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Hepatitis C – A Cured Case

Written by Muhammad Afzal

Dr. Muhammad Afzal Sandhu presents a cured case of Hepatitis C. This is a good example of a very well managed chronic case.

Mr. M.S., age 43 years was diagnosed as Hepatitis C +ve (Homeopathy Treatment for Hepatitis C) in 2014 and investigated for the detection of HCV-RNA by PCR. The result was “detected”. He was treated with interferon therapy for about 9 months and his PCR showed non detection of HCV-RNA by PCR. After 8 months of treatment were completed he felt pain in the right hypochondriac region and suffered body fatigue easily. On May 15, 2015, he was consulted for homeopathic treatment of his problem. He was retested for HCV-RNA by PCR (Quantitative) along with LFTs. The PCR showed detection of HCV-RNA (5267 u/L) with mildly raises ALT (56 u/l).

Complaints presenting at the time of consultation

  • A constant aching pain in right upper quadrant.
  • Easily Fatigued on exertion.
  • Heat on soles and palms; uncovers soles or finds a cool place.
  • Off and on irritant dry cough for long periods.
  • Anxious about his problem.
  • Angered easily.
  • Patient was restless and physically weak.

Past Personal History

  • H/o Tuberculosis(Treated with ATT)


Appetite    : Diminished

Thirst       : Excessive or Normal

Desires        : Tea

Bowel Habits   : Normal

Urination         : Normal

Perspiration    : Normal

Sleep                : Normal

Thermal reaction: Hot patient


  • Dirty pale looking skin.
  • Thin, weak body.


  • HCV RNA by PCR : Detected
  • ALT : 56 u/l

Selection of Remedies

The following remedies were administered during whole span of treatment according to the symptom picture:

  • Sulfur 200
  • Chelidonium 3x
  • Cardus mar Q
  • Merc sol 30
  • Bryonia 30
  • Tuberculinum 200
  • Kali mur 6x


Treatment went on for about 6 months. Treatment started on 15-05-2015 with a single dose of Sulphur 200 followed Chelidonium 3x, a dose 3 dose times a day after meals and Cardus mar Q 10 drops in water before meals. After one week on the treatment the patient was greatly relieved of all symptoms except dry cough which was mildly relieved. This treatment continued for the whole span of treatment except when any other remedy was indicated for other conditions. Treatment follow ups showed good recovery of signs and symptoms and laboratory tests improved (which included Non-Detection of HCV RNA and normal range of ALT).


Treatment started with a single dose of Sulphur 200. It seems that remedies act well if treatment begins with Sulfur in chronic disease. Chelidonium was selected on general characteristics and a particular affinity for the liver.

Cardus mar Q was used as a complementary Organo-phyto-remedy having a specific physico-chemical action to enhance cellular regeneration and proliferation of the Kupfer cells. It is one of the best remedies for hepatic parenchymal problems. Its active ingredient, Silymarin, has shown the ability to protect and reverse injuries to hepatic cells. It stabilizes the membranes of the liver cells, stimulates RNA polymerase, prevents further penetration of toxins into the cells, blocks the toxin binding sites, and stimulates the regeneration ability of the liver and the formation of new hepatocytes. It is anti-inflammatory through the inhibition of leukotrienes production. It inhibits lipid peroxidation, is a free radical scavenger, increases the intracellular concentration of glutathione, stabilizes the hepatocytes membranes and regulates their permeability.

The patient responded well to treatment and showed signs of improvement within a short period of treatment. Symptoms of pain in the right upper quadrant and heat of soles and palms was relieved very much after one week’s treatment.

During treatment, patient suffered from a severe throat infection which responded to Merc sol 30 and Kali mur 6x. An aggravation of dry cough with chest pain, thirst, abdominal pain with loose stool, dullness and motion aggravation was relieved by Bryonia 30. The remaining dry cough completely vanished after administration of one dose of Tuberculinum 200, selected on the previous history of tuberculosis.

The PCR report for detection of HCV-RNA indicated Non-Detection on 03-11-2015. The effectiveness of homeopathic remedies in the treatment of Hepatitis and associated symptoms mentioned in the literature of homeopathy has been verified and confirmed in the present case. Clinically he has recovered from hepatitis C virus infection at present. Long period follow-ups are required to assess any change in the symptomatology and laboratory findings.


Homeopathy is a safe, natural and effective substitute to conventional therapy. Antiviral therapy for Hepatitis C is often difficult for patients to tolerate and an estimated 50 percent of individuals do not respond to the therapy. Thus, finding alternatives to manage this disease should be a high priority. Homeopathic remedies are very effective in various viral infections; in fact, this is the treatment of choice. Homeopathic remedies do not attack specific pathogens directly but rather, they stimulate the body’s own defenses to do the healing. For viral infections, the correct homeopathic remedy stimulates the immune system to overcome the invading pathogen. By administering the appropriate homeopathic remedy, a disease process may be halted before it progresses to pathological changes. In this respect, homeopathy can be a preventive medical system.

Patients with viral hepatitis B and C most often arrive with the chronic form and various complications which vary from emotional to pathological changes, co-infections, diabetes, hypertension and renal failure etc. These cases are not easy to handle and need much attention from the physician and the patient and his/her care taker.

In my experience various remedies are needed in the course of hepatitis C treatment according to the symptoms. This includes similar, constitutional and anti-miasmatic remedies and appropriate use of drainage and phyto remedies depending upon the nature of the case. Proper dietary recommendations and life style management should be considered an important part of treatment. The goals of homeopathic treatment in Hep C infection are should be:

  • Clear or reduce viral load from the body.
  • Slow or stop damage to the liver.
  • Eliminate or reduced symptoms.
  • Constitutional build up
  • Improve quality of life in non-responding incurable cases.

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Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy by Simon Mills and Kerry Bone

About the author

Muhammad Afzal

Dr. Muhammad Afzal Sandhu received his BHMS from Islamia University Bahawalpur and a DHMS from Anwarul Islam Homeopathic Medical College Kasur. He’s been in homeopathic practice for fourteen years. He is also trained in microbiology (Univ of Lahore- Pakistan) and advanced acupuncture (Beijing China). He’s worked five years teaching anatomy, physiology, microbiology and materia medica. He is currently working with the Fauji Foundation- Lahore, as a homeopathic medical officer.


      • Sir please refer me where can we consult you . My cousin brother was suffering from hepatitis c since 4 yrs . He was taking siddha medicine. Results are 3.7in Elisa test. Can you please tell me the remedy.

  • Dr Muhammad Afzal,
    Thank you for sharing the detail of treatment and Heartiest congratulations on great success. Please keep sharing your cases in future as well.
    Best Regards,
    Hussain Kaisrani
    Bahria Homeopathic Clinic,
    Safari Villas, Bahria Town Lahore

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