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Sudden Loss of Consciousness in a Woman of 48

Written by Silvia Vasile

Dr. Silvia Vasile presents a case of sudden loss of consciousness in a woman of 48.

 Patient aged 48, Female

First consultation 10 July 2015

The patient came for an inexplicable sudden illness that makes her lose consciousness, collapse and faint. She has nightmares about death. She has fear of death (3), fear of suffocation (4), fear of the dark, heights, closed spaces, becoming ill and fainting, being alone at night and being raped. Quite frequently she has nightmares after 3 a.m., her sleep is superficial and she often startles during sleep. She experiences excessive fatigue and difficult concentration. She reproaches herself for her entire situation, and she has suicidal thoughts.

Personal history

When her mother was 9 months pregnant with her, she found out that her husband (the patient’s father) died. Her mother was very strict and would often beat her for petty reasons. She was raped by her step-father and by a neighbour in her own house.

Her first husband was an alcoholic, and sex was sparse (once in 7-8 months). From this husband she has a daughter who decided to stay with her father after the divorce.

Her second husband is a very quiet and introverted man and this annoys her greatly because she doesn’t have anyone to talk to. She has a son from her second marriage.

She had 4 pregnancies out of which two stopped in evolution, and two were carried to term.

Clinical symptoms

Recurrent urinary infections, chronic gastritis with persistent acidity, frequent digestive intolerance.

Intermittent mammary lactation in the last 10 years.

She prefers sweets, ice-cream, cakes.

Aversion to meat.

Cold-blooded (3).

Constipation since childhood, she passes a stool every 7 days.

Desire for farinaceous food.

She was given Stramonium 200 CH for 2 days in a row.

F.U. 1 – 2 weeks later

After three days she experienced a strong stomach burning pain. After 15 days she said that she is a completely different person, her mind is clearer, she makes connections much more easily, has more energy and has less difficulty passing her stool.

F.U. 2 – June 2016

She is still afraid of heights, but now she is afraid of cancer (2).  She no longer faints, and she feels better if she is active. Her menstruation stopped in February 2016.

The digestive symptoms became more intense and she feels a sensation of heaviness in her stomach, pain in her left hypochondria, permanent bloating that gets worse after eating, and nausea aggravated after eating.

She receives Natrum carbonicum 200 CH – one dose.

F.U. 3 – December 2017

Her fear of cancer has grown to 4; her thoughts wake her up at 3 a.m. and she cannot go back to sleep. She has nightmares and has a new fear – of madness. She needs to repeat who she is so she doesn’t forget, sensation of lump in throat, a permanent state of discontent about herself, irritability about herself, daily flashes of heat during the day and night (3), thirst for cold drinks.

Warm-blooded (3).

She received Arsenicum 200 CH, and the next day 1M.

Report – 20 January 2018

All her fears decreased significantly, her irritability and nightmares are gone.

Her digestive problems have disappeared completely.

The hot flashes are less intense.

She sleeps better and does not have so many disagreeable thoughts as before.

About the author

Silvia Vasile

Dr. Silvia Vasile graduated in 2000 from the IACH course in classical homeopathy. She is now the Coordinator of the IACH E-Learning Course in Romania and organizes and teaches homeopathy in Romania. She also has a private practice as a homeopath and is a lecturer in homeopathy for the Center for Continuing Studies, Bucharest.

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