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Depression with Vertigo in a Man of 56

Dr. Ronak Shah shares a case of depression and vertigo in a man of 56. Ailments from monetary loss, from grief, from being deceived, industrious, and aversion to company were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.

A 56-year old male came to us with depression and vertigo on 20/8/18. All complaints started two years ago.


Depression – not taking interest in anything, remains sad all the time, doesn’t like to talk much even with any family members. He could not walk without support and also couldn’t drive.  Vertigo++ at first followed by stiffness of neck++. Feels better while closing eyes for half an hour or so.  Vertigo (Homeopathy Treatment for Vertigo) aggravated by walking.

These complaints started after his “guru” died and also, he had gone through some financial crisis at the company he had been working for. When his “guru” died, he felt grief and shock. The property which was his guru’s for many years was sold after his death. He felt shocked and felt sad by seeing this.

In 1996 he became CEO in a company in HALOL. When the company was in crisis, lawyers declined to take their case as the company had gone bankrupt. He presented the whole case in front of judges and got the debt cleared. Still he was cheated by the same company and was terminated without salary.

He then, faced four months of unemployment, which is when he became depressed. He took allopathic, Ayurvedic and homoeopathic treatment for one and a half years.

Past history:

Malaria.  Once he was bitten by a snake.

General history:

Appetite- good

Desire- fruits+++, milk++, salad++,boil veg++


Thirst- 3-4 lit/day

Bowel- regular

Perspiration-only while walking+

Sleep- normal

Dreams- climbing mountain, divine++

Thermal state- hot++

Life situation:

Born in Umereth (small village) in 1962. Came from a middleclass family with 3 brothers and 1 sister. He is the youngest one. He did his bachelor in Arts in English. He joined as an administrator in the Indian Air force. He is responsible for bringing ‘MIRAJ’ planes to the Indian navy.

He was transferred in Coimbatur as administrator and got married there. He transferred in Abu (city) then. He took voluntary retirement for the sake of his  childrens’ education and also the locality was not good.

He is into religious activity since many years, together along with meditation and spiritual writings and very talkative in general. By nature, he is very mild, loves his own company and is very punctual.

He is fond of walking in open air and also feels better while walking. He is very particular about cleaning and arranging things. He trusts people too easily and is very sympathetic. He takes responsibility too seriously, very honest and hardworking with strong willpower and good self confidence.

He took medicine for his depression+. Tab. Mantat (himalaya)

He was admitted in hospital in June, 2018. After that, he went for routine checkup. He fell there and was admitted in hospital. At present, he cannot walk without support.++, profound weakness+, whenever he walks, he has vertigo at first.


  • He has good handwriting, slow in talking with proper words.
  • Robust physical built up.
  • He is proud of his worth.
  • Greets everyone in room with well manner and smile.

Rubrics Selcted:


AURUM MET 200 /5cup / 1 tsf/bd     20/08/20 18

Follow ups:

       3/09/2018 Energetic

Walks without support

Vertigo reduced

Neck’s stiffness reduced.

Aurum met 200/

5 cup/ 1 tsf/ BD

       8/10/2018 Does all work by himself

Sound sleep

Good appetite


No vertigo

Aurum met 200/

5 cup/ 1 tsf/ BD

With Sac Lac/ BD

     16/01/2019 General well being

Worried about financial status and his employment but thinks positively

Has sound sleep

Aurum met 1M/ 5 cup/

2 tsf/ BD with

Kali.Phos.6x/2 tab/BD

     14/02/2019 Occasional cervical heaviness while driving

Still walks without support but sometimes with dizziness in first motion

No other complaints

Aurum met 1M/5 cup/

2 tsf/ BD with



      18/04/2019 Much better

No complaints

Sleep, appetite is good

Fresh mood

Peace of mind

Aurum met 1M/5 cup/

2 tsf/ BD with



Sac Lac/ BD


On analysis after the repertorization, we selected Aurum met. The ardent character, honesty and fighting for morals and other people, intelligence, responsible, hard working and the desire for walking, were characteristics that give us a clear picture of Aurum met.

About the author

Ronak Shah

Dr Ronak Shah, MD (Hom) has practiced in Vadodara, India. as well as in Singapore since 1989. He has been Professor & HOD in the department of Repertory in Baroda Homoeopathic Medical College, Vadodara for the last 25 years. He has conducted many seminars & workshops for practitioners, students, and the public in US, Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and India. Dr. Shah has written four books on Homoeopathy and also published articles in various international journals and newspapers. He is Managing Director of an NGO and doing philanthropic activities for it.

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