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Covid-19 Delta variant in a Man of 58

Homeopath Kathrine Dehn shares a case of Covid-19 Delta variant in a man of 58. Fever during sleep, perspiration on closing eyes and bloody expectoration were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.

Male 58, unvaccinated presenting symptoms of Covid-19 Delta variant

He had severe Lyme disease in 2015. Remedies then prescribed were Ledum, Merc-Sol., Thuja, Nat-Mur and Nat-Sulph.

Patient is tall, lean and normally very active. During the evening of 30.11.21 increasing pain in his joints.  Woke up with a very high fever, pain in the head and a sore pain all over and very sore, bruised pain in the lower back. Could not sleep during the night because of a chill in the lower legs beneath the knees and especially the feet were very cold. Wanted to be covered.

Differentiated between Eup.per and Bryonia and decided on Eup-per 30c as the pains made him restless and at that time there was scanty sweat as described by Clarke. Had 3 doses of Eup-per 30C during the next 24 hours during which time the pains abated.

Patient slept better and during the night between Dec.2 and 3rd he became very warm and increasingly dizzy. When getting up in the morning of the 3rd at 8am he broke out in a cold sweat all over. On getting up from the toilet he became very dizzy and then fainted on the way to the living room. He was unconscious for approximately 6 minutes.

Bryonia 30 c was then given.

No change after Bryonia and at 1 am after having been to the toilet to urinate he fainted again. This time Ars-alb 30 c was given. The patient was given several doses of Ars-alb 30c, 31c and 32c  and a Nat-mur 100c during the next 24 hours, but the last dose of Ars. made him so much worse that he did not want anymore.

By this time the fever was coming and going and suddenly he would break out in a cold sweat all over. The last time he fainted was Dec.5th in the morning after having been to the toilet. Over the next few days his condition deteriorated.

On Dec 6th there was blood in his urine. He became gradually weaker. He could hardly get out of bed to urinate and had to be escorted to the toilet as he could hardly walk. Staggering gait. The fever was intermittent. He was groaning in sleep.

In a lot of pain especially in lower back, an increasing cough and by now also bloody expectorations. During the night drenched in sweat. Needed to have his t-shirt and linen changed 3-4 times during the night. No appetite. Only ate a little yogurt in the morning.

Increasing blood in urine and in expectorations. Respiration very quick. On Dec 10h he realized that there was a pattern to when he broke out in a cold sweat. It happened the minute he fell asleep, and when he closed his eyes, and during stool. He tried to keep awake all day. Did not dare go to sleep. Felt very unwell when falling asleep and breaking out into a sweat.

After a very bad night between Dec the 10th and 11th the patient asked for a homeopathic remedy if it were possible to find a remedy that had the symptom of fever on going to sleep. He felt very despondent. Things were just getting worse. Could not get out of bed to eat. Loss of appetite. Lost 20 pounds.

In Hering’s Guiding Symptoms under fever he describes: “Copious exhausting night sweats, especially on forehead, neck and chest, slightly staining the linen, not offensive, occurring the moment patient drops into sound sleep.”

After having found that symptom it became clear that everything fit: “Chill beginning in the legs below the knees, exactly as the patient described on the first night of the infection.”

“She is bathed in profuse hot perspiration – coma” and “Cold and clammy sweat with hemorrhage,”

Under Fever:
“Bloody expectorations; hacking with blood spitting and great prostration”, under Cough
“Respiration short and hurried” under respiration
“Pains wake her at night < when feet get cold”

Under Sleep:
“walking: cannot walk straight; staggering; vertigo <” under Limbs in general.
Faintness; she staggered and could not walk straight.

Under Back:
“Pain in small of back as if bruised”

Everything else also fit: blood in the urine and all the pains in the limbs; “Limbs pain especially joints, as if bruised < in rest > moving.” Under Limbs in general. Apart from this China is very useful for: “Sufferings caused by loss of fluids, such as hemorrhage, seminal emissions, diarrhea, dieresis, excessive sweating, etc.” As Hering has it under Tissues.

China 30 c prescribed on 12.12.2021 in the morning

Quite quickly felt a relief. After 2 hours he was more clear in the head and perspired less, said he felt it was going in the right direction for the first time since he became ill.  Relapse after 4 hours where China 31c was given. The following night was better. Did not moan as much in his sleep and the respiration was not so quick.

Did not perspire as much and did not have to have his t-shirt changed as many times. And if the sweat came it did not last as long. The next morning out of bed for the first time for a while. Shaved. No blood in the urine and no bloody expectorations.

Progressing, but 31 c did not hold so went up to a China 50c. On the 14th of December patient had the courage to stand in the shower and have a proper shower for the first time in a fortnight. During the following week china 50 C was given less frequently, and patient was progressing steadily.

He was still very weak and very tired, but no cough, no bloody expectorations, no blood in urine and normal respiration. Eating much better. Being able to do things round the house.

About the author

Kathrine Dehn

Kathrine Dehn has worked as a homoeopath since 1992 when she qualified from The British School of Homeopathy. Part of her practice has been from her home, in Denmark. She has also been given the opportunity to practise at a school in Copenhagen for several years due to collaboration with the Principal. From 1993-1998 she studied medicine at the University of Copenhagen and in 2010 completed an MSc in Homeopathy from UCLAN in the UK.

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