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Revisiting: Ailments From Cartoons Drawn Differently

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Here is the answer to the August Hpathy Quiz, did you guess right?

Mom, it’s time for the quiz.

Is that soooooo………

I don’t think I have much to report on other than the fact that next year there’s going to be a new Spongebob movie.

What???? You’re reporting on events from the future? Didn’t you hear that Robin Williams died?

I’m saving that for the Death Report!

Oh! Well, that’s different. Never mind!!!!!!

The concept of the movie…

What movie?

The Spongebob Movie!!! Mom, try to pay attention! It is kind of weird but the creator, Stephen Hillenburg, is in charge of writing and producing it so maybe it’ll be great.

Am I supposed to know who Stephen Hillenburg is?

Geez mom, don’t you pay attention to the opening credits when it says, “Created by Stephen Hillenburg?”

Well I must be an idiot!

I hate when there are changes in production staff for a tv show…

Oh yeah, well, you gotta hate it!

Because it means changes that probably aren’t good. I haven’t really watched the show lately…


but I hear it’s not as good anymore.

I’m sure your sources are impeccable!

Stephen was no longer in charge of the show as of 2004 after the first Spongebob movie. He wanted the series to end with the first movie so it didn’t “jump the shark” or become stale (like what happened to “South Park” and like people think “the Simpsons” has become).


So here’s the trailer:

I’m sure I’ll get a chance to watch it, since I have a year, apparently!

Now for the much-anticipated Death Report.

I’m sure it will be splendid as always.

I’m sure you know that Robin Williams unexpectedly passed away because he decided to commit suicide.

Well, that’ll do it! I’ll never forget how I found out! I was sitting at my desk (which is really the dining room table), minding my own business–as usual–when you came in and plopped down next to me and said, “Mom, someone has died.”

I, of course, became panic-striken! “Should I be sitting down for this?” I said.

“Mom, you ARE sitting down!” you assured me.

“Am I going to be upset?” I asked, getting more upset by the minute.

“I guess it all depends on how well you knew the person.”

“It’s not Mary Tyler Moore, is it?”

“No, Mom!”

“Well who is it, then???!!!!!!”

“Robin Williams.”

I had to think for a minute. “Do I know a Robin Williams? Is it the Robin Williams I’m thinking it is? Because I can’t picture him dying, as he’s not even sick! You mean, Mork from Orc?”


“Very sad and very horrifying!”

So, here is actor/comedian Robin Williams from the last episode of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in which Johnny only had two guests–Bette Midler and Robin Williams:

Well, how I found out was on Facebook. I was stunned just like you were and I saw a video of Conan O’Brien talking about it.

Oh no! Not Conan O’Brien again! Shana, I hate to cut you short, because I know you had a whole schpiel worked out, but, it’s time for my snack. Roll the Quiz!

And now! Heeeeeeeeere’s Claire!


Hey Elaine, how would I word a rubric for this: AB will get very attached to specific things, and get very upset when they are altered. Things that shouldn’t matter — like how “Scooby Doo” cartoons were drawn a certain way but then when they began making more recent ones they changed the way the characters were drawn, it really upsets her and she will have nothing to do with the shows drawn “differently”.

Well I don’t blame her! How dare they draw things differently! You might try these rubrics: “perfectionistic”; “rigidity”; “fixed notions”; “change, aversion to”…..

Well today, she found a certain show about fairies or pixies and was watching episode after episode. She apparently decided she really liked a certain character, a female, and kept looking up more episodes to follow this character. She would often murmur or talk to herself as though she is in character; says she wants to be an actor; and when she says something to me or the other kids, she sometimes repeats what she just said under her breath, as though she is repeating her lines to see how it “came off” or sounded to us.

Sounds perfectly normal to me!

Apparently, somewhere along the way, for reasons unknown, the creators of this show decided to turn the female pixie into a male pixie! They took off “her” eyelashes and skirt, put her in boy clothes. Same name, same hair. AB was in tears!

Well, I, too, am horrified!!!

She closed herself off into another room and wouldn’t tell me what was wrong for a long time.

I lined up some flower essences but she didn’t take anything. Finally, a couple hours later, she told me what the problem was. But again, she hadn’t really detached from it.

Sounds like ___________.

As she tried to tell me, she was still so deeply affected by it she was in tears again!!!!
Is this a sort of super-sensitivity?

No! I am still furious that “Seinfeld” dropped the J. Peterman character! What were they thinking???? And FURTHERMORE, whose idea was it to cancel “That’s So Raven”? And why isn’t it out on DVD? Do you realize that “That’s So Raven” had the greatest theme song in all of TV?

Uh, no; I did not know that. But, getting back to AB–if that’s possible– Is this a rigidity or a fixed idea of how something should be? I know I have to be very careful about what I watch, or even read, because there are things that others can watch at a theatre and think nothing of, but I get affected for days, as though I either am one of the characters or was in the storyline and whatever I watched really happened. Almost like an over-empathy.

So perhaps it’s a similar theme here. I mean, I had offered her a trauma essence and Rescue Remedy. She apparently can’t talk about it without crying. It wasn’t like our beloved Winnie the Pooh suddenly became an ostrich…. I mean, these are not characters she has been following for a length of time or anything! I mention this whole incident because I quesiton whether it is in any way a clue to her personality.

P.S. Elaine, AB started talking again, out of the blue, about her upset regarding that show/character issue from last night and started looking very distressed and sad and tears welled up! So this time I gave her ______________30C and she was fine quickly afterward! Thanks!



So listen everybody, if you know the remedy, write to me at [email protected] and let me know. The answer will be in next month’s ezine.

Nanu, nanu!

Mom! Aren’t you forgetting something? Aren’t you supposed to be playing “See You In September” by The Happenings?

OMG! September already? You mean a whole year has gone by??

Yes, it would seem so! And you still haven’t mowed the lawn!

I am completely in shock! (That I still haven’t mowed the lawn. Can you do it?) OK, here we go again with “See You In September”:

Mom, I don’t know how to tell you this, but, your video is mislabeled as being by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons! It’s so embarrassing!

Not to worry, we’ve got Shanapedia! 







Baryta carb.


Hi Elaine!

Thank you for the song “Maria” from last month, I laughed a lot! I read also the calc-carb article of yours and I admit that helped a lot for voting for Sybil Fawlty’s remedy! Great article!
I also happen to laugh a lot with SpongeBob! My sister’s kids made me watch it and I really like it! It is very funny! We should do a quiz about SpongeBob, don’t you agree?

Uh-oh, I hope Shana isn’t listening…..

Too late!–Shana


Now for this month’s quiz. It is difficult AGAIN to guess the remedy. Under the most rubrics I picked up are kali-c and calc-c. But the girl doesn’t “smell” like those 2 remedies.

Of course I am not an expert–


far from it– but it smells more like Ignatia.

I don’t know if I interpreted correctly but there is a rubric in MIND/change of impressions, agg. and Ignatia is the only remedy. Also I noticed that the girl did not tell her mother what was troubling her. You could say “silent grief”, maybe?

I dont know, but I feel Igantia is more suitable.

If I am wrong I will try again of course! I am sure I missed other things of the case.
PS Great article on surgery remedies!

Thanks, Maria! And as for the quiz, you have totally hit the nail on the head, it IS Ignatia! It’s a case of acute grief and ailments from disappointment! Go to “Mind: disappointments, ailments from, acute”–there are only 2 remedies! Gelsemium is a 1 and Ignatia is a 4! And notice that under “silent grief”, Ignatia is a 3! Notice how she can’t control her emotions–she’s either silent–sharing nothing about her feelings– or crying just from starting to talk about it! Ignatia is known for emotional instability such that you never know what to say to these people, you’re so afraid of saying the wrong thing and the next thing you know, they’re crying again!


Oh that’s great! Although I wasn’t sure enough, I thought I would make a ridiculous guess anyway.

I wasn’t aware of this rubric, thank you for pointing it out! You explain the “character” of the remedies beautifully 🙂

See you next month- I love your quizzes, girls!

Wow, thanks! Is there anybody else here?

Elaine I think this month’s remedy is Ignatia.

You’re right!

It is much like a disappointed love or loss of a loved one, an emotional shock.

Exactly! You hit it right on the nose!

Rubrics I thought of were –
Sadness from disappointed love
Sadness after mortification
Desire to hide
Worse from consolation
There is grief, sadness, hopelessness, fantastic illusions and hysterical variableness
as quoted in Murphy’s Materia Medica.
Of course Pulsatilla could be thought of as it has many of the same symptoms, but I thought Ignatia would be better suited.

Excellent, very good!

Thanks, Elaine, you’ve made my day!

You’re welcome, Wayne. And I see Miroslav and Jitka have finally made it!


Dear Elaine and Shana,

I thought you’d never get here!

here are our responses to the September Quiz.

Miroslav says:

Remedy for AB is Ignatia.

I agree!

Reasons: Hypersensitivity and I have the feeling from this case

( if I understood it correctly…) the little girl feels these

changes as if a close personal friend passed away…

Right, I agree, “ailments from grief”.

Jitka says:

Calcarea carbonica

I see this case as a certain rigidity, she does not like changes.

No, no, Miroslav is right!

I searched in Murphy’s repertory, but I have not found in the Mind chapter adequate rubrics (we do not have Murphy’s rep. translated into our language, we use the translation in related language, so sometimes I have trouble grasping the adequate expressions) Therefore, my only argument for a remedy for AB is your Calcarea carb phrase:

They don’t like change! Change is very threatening to them!

Wishing you the best — Jitka

Jitka, if you thought she was rigid (can’t accept change), the rubrics would be:

Mind: rigidity, mental

Mind: fixed notions

Mind: change, mental aversion to

But as your friend Miroslav points out, she got attached to this character on TV, and the producer decides all of a sudden that this character is now a boy! It’s like a death! And there’s no apology, which might have softened the blow. You know, on “soap operas” (daytime serials) when an actor is being replaced, the announcer says, “The part of Erica Kane is now being played by….” but in AB’s show? Nothing! It’s like a real slap in the face! An insult! At the very least, it’s a disappointment. “Mind: disappointments, ailments from, acute”–Gelsemium (1), Ignatia (4). Then there’s, “Mind: dwells on disappointments, past”–Nat-mur (2), Ignatia (1), Phos-ac (1).

So, Miroslav wins the gold this time!


We should probably congratulate our winners: Wayne, Maria and Miroslav! Good going, you guys! Don’t forget to try again with this month’s quiz! Thanks to everyone who voted, and see you in October!


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

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