she is under chemotherapy and taking allopathic drugs, I preferred to start with a lower potency (15CH) with daily repetition for 10 days.

Repertorization, using Vithoulkas Compass:



Follow Up-after 2 weeks (Via Phone)

  • Sleeping more than before. Getting to sleep earlier-11pm instead of 1am.
  • Decrease of the burning sensation in her breast area, 90% improvement
  • Her platelets raised from 135000 to 160000 but her WBC remained low – 3800

After 4 weeks from the last feedback (Via Phone)

1-Still sleeping more than before

2-The burning sensation disappeared

2-Platelets are stable but the WBC increased to 5200

In December 3rd 2015 repeated Conium 15C 2 granules / day X 10 days

In January 2nd 2015 raised the potency of Conium to 30C, 2 granules / day X 15 days


Follow Up on February 6 2015

1-Sleeping well.

2-Her WBC increased to 6200 and platelets to 221000

3-She had done CT-Scan which revealed the following: decrease in number, size and activity of lymph nodes, but unchanged left adrenal nodule displaying mild uptake – could represent early metastasis.

4-Starting having dreams again (for long time didn’t have dreams)

5-Generally she is feeling better than before, even if she is tired after the chemotherapy.

In February 25th 2015 repeated Conium 30C, 2 granules /day X 15 days


Follow-Up on April 9th 2015 (Via Phone)

Her recent blood picture is very encouraging and there is stability. All parameters are back to normal range and not fluctuating. Her WBC is 7000 Generally she is feeling better and more energetic than before. This case showed that even under severe chemotherapy and radiotherapy the homeopathic remedy acted well. I will wait and observe to decide the next step.

In conclusion, homeopathic remedies were effective as a complement to support     this patient during conventional cancer treatment.

About the author

Ziad Salloum

Dr Ziad K. Salloum, Prosthodontist had been practicing classical homeopathy since 2008. His undergraduate studies were from London International College of Homeopathy 2005-08 and from St. Joseph University-Beirut. 2009-11. He received certifications in homeopathic detoxification for autism and modern diseases in Gezondheid in Beweging-Netherlands/School of homeopathic detoxification-Netherlands (2012-2013). Dr. Salloum has continued postgraduate studies at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy in Greece since 2012. He is a CEASE Therapist and Member of CEASE-Therapy-Netherlands, as well as a Coordinator and Facilitator of the Group E-Learning Program in Classical Homeopathy by Prof. Vithoulkas’ International Academy of Classical Homeopathy (IACH) in Lebanon and the Middle East. Dr. Salloum also serves as Vice President of the Lotus Society for Complementary Medicine in Lebanon.


  • Thank you Dr. Salloum for this very instructive case! The positive effect of the homeopathic remedy is prominent. Patient’s energy level is better, the sleep is improved, the burning sensation in her breast that was bothering her for many months disappeared and also blood tests show improvement.
    It is interesting that Vithoulkas Compass scores Conium high even without the symptom of suppressed sexual desire. If one adds the symptom “GENERALITIES- SEXUAL desire – suppression of – agg.”, Conium scores clearly in the first position!

  • Nice case Dr Ziad, and nice to see how homeopathy can meet orthodoxical medecine for the sake of the patient, alleviating his suffering and raising his quality of life mentally and physically by raising his immune system and his defence mechanism and hence raising his chances to conquer the disease

  • what about in the case of renal failure patient, is there any good medicaments is there in homeo .if the patient is telling to do dialysis is it possible to stop that and take this type of treatment . creatine level is 7.92 , urea is 149, diabetic

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