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A Case of Erectile Dysfunction and Psoriasis

Written by Azmal Hossain

Dr. Azmal Hossain presents a case of psoriasis and erectile dysfunction.

A 55-year-old villager presented to us with a specific type of skin eruption as the chief complaint. The whole body had patches for the last nine years. Dried scales came out after rubbing the skin. He had severe itching in the evening. The itching, was sometimes so violent that he had to scratch the skin with a blade, making it raw, and in addition, there was bleeding. The skin eruption was worse in rainy weather. When he ate sweets, which he desired, it aggravated the itching. It was psoriasis, true-to-type. Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disease characterized by patches of abnormal skin. The patches are characteristically red, itchy, and scaly. The patches vary from a small area to complete body coverage. Skin injury can trigger the psoriatic changes. It is a genetic disease triggered by environmental factors and is non-infectious. In general, psoriasis does not have intense itching but in this case, it was violent.

He had morning headache and it continued until noon, when he was unable to take foods. If he took food he had a severe headache. In the afternoon, he was almost free from all sufferings. Then, he gormandized.  He drank much water and carried three bottles with him. His mouth had ulcers in the winter. He was constipated.

He also suffered from erectile dysfunction (ED) (Homeopathy Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction). ED is a sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection  during sexual activity.  In a later period of his suffering, he started to think no one loved him. He had his routine blood test done from the local diagnostic center. The report showed everything was normal.

He was regularly was on allopathic medicine but got only temporary relief.

7 JANUARY 2015

I took the following rubrics from the symptoms of the case record.

Skin, eruption, psoriasis

Food and drinks, sweets, agg.

Light desire for

Mutilating his body

Quiet wants to be, repose and tranquility desire for

Belladonna covers all the rubrics. Therefore, I prescribed Belladonna CH 30 (three doses).

19 JANUARY 2015

The symptoms remained the same so I reconsidered the case.

Skin, eruption, psoriasis

Food and drinks, sweets, agg.

Delusion appreciated, he is not

Weeping, coryza during

Carried, desire to be carried, slowly

Pulsatilla covers all the rubrics. I prescribed it in 30CH potency. One dose.

12 OCTOBER 2015

Within seven days of the Pulsatilla CH 30 improvement started. The progress is so great that in one month the skin turns smooth. The skin stops regenerating scales. I find no skin eruption and itching. Only the faint marks are visible in different parts of the body.

The lost libido is normal within forty days. Since then he maintains normal sex life. Every month the patient comes to the clinic, reports that he is fine, and collects his medicine.

Today the patient says that he has constipation and headache. He feels drowsy. For a few days, he is lethargic. His wife says that he wets his trousers without any feeling. When he has realized this, he drowns in embarrassment.

I take three symptoms and prescribe the medicine.

Delusion, body, brittle is

Fear, neglected, of being

Urination, involuntary, riding while

The medicine is Thuja occidentalis. I prescribe three doses of the medicine in CH 30 potency. I advise him to take it every 30 minutes.

28 DECEMBER 2015

He appears to be dull and indifferent.

I repeat the Pulsatilla nigra in 200CH potency. Single dose.

19 APRIL 2016  

All the complaints are gone. He smiles as before and talks much. His spouse is ebullient. The psoriatic scars are gone. No itching. No asthenia. He regains the lost sex power. The scars are still visible in the surface of skin, but very indistinct.

I prescribed Pulsatilla nigra CH 200 one dose.


January 7, 2015: Bell CH30/3 doses.

January 19, 2015: Pulsatilla nigra CH30/1dose.

October 12, 2015: Thuja occ. CH30/3 doses.

December 28, 2015: Pulsatilla nigra CH200/1 dose.

April 19, 2016: Pulsatilla nigra CH200/1 dose.]                         


The Pulsatilla in CH 30 and CH200 keeps acting for a long period and cures the patient.  The first remedy (Bell) was not effective and meanwhile two weeks passed. It is irrational to wait more than two weeks. If the medicine and its potency selection are correct, it should act sooner.  One week is enough for a medicinal response. If a medicine does not respond in a week in a chronic case and in 48 hours in an acute, it suggests that the selection of medicine or potency is incorrect.

About the author

Azmal Hossain

Md Azmal Hossain BSC, MD (Hom). Homeopath and author. Alumnus of D N De Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Kolkata, India. Medical Practice since 1980. Author of five books, and more than thirty papers. Special interest in chronic diseases, primarily patients with oncogenic disorder. He learned applied homeopathy from his father Md Zainul Abedin. Reading and writing remain his passion. He loves to write short stories in his leisure

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