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A Case of Infertility in a Woman of 29

Written by Shirisha Pulgam

Dr. Shirisha Shiri presents a case of infertility in a woman of 29.

Patient Name: Mrs. YZ,   29 years

Chief Complaints

       Infertility

       Irregular menstruation

       Menses late, they appear after 2-3 months

       Menses scanty

Past History

       Underwent in vitro fertilization (unsuccessful)

       Leucorrhoea

       Healthy during her childhood

Family History

       Father – Healthy

       Mother – Diabetic

       Siblings – Healthy

       Husband – Healthy

Personal History

       Occupation  – Homemaker

       Diet –          Non-Vegetarian

       Appetite  – Increased

       Desire   – Sour and Spicy food

       Aversion  – Milk

       Thirst  – Thirst less

       Perspiration   – Scanty

       Thermals – Chilly

       Sleep  – Sound and Refreshing

       Dreams  –  None

Mental symptoms

       Reserved

       Very sensitive, least words and action troubles her.

       Anxiety – If somebody insults her she gets angry, feels like throwing things

at them but controls herself to maintain self good image.

       Fear about her future.

       Grief and Sadness as she is unable to conceive.

       Suppresses her anger. She never expresses her anger to others.

       She never shares her hurt and emotional feelings with others.

       She prefers solitude in order to save herself from mortification, indignation

and grief.

       History of domination by her -in-laws, so had to suppress her emotions.

Prescribing symptoms –

       Chilly

       Thirst-less

       Ailments from anger

       Ailments from suppressed anger

       Ailments from grief

       Menses scanty and late

       Domination by others a long history

Prescription (1st Visit) : STAPHYSAGRIA 200 was prescribed based on above symptoms on 30th of February 2010.

Follow up

       During the initial days, her appetite, thirst and anger improved.

       After six months, her menses become regular and normal.

       On 10th of January 2011 said she didn’t get her menses. Asked to get her

pregnancy test done.

       Pregnancy test came back positive. She didn’t have any complaint during

her pregnancy except morning sickness (Homeopathy for Morning Sickness) during her early months. She has

been given placebo for it.

       She delivered a healthy baby girl

About the author

Shirisha Pulgam

Dr. Shirisha Pulgam, B.H.M.S graduated from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science, Bangalore, India in 2006. For the last 11 years, she has been practicing classical and predictive homeopathy. She has worked in several Homeopathy corporate clinics in Hyderabad, India. Her specialty interests are gynecology, pediatrics and gastroenterology. She has contributed to research and rural health and advisory services through lectures, articles, press conferences and publications.


  • I do not cease to be surprised at how everything looks simple, if the mind and knowledge of a homeopath are correctly applied to the patient. Huge respect for you, doctor.

  • It is really wonderful that a single prescription of Staph 200 is enough for the good result of a patient suffering from primary infertility. Our sincere thank goes to Dr. Shirisha Shiri, a young homeopath. Her mode of prescription depends on the mind and general symptoms. It is unique. She never thinks of the name of the disease but she considers the most important characteristic symptoms of the medicine.
    Our good wishes and appreciation are always with her.

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