Clinical Cases

Heloderma Horridus Case

Written by Robert Boocock

A record of a life saved by homeopathic Heloderma.

Editor’s note: See Dr. Boocock’s proving of Heloderma in this issue.

In the following case, Mrs. Ford, eighty-one years of age, has been my patient several times during the last four years. She suffered from erysipelas and dropsy in the legs. In September I was again called in for the same old trouble; the usual remedies were ineffectual. In October she caught cold, and had also a bad fall. Her symptoms were those of pneumonia, fever, delirium and cough, pain in chest and hard work to breathe, blueness of lips, tongue and cheeks, cold extremities and was very low in appetite, and appeared to be sinking. Pulse, fifty; temperature, ninety, and to all human appearance was rapidly dying. All said so, and I fully believed so, but left Heloderma horridus one powder in water, and ordered her tongue to be moistened with a feather dipped in this every half hour.

I did not call the next day until evening. I was waiting to be notified of her death, but no such notice coming, called to see, and, to my surprise, found everything changed. I then gave Helo. hor. 200, every four hours, with placebos. All the bad symptoms gradually disappeared, breathing became natural, heart gained strength, pulse increased to seventy, temperature to ninety-eight and appetite became better, asking frequently for food. This continued so long as she was taking this medicine.

She was so well that I ceased to attend, she having no aches or pains, was eating and sleeping well, bowels moved regularly and night watching was given up. All who saw the recovery were pleasingly surprised, and so was I, and have frequently ask myself could anything else have done this. Lachesis has changed a slate colored tongue, and has aroused those who appeared to be dying for a short time, but to extend the life of one as good as dead for thirty days is a triumph for the Heloderma horridus.

Reprinted from : New Old And Forgotten Remedies – Ed. Dr. E.P. Anshutz

About the author

Robert Boocock

Dr. Robert Boocock (1833-1903) was born in York, England and was a homeopathic physician and an ordained minister in the Baptist Church.

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