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COVID-19 in a Man of 50

Written by Sonal Patel

Dr. Sonal Patel shares a case of COVID -19 in a Man of 50. Arsenicum, Bryonia and Rhus tox were needed in succession.

On 7th July I received a call from a male MBBS doctor age 50 from Surat, who was having COVID symptoms. He said he’d had a low-grade fever and body ache for the past 3-4 days for which he took preventive HCQ and azithromycin.

He also took Ars alb 30 which was distributed by the government. On 6th July in the afternoon he started to have a high temperature that did not reduce despite taking paracetamol.

I asked about his thirst, chillness, and perspiration to which he said he had a dryness of mouth, thirst for large quantities of water and didn’t get perspiration. He had a fever with chill and did not like to cover himself with a blanket.

While speaking to me he said he didn’t think he was going to survive and that he gave all his account passwords to his family to relieve them of problems in his absence.  Based on the repertorisation below I prescribed Bryonia 1M 2 hourly in water, split doses.

Patient’s blood test

The next day he told me he was feeling better. I had advised him not to take paracetamol so that I can notice his symptoms and understand his condition better. On 9th July, the fever increased in the afternoon. In the morning it reduced and became 99 or 100.

He then felt optimistic as he noticed he felt hungry even with fever and he had sound sleep.  He monitored his sp02 daily, which was 95. I asked him to get a CBC and CRP report again as I wanted to be sure about the medicine I would prescribe. He protested as he believed the reports would not change in a day, to which I assured him and said I wanted to see if it would reduce or not. Thus, he did get his CBC and CRP once again, which had indeed reduced. After the report I increased the potency: Bryonia 10m 2 hourly.

On 11th July, the fever reduced. In the afternoon it was 101F and he developed rashes on his body. During the fever he was did not like listening to music or watching TV and instead just wanted to lie down.  He started to get a little cough. Cough < sitting ,< exertion > by lying down, rest, cough < open air.

I repertorised the case with the new symptoms (below) and prescribed Rhus tox 1M 4 hourly on 11/7/2020 

The next day, his fever had reduced and the rashes had disappeared. The fever came to 100 at 2pm and the heaviness of head had reduced. He now, felt energetic and started enjoying his food.

On July 12th he didn’t have fever and had only a little cough when he is was in a sitting position. By July 13th he had no fever and no cough.

The patient is a doctor and his friend who is a chest physician advised him to not do High-Resolution Computed Tomography scan (HRCT) as with such high C- reactive protein (CRP) the lungs gets involved and there is no treatment for it so take rest at home.

On July 6th his wife also started showing COVID symptoms with low grade fever and body ache. I asked her to start Influenzinum 200 4 pills 3 times a day for 3 days.  She had fever for 2 days and then she was better, having only a little cold. In only 4 days she was absolutely fine. I asked her to do CBC and this is the report (below).

The patient’s wife’s blood test:


The patient’s wife’s blood test


Patient’s Blood test


Patient’s Blood test


Patient’s Blood test

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Sonal Patel

Dr Sonal Patel (B.H.M.S, F.C.A.H ) is a certified nutritionist practising in South Mumbai and Kandivali for 20 years now. She has worked with Dr. Farokh Master for three years and has also learnt REBT and CBT, all of which add to her medical expertise. She gives honorary service at Prempuri Ashram. Dr. Patel states that she is passionate about health and well being, and is always ready to learn new systems and ways to heal and nurture her patients, applying different approaches in practise. A trustee at Nurturing Minds Charitable Trust, she gives talks on health and hygiene to many underprivileged individuals. She believes in living holistically and walks her talk by regularly practising breathing exercises and meditation.

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