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Homeopathic Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus) Patient

A thirteen year old girl with Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus responds to homeopathic remedies which also ameliorate her general constitution.

Introduction:Type 1 (formerly Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus), usually juvenile onset but may occur at any age. Cause: Insulin deficiency due to selective destruction of secreting pancreatic beta cells. Patients always need Insulin and are prone to ketoacidosis and weight loss. It is associated with other auto immune disease (> 90% carry HLADR 3 and/or DR4).

Analysis of the patient: A 13 yr old school girl suffering from this disease for 8 years, was referred to me. Her parents were both nurses and very worried about their daughter’s condition. She was very alert and cooperative. Spells of nightly hypoglycemia, her hopelessness of improvement which had led her to disregarding her diabetic diet and controlling her FBS regularly and a high HA1c of 10 and a 230 mg/dl FBS revealed the family’s poor control and their tiredness and aversion to regular supervision of their duties. She used to reproach her brothers before other people and was aggressive towards them when she got angry; cramped states especially during sleep was another symptom. After taking the case, Nux vomica was found to be the most similar remedy. Prescription: Nux-v. 30c in liquid form, 20 drops was prescribed and taken by the patient.

Report of course of treatment: After prescribing the remedy, her Insulin was continued and not tapered, until her FBS decreased from 230 mg/dl to the normal range of 110 mg/dl after 60 days of taking the remedy. Of course she had experienced an aggravation of her blood sugar which had risen to 290 mg/dl after 3 days of taking the first dose of Nux-v. Thereafter it began to decrease, coming close to the normal range of 110mg/dl after about 2 months on the 13th of December 2008. Her remedy was repeated every other day after potentizing. I started to decrease her Insulin one unit by one unit along with strictly monitoring her FBS and evening BS for about 3 more months. Of course I talked to her and suggested her to try to follow her diabetic and homeopathic diets ,too. Her second remedy was Sulphur according to her new situation after taking Nux-v. Fortunately she helped me by following her diets. She had become more energetic and more hopeful to continue her good cooperation. I promised to give her a gift for her nice effort and cooperation. After one year of treatment, I called her up and asked about her condition and her feelings. She was happy and content with her treatment .She had not experienced hypoglycemic spells after taking Sulphur. Her father said that her last tests have been: FBS of 135, HA1c of 8 and blood pressure of 110/70 mmHg. They were all happy about her significant healing and cure. She is taking 10 units of NPH Insulin in mornings and 4 in the afternoon. i.e. 4 units have been tapered during the last year and a decrease of 95 mg/dl has been earned.

Discussion: I prescribed 20 drops of the remedy with potency of 30c and recommended a special diet appropriate for a juvenile diabetic patient. First she experienced an aggravation in her blood sugar but an inner calmness. So I waited until her FBS decreased to 110 mg/dl in 2 months by repeating the first remedy. She continued to take 18 units of NPH Insulin, without any change until 13th of December 2008 when she came with a normal FBS of 110. Sometimes she experienced even lower FBS in the mornings. So I started to decrease her NPH Insulin carefully and gradually . After about 2 months of taking Nux-v, again I took her case and prescribed Sulphur 30c to be taken 2 drops biweekly and after dynamizing, by shaking it vigorously. It continued for about 2 months and no other remedy was prescribed. Her last FBS has been 135, with a HA1c of 8 and her blood pressure 110/70 mmHg.

Conclusion: The results of this case report, as an observational study, reveal multi- potential characteristics and capabilities of the prescribed homeopathic remedies, Nux-v. and Sulphur. They not only decreased the patient’s FBS but also improved her mental situation especially her hopelessness altered to being hopeful and cooperative, as well as some physical symptoms. The homeopathic treatment for diabetes mellitus (Homeopathy for Type 1 Diabetes) has not only been effective in decreasing her blood sugar, but also has improved part of her totality of symptoms and changed her mood condition from low mood to good mood which is very significant.


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Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi

Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi M.D., Hom.: Graduated from Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services and Iran Homeopathic Learning Center. He is a Certified medical doctor in Iran, and Official member of the Iranian Homeopathy Association, and was granted RIHA certificate and LMHI certificate of membership. He also writes a health page as a journalist in the Tehran Times daily newspaper. Visit his website:


  • 1. Dear syedagha no doubt your effort was marvelous, informative and encouraging for other professionals. congratulations.
    2.Would you please explain that why 20 drops of Nux vomica 30 were given? why not 3 or 5 drops.similarly why 2 drops of sulphur 30?is there any specific reason/experience for that.
    3. I use the two remedies together and get good results.for example i give sulphur 30 in morning and nux vomica 30 at noon and night or only at night. or i use sulphur 200 once in a week and NV30 TDS.what about that?
    4. you mentioned in conclusion that it was an observational study; please correct it as it was not an observational study,rather it was an experimental observational study one does not give any medication/diet changes, etc but just observes the sample(healthy individuals or patients)and records the data.
    5. i am an alloapth as well as homeopath. i am a medical university teacher and teaching the MBBS students,and i am conducting many research projects. It will be a matter of pleasure for me if i could be of any help to you.
    regards and best wishes!

    • Dear Dr.Saif

      Salam. thank you for your kindful comment.
      1-20 drops of Nux-v. 30c was given according to the vitality of the girl and my experience. We can have more study and research. As you know according to the principle of Individualization this need varies in each patient.
      2- I confirm your method because it is similar to the method presented in Encyclopedia Homeopathica. We can use one of the minor remedies according to our patient’s condition like Syzigyum before meals bd( twice a day ) and a major remedy like Ars. after a meal in the mornings.
      3- I am willing to take part in a research project about homeopathic treatment of Diabetes Mellitus and diabetic patients. In fact my thesis has been done with the same topic. How can I get in touch with you?

      My Best wishes and Regards, Homeopathic Physician S.Sadeghi

  • Got a lot of encouragement after reading this article.

    My son aged 27 years is having type-1 diabetes. Presently he is in the US and takes insulin injections daily. Can he be given the homeopathic treatment along with insulin. Kindly advise.
    thanks and regards,
    P.P. Tuteja

    • Dear P P Tuteja

      Please send more details on your son’s mental/emotional and physical symptoms to my gmail:

      [email protected]

      I will try to help you.

      Best Wishes, Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi

  • My brother has been suffering from type 1 diabetes for the last 21 years. He is now 40 yrs old. Since the last few yrs he has hypothyrodism, heart problems and hypo para thyrodism in that order. Since it is an autoimmune disorder, is it possible to cure the autoimmune disorder first and then go in for a pancreas transplant with homeopathic support as permanent cure? What are the medicines which will aid this?
    I would appreciate it if a homeopath dealing with such cases responds and advises us.

  • I want to know the treatment in these conditions for a male patient 70 years old, who is initially a hypertensive patient since 30 years but now is under control due to allopathic anti hypertensive drugs, diabetic patient since 5-7 years (initially was in oral anti diabetic drugs but not controlled, now on insulin therapy dermal given since 1 yr, at starting it controlled by insulin but since 2 months not controlled), having also chronic renal failure & is on regular follow up & treatment. More over he has pain on both joint pain with swelling on feet can’t walk easily, feeling breathless during walking about half kilometer & in air tight rooms. Feeling relax in open air places. So please guide & advise me homeopathic treatment in this condition of my own family patient. If you want further query i can give.

    • Dear Dr Prem Chand

      Hi since the patient is aged 70 with little activity I suggest you to do as follows;

      1. Determine diet and exercise plan for him; he should follow his diabetic diet and start walking from 10 minutes to 30 minutes aday five times a week.

      2. Keep his Insulin as prescribed.

      3. Give him 2 drops of Syzig.Q 30 minutes before meals( 3 times a day).( one small globule in 150 cc of boiled water).

      4. Give him one drop of carc.30c 30 minutes after 3 meals.( A small globule in 150 cc of boiled water). Potentize the remedy by shaking 12 times vigorously after the first dose.

      5. Continue the orders for 2 weeks and inform me, afterwards.

      6. Check him for hypoglycemia. Check his FBS and pp bs( after 2 hours). Check his blood pressure weekly or as needed.

      Notice: the prescription varies in each patient according to his/her health conditions.

      Good Luck

      Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi M.D. & Homeopath

  • Please, write me what is this Homeopathic Therapy of Type 1 Diabetes and
    contact with doctor?
    Thank You very!

  • Dear,Dr.Sadeghi And Dr.Saif,
    I will not like to go in to depth of “observational”,but one striking thing I find in the text of both of you is that Nux.v. and sulph. was given. Now Dr.Sadhegi writes that these remedies were chosen after taking case of this fortunate girl, where as Dr. Saif says that he gives both these remedies to his diabetic patients. I request Dr. Saif to elaborate this point. Secondly as far as I have learnt from very senior Homeopaths The number of drops or pills can range from 4 to 8 this makes one dose. The one dose will do the same job done by 20 drops ,in my opinion.

  • I’m vidhyaa.I’ve diagnosed as a type 1 diabetes 3yrs back. Now I’m taking insulin. I want to know if i can stop taking insulin and go for any homeopathic tablets to control my sugar level. Is it possible? Please help me because taking insulin is making me pain.

    • Dear Vidhyaa

      Hi. No you can not stop taking Insulin. It is so far the best known drug for patients with type 1 DM. Under close supervision of a skillful homeopath that has worked with type one DM, you can start homeopathic remedies. They will help you get a better mood and a better control of FPG (fasting plasma glucose) and lower HbA1c. You will have a better blood circulation and stronger immune system.
      All the Best Wishes, S.Sadeghi M.D.&Homeopathic Researcher

  • It’s great that you are helping people. Please share with them another great resources I found on diabetes:

    • Dear Sarah

      Hi. Thank you so much for sharing the helpful website.

      All the Best Wishes, S.Sadeghi

      • Dear,Dr.Sadeghi

        My father is suffering from blood sugar (right now is 300 before food) since 9 years.TODAY FIRST TIME DOCTORS GAVE HIM INSULIN. He also has heart disease, high blood pressure. Could you suggest any medicine to cure sugar. Should we give insulin regularly. My father’s age 54 years.

          • Dear DR.
            My father is suffering from blood sugar (right now is 420 AFTER FOOD ) since 9 years.TODAY FIRST TIME DOCTORS GAVE HIM INSULIN. He also has heart disease, high blood pressure. Could you suggest any medicine to cure sugar. Should we give insulin regularly. My father’s age 54 years.

  • dear sir, read about your treatment of diabetes type 1 cases. my daughter aged 12 years now was diagnosed with this 2 years back. she is on insulin and her Hba1c is 7.5. her FBS is going very high even as much as 460. She is active otherwise and good at studies but she doesn’t like outdoor activities and i have to push her out for that. Initially she used to be very aggressive but now she is calm and confident. she is taking 35 units in morning, 12 at lunch( regular) and 20 units at night. can you prescribe any medicine for her?

  • hallo sir i am indian my son 7 year old suffering from diabetes type one can it possible to cure please tell us the procedure

    • Dear Khurana

      Salam. Insulin is still the best medicine to control Type 1 DM. If you want to add homeopathic remedies to your son’s medicines, I suggest you select an expert homeopathic physician that deals mostly with patients suffering diabetes mellitus. I myself take a thorough history and prescribe a miasmatic or constitutional remedy. The parents are said to have proper supervision on the patient’s blood glucose. If you want me to help you, please send an email to [email protected].
      Good Luck, Dr.Sadeghi

  • Dr sir read about my casce .my 3year daughter type 1diabetic hypoglasamia insolin dipend baby plesce sir sagest medicine

    • Dear Ratan Panja

      Salam. Please do the same I suggested to Khurana and send me an email to the mentioned email.

      Be Well, Dr.Sadeghi

  • My Dear Colleagues

    Reversing type 2 diabetes mellitus in diabetic patients is no more a dream, it is a true fact that can be earned if we consider some vital principles. However perfect cure of patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus has not been reported by accredited sources neither through allopathy neither with homeopathy.
    But, homeopathic remedies can increase one’s energy and inner calmness and decrease FBS, Hb A1c and prevents acute and chronic complications seen in patients with type 1 DM. It also decreases their need to daily injection of Insulin. I hope to be able to cure them and reverse their condition to complete health.
    Recently one of my patients with type 2 DM has been cured perfectly with one of homeopathic remedies. His lab tests are still normal after about 2 months. He is no more taking any remedies nor conventional drugs. Of course he had chosen to follow a helpful and effective diabetic regimen instead of taking chemical medicines.

    Good Luck, Dr.Sadeghi

  • Hi, I ave been reading comments from different website and different blogs on subject of diabetes.
    I would like to give my friends my experience regarding diabetes.
    I am diabetic for long 9 years and I was injecting 56 unit insulin daily.
    for 8 years I was injecting insulin and I tried Homapathy tablets in India and also went through couple of operation in London. But there was no improvement in my sugar level for long period.
    In last my husband who frequently visits India was referred to SB SIDH FOR DIABETES.
    Soon I had started herbal medicine from SB SIDH FOR DIABETES. In matter of 20 days I was surprise to see the result in my glucose level. slowly my medicines were changed and after 3 months of time my insulin was reduced.According to MR SB , I was wrongly diagnosed as type 1 diabetes. My pancreas was quite healthy but due to injecting of insulin had reduced the function of pancreas. According to Mr SB my solar plexus were displaced during my last month of pregnancy 10 years ago. Now It has been 8 months I am on SB SIDH herbal medicine and today I’m only injecting 8 unit insulin. In next 3 months i will be quitting full insulin . So it is my advice to my friends to start with herbal medicine. According to Mr SB SIDH combination of herbal medicine with homapathy medicine also gives good effect on pancreas. consult good herbal expert to start with herbal medicine.

  • Sir i have started nox vomika 5drops 2time in a day ,and sulphar 30c but no decress of sugar level sir can i incresd the nox vomika drops plesce sugest tha quntity of madicine

    • Dear Ratan Panja

      Namaskar. Please send your mental ,emotional and physical symptoms to my Gmail or MSN mail mentioned above, to have my opinion. As you know according to the law of individualism each person should take his/her proper remedy. In the case presented here, the proper remedies were Nux-v. and Sulph. Your proper remedy may be different from the girl presented in this case.

      Please inform me of your symptoms by email and I will help you out of the condition. You should also follow proper diet and physical activity for an optimal situation.

      Best Wishes, Dr.Sadeghi

  • 7ssalaamu alykum I have a 10 year old daughter who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2007. She has to take 3 insulin injections daily. In the past 6 years she has never had stable blood sugar levels. I have tried many alternate treatments and none seems to work, including homeopathy. She is currently under an Indian pulse doctor as alternate treatment to the allopathic. Will you be able to help my daughter.

    • Dear Ratan Panja

      Hi. Please send me the mental/emotional and physical symptoms of your baby so that I can help you out of the condition my skype is “saghanoor”. you can show your baby via skype video for a proper remedy and better result.

      Best Wishes, Dr.sadeghi

  • Our son of 16 years old now and he is diagonsed with Type I Diabetes since last 4 years. Now he is based on Insulin (Novo Mixstard 30) twice a day. He is now in class 12th and facing problem of acute stress at the time of Exam even after preparing well before the Exam. Due to acute stress he lost his confidence in the exam. Please advise me where to treat him for his comfortable life with minimum dependence on Insulin.

  • Dear Bishnu Prasad Sahoo

    Hi. Thank you for your question. Would you please send an email to my gmail ; [email protected]?

    I will guide you to create a better condition for your son.

    With Best Wishes, Dr.sadeghi

  • hi Doctor Sadeghi,

    My nephew was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes just last month. He is 10 years old and they are staying in Australia. Could you please help us and tell us more about the homeopathy treatment.
    We’d also like to know if there are homeopathy doctors and associations in Australia that we could get in touch with.

    Thank you so much and more power.



  • Dear Kristine

    Hi. Please send me an email to [email protected]. I will send you a questioner to take his case, then. I will help your nephew to be happier and to have a better control of his fasting blood sugar, HgbA1c thus a higher level of health.

    There are many homeopaths and homeopathic doctors there. One of them is Sam Adkins, a friend of mine. I don’t know if she works with diabetics type 1.

    Kind Regards, Dr.Sadeghi

    Best Wishes

    • Dear Shehzad

      Sorry to notice your comment after about 3 months. If you can not find a local skilful homeopath that can handle your brother’s condition, you can email me; [email protected] and take a look at my website; .

      As a rule your brother needs to be treated with Insulin. However homeopathic remedies can enhance his own beta cells to produce more insulin to decrease his need to external insulin, in long term. He will also have better or normal HgbA1c. He will have better emotional and physical condition with homeopathic remedies.

      Be Well, Dr.Sadeghi

      • i want to know which homeopathy remedy can enhance the beta cells in a type 1 patient if it is due to low vit D level eating of cheeze n paneer sedentary life style n auto immune disorder

  • Dear Dr. I am Kopila Adhikari from Nepal . My 9 years son has Diabetic from last one year. Could possible to treat permanently on his problem ? How I contact you to consult about it.


  • Dear Kopila Adhikari

    Permanent and complete cure of patients with type 1 diabetes has not been observed by me during the last 4 years of practicing with such patients.

    However better mental/emotional condition and better control of their fasting blood sugar and normal or close to normal Hgb A1c has been accomplished with homeopathic remedies in my patients.

    You can send me an email to [email protected].

    Best Wishes for you, your son and your family, Dr.Sadeghi

  • Dear Dr. Sadhegi,

    my 20 year old daughter was diagnosed Diabetes Type I five weeks ago.She is studying at the university of Hildesheim/ Germany.She ist not overweighted and likes sports. She likes to eat and drink sweet.
    She was diagnosed because she was drinking five liter water a day and still felt thursty. Her Kidneys and her eyes as well as her nerve tracts are still ok.
    The years before she had problems with sleeping at night und spannings in the shoulder area as well as
    cramps in the thumb. She hurt one of her knees. She was born two weeks after natal appointment and she was only 48 cm tall. Now she is 1,60 m . One year ago she was diagnosed to have less red bloodcells when she wanted to spend blood but she didn´t take the irontablets she was given.

    She needs 26 units insulin before going to bed. It´s a longer lasting insulin that works for 24 hours.
    Beside this she needs insulin every time she eats something. All in one she needs 90 units a day. The day she had 480 blood glucose value without insulin we brought her into the hospital. Her hgba1c was desastrous 11,6.

    We have a big heartbreaking problem, because she starts to refuse her ” unsane body”. Schoolmedicinal Doctors tell her she is incurable ill and she now refuses to search an additional treatment , because she ” would not like to make to herself hopes which do not come true”. She feels very soon stressed since some years and she became disorderly in her home although she was the opposite in her early childhood. She is very talented in drawing pictures. Children like her very much. She also is talented in educating dogs. She loves animals very much. She is a person, that can hardly say No. She always wants to be loved. Her friends seem to be the most important in her life. As a little girl she said that she always wanted to have many friends in her life. She makes big gifts to them and she is always there when they call.
    Some years ago a homeopathic working remedial practical person gave her Carcinosinum LM 120. It helped her for a while.

    Of course we know Diabetes I can not yet be cured, but we hope very much, that she will not have some of the bad followings of Diabetes and that she needs less insulin.

    Would you please try to help her?
    Thanks a lot and I´m sorry about my bad english. Please excuse me.

  • Sir my son is 14 years old and he take insulin 22 unit in morning and 12 unit in evening. From February 2012 regularly. But his blood sugar level is 150 to 330 in present. He is hypoglycemia patent some time he take insulin after 2-3hours sugar level has go to low. So suggest me how can I recover it

  • My son 12 year
    Diagonocis with type 1 diabetic in the year
    2014 when he was 8 year. He is insuline dependent takes Novarapid and Lantus
    We are from India and I believe Homeopath medicine 20 years but I didn’t
    Right doctor here and just know landed
    USA. Please help my child to treatment
    Thanks a lot

  • Iam an indian my name is vishnu(age 23) i was reasently attacked with type1 diabatis+ hypothyroid
    c-peptide levels 0.31
    serum insulin level 85.2
    islet cells antibodies nagative
    fbs=110, plbs=134 is it possible to cure permintly in homeopathy
    my e-mail: [email protected]

  • My son, age 15 years, wt100kgs is detected blood sugar; fasting 170 mg/do , post meal (after 2 hrs) 350 mg/dl. Please give treatment.

  • Hello Mrs James

    Request an update as it’s been over 9 years that you commented on this thread. Are you cured of diabetes or are still taking insulin shots and herbal medicine. I have recently connected with Mr Sidh after reading your comment on this thread.

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