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Trauma Relief My Experience in Using PC Trauma Remedies

Trauma Relief My Experience in Using PC Trauma Remedies
Written by Gunhild Quante

Homeopath Gunhild Quante shares some results in trauma cases helped by Peter Chappell’s trauma remedies. War, genocide, rape and other traumas had caused depression, nightmares, aggression and recurrent images of horror. 


In 2002 in Ethiopia Peter Chappell prepared PC1 for HIV/AIDS, a remedy that has been used all over sub-Saharan Africa in thousands of cases ever since. Soon also other genus epidemicus remedies were prepared for other infectious diseases, like malaria, TB, typhoid, cholera etc. Source Medicine is the organization run by Peter Chappell and Leilani van Kooten that makes new Source Remedies available to three European pharmacies that further prepare and distribute them ( The Amma Resonance Healing Foundation makes them available to partners it trains in Africa ( ARHF still calls them by the name Peter initially used – PC Remedies – as Africans are used to it and that name has been used in several books, manuals and videos that are used to inform and instruct health workers. Besides PC remedies against epidemic diseases there are also several resonances for physical and psychological trauma.

The first one that Peter Chappell developed in 2005, was for people of Rwanda that were still suffering from the genocide that took place in 1994. The results with PC War &Genocide encouraged him to create and test further trauma resonances.

He worked on resonances for Shock, Rape, Long Term Grief, Unburied Relatives, Torture and many more. People reacted so immediately and profoundly, that ARHF also tested these resonances in other African countries. We recorded some very touching experiences. Below are some examples.

Trauma cases

Case 1: A woman who experienced the genocide in Rwanda had severe headaches, pain in arms and shoulders and was sleepless because of nightmares. After PC War & Genocide all symptoms were gone in a matter of days.

Case 2: A young man in Congo who was in the Mai Mai militia had nightmares of the atrocities in the forest and felt very depressed after all he had experienced. He could not work and take care of himself. After PC War & Genocide he was able to sleep again, was in good spirits during the day and could live a normal life.

Case 3: A woman who was in Mai Mai militia was raped many times and involved in atrocities. She had a baby after rape and was constantly thinking of the fighting in the forest and the rape. She had nightmares every night. PC War & Genocide healed her from this trauma, and she was then able to care for herself and take care of her baby, and felt well.

Case 4: Another woman lost her mind during her time in the Mai Mai group. She had fear and constantly relived her experiences in the forest. After PC War & Genocide she was totally healed.

Case 5: A young man, also a former member of the Mai Mai group, with horrible dreams of war and who paradoxically had the idea to return to the militia, improved a lot after PC War & Genocide. He no longer wanted to return to the militia and is nightmares reduced.

In many other cases we observe people getting rid of their nightmares, their physical ailments and that they develop new strength and vitality. Especially children have a wonderful capacity to let go of aggression and once again laugh. In the following case a child was blocked in its development because of a trauma experienced during its time in the womb. Such developmental disorders could be corrected by trauma resonances as this case shows.

Case 6: A three-year-old girl whose mother saw her brother-in-law killed in front of her hut, had severe developmental disorders. The girl could not make any sound and was so weak that she could not stand. After PC Shock the child started to babble and tried her first cautious steps along a table. Also, the mother was released from her nightmares and the cruel memories after PC Shock.

Video Case 7: At under testimonies, you can find a video called “Rebels that got back to their senses”. Here an ARHF-volunteer for The Congo shares his experiences in treating rebels in their camp for the trauma of war. A month later he meets six of them carrying a hoe instead of a gun. They said: “You gave us this remedy while we were staying in the bush. After this remedy we had no more nightmares. It was as if our mind was closed, but now we can think properly again. We’re leaving the bush. Come and visit us in our village and treat our relatives, our children and our wives.

Video Case 8: On another video called “Rape Trauma” several women share the horrible experiences they went through and narrate how the PC Remedies they received for the trauma of war and rape healed them. This is beautifully summarized by one of them who said, “I am no longer a slave of the past”.


After these wonderful experiences with trauma remedies in Africa, we also tried to help traumatized refugees from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt and of course from sub-Saharan countries who came to Europe. We saw the best results with African people but refugees from other countries also reacted well. They could release their traumatic images, could relax and sleep well again. Stress was reduced. Here are some examples.

Case 9: A five-year-old boy from Syria, who experienced the long escape over the Mediterranean Sea and the march through Europe was so afraid, that he was not able to remove himself one step away from his Mum. He cried, had nightmares, and did not eat. After PC War & Genocide he improved and after the second remedy, PC Shock, he behaved like a normal child.

Case 10: This was a young woman from Nigeria with two children (5 and 7 years old) who fled from Boko Haram to Germany. During the flight her husband cracked up and wanted to kill her and the children with a knife. Luckily, she could flee from him with the children. After that she was crying a lot, had nightmares continuously and was harassed by horrible images. With PC Shock the nightmares and the images were gone and she felt safe again.

Case 11: A fifty-year-old woman from Syria, who had to leave her 25 years old daughter in Syria was crying a lot, her whole body was aching, she couldn’t walk because of the pain and she dreamt every night that her daughter was raped by IS. After PC War & Genocide and PC Long Term Grief the pain and the dreams were gone.

These touching stories show the healing these PC trauma remedies are able to bring about. I am convinced they are able to prevent violence and help refugees in getting back their strength and liveliness. I encourage you to explore PC trauma remedies for traumatized people that take refuge in your country.

PC Remedies for Trauma

The remedies described above are available at three European pharmacies:

Volunteers and volunteer organizations interested in using these remedies in their projects can contact ARHF for assistance and discounts. Please write to [email protected]

As indications are not allowed on labels, all remedies have a code by which they can be ordered. The codes of the resonances mentioned in the cases presented in this article are:

  • PC304x for war & genocide trauma
  • PC11c for shock trauma
  • PC435p for rape and rape stigma trauma
  • PC434n for long lasting grief trauma
  • PC427d for depression

A complete list of all available Source Remedies for trauma can be found at

The concise manual “Amma4Africa Trauma Manual – Basic Guide to Treating Trauma” can be downloaded for free in English and French at

About the author

Gunhild Quante

Gunhild Quante was born in 1957 in Münster, Germany. In 1992 she started her education in classical homeopathy. Since 1996 she’s had her own homeopathic practice with her primary method being Sankaran`s Sensation approach. She has also qualified in psychotherapy and the “ Initiation Therapy“ of Dürckheim, quantum healing and guiding meditation groups. Gunhild has been involved with
humanitarian action in Sri Lanka with Homeopatsh without Borders. She also worked on an ecological project and research of medical plants in the jungle in Peru. She became acauainted with PC resonances through Harry van der Zee in Norg. Since 2014 she’s done annual fieldwork in treating epidemic diseases and trauma with PC resonances for ARHF (Amma Resonance Healing Foundation) in Kenya, Rwanda, Tansania, Uganda and Brazil. For the last three years she has working with traumatized refugees in refugee camps. Gunhild is Married, with 3 children and 7 grandchildren.

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  • For clarification PC Remedies have been renamed Source Resonances as this represents much more closely the way they are made. PC and SR are interchangeable in the ordering systems.
    Its often just as easy, and immediately available, to work with Source Resonances as streamed sounds off the web site And in my direct experience the sounds are just as effective. The sounds that carry the resonance are the equivalent to the white pills that carry to remedy essence. There is a wealth of further info on the website. Peter Chappell

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