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A Case of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

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Dr. Paramjot Saini presents a cured case of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

A female patient aged 38years suffering from Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) (Homeopathy Treatment for Lupus Nephritis) came to my clinic from Una , Himachal Pradesh with the following symptoms:

C/O Pain and stiffness of joints of upper and lower limbs for one and a half years.

Pain first appeared in Rt. Leg followed by joints of hands, shoulder, neck and lower back.  Severe  biting and pricking type of pain < from motion, morning,                                                                         < touch, pressure.

Pain was so severe that she used to weep with least motion.

C/o –  fever since 1 month.  Fever appeared with chill followed by perspiration.           Coldness of feet during fever. Thirst for large quantities of water often during fever.

C/O – Oedema (Homeopath Treatment for Oedema) all over the body since 4-5 months. Oedema appeared after steroids, which was given by allopathic doctors before coming to my clinic.


H/O  Rt. Tubercular lymphadenopathy ( Homeopathy for Tubercular Lymphadenopathy ) for which anti- tubercular treatment was given in 1999.

H/O  – Herpes Zoster at 13yrs of age.

H/O- Drug abuse ( Pain killers)  for headache .

H/O- Grief and worries 3-4 yrs back as her son became mentally ill.


Myocardial Infarction –  Mother.  Brain Stroke –  Father.  Hypertension- Sister.

MENSTRUAL HISTORY-   Menses are normal regarding frequency and duration.

– Backache before menses.

OBS. HISTORY–        G2 P2 A0 S0 L2

Both deliveries were FTNVD

TREATMENT HISTORY–  Patient had been under allopathic treatment (steroids) from  PGI , Chandigarh for about 1 year.

PERSONAL HISTORY–  Patient is a housewife. She eats non- veg. occasionally but otherwise she is vegetarian.

Appetite  –     diminished since 3-4 months

Desires—        rice, salty things.

Aversion-         milk

Thirst-         large quantities of water often since her illness

Perspiration –  earlier all over the body but now only after fever

Thermals    –  chilly since beginning.

Sleep      –      disturbed due to severe pain.  Sleeps on sides.

Dreams –   of snakes.


– Introvert.

–  Weeping due to pain.

Suppresses her emotions.

– Hurried in all activities.

– Miser.

– Offended easily. Sleep disturbed if she is offended.

H/O – Disappointment in parental love in childhood as her parents died when she was just 6yrs old. So was brought up by her paternal uncle.


August 10th, 2016:  I started her treatment with Natrum mur 200, 3 doses in the beginning based on the following symptoms:

– Ailments from grief.

– Ailments from cares and worries

-Medicament abuse.


– Weeping with pains.

-Thirst for large quantities often.

Weeping, consolation agg.

After Natrum mur 200, fever decreased for 2-3 days but she still had insomnia due to pains and her appetite also didn’t improve so I restudied the case.

September, 2016:  I prescribed Arsenic album 200 as her constitutional medicine on the basis of following symptoms-

– Introvert

-Insomnia from pains


-Offended easily

– Desires salty things.

– Aversion to milk

– Chilly patient.

Follow up-  Arsenic album 200 was prescribed on 14.10.2016 after which her sleep, appetite and pains improved and even fever didn’t appear for 2 days  so I gave placebo.)  Her appetite again decreased after 1.5 months along with increase in pain and stiffness of her whole body. Fever again started increasing so Arsenic album 1M was given on Nov 30, 2016 after which she improved in pains , stiffness and appetite. Fever also started decreasing gradually.

As of July 2017 she is still on placebo as all her symptoms have gradually improved. Now she is able to do all her household work, whereas earlier she was totally bedridden and couldn’t even walk without support. I withdrew all her allopathic treatment as her condition had worsened with steroids. After withdrawal of steroids, she was in great pain but Arsenicum helped her gradually.

As SLE is a systemic disease, her kidneys were also being affected as per her reports but presently all her tests are normal. She is still under my treatment (placebo) but now leading a normal life .Her present condition surprises her relatives and friends as they were expecting her to be on her death bed seeing her condition before homeopathic treatment.  I am glad that homeopathic medicines if well prescribed give such wonderful results

About the author

Paramjot Saini

Dr. Paramjot Saini, B.H.M.S has been practicing classical Homeopathy in Chandigarh since 1996. She started her clinical practice in a charitable dispensary in Sector- 24, Chandigarh where she served as a Medical officer for 10 yrs. Later she worked as a Research Assistant in the Cancer Research Cell in Dr. Castro's Homeopathic Research Center in Chandigarh where she treated cancer patients for 5years. Dr. Paramjot has had her own practice for the last two and a half years in Mohali.


  • Dr. Paramjot Saini presents a case of SLE, a complicated autoimmune disease. She prescribed two medicines. Natrum mur and Arsenicum alb. The result is amazing. It happens in few cases. In homeopathic literature there are so many cases. I extol her classical mode of prescribing in the case. I am sure her case record register contains some complicated cases and their cure.
    Although SLE is considered to be almost incurable, the case is the living example of the ray of hope. We need more study on the subject.
    My sincere regards and appreciation to the author and the editor of the journal for getting such information constantly.

    • Thanks a lot Mr. Azmal for your appreciation. This SLE case was really a difficult one but I am glad that patient got cured by God’s grace as all her reports are normal now and she is leading a normal life now.

      • I prescribed Natrum mur initially but that wasn’t a correct medicine as her appetite didn’t improve with that medicine so Arsenic album – her constitutional medicine cured her completely.

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