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Persistent Pain in Leg after Covid -Woman of 72

Dr. Chanda Shah solves a case of persistent pain in the leg of a woman of 72.  After the etiology of Covid became clear, the simillimum was found.

The patient is a woman of 72. I saw her online on 9-2-22. She was feeling feverish, had headache, sneezing and weakness. She had pain in back of thighs on bending. She couldn’t sit for long on the commode. She had dry cough and was thirstless. I gave her Bryonia 200 bd for 2 days. The next day her covid test came positive and she took antibiotics etc.

On 17-2-22 she came for pain in back of right hip extending to mid-thigh. Pain was dull, but continuous, <sitting and bending, > stretching and hot bag. She said, “If I am not well, what will happen to husband and son?” Then I gave her Kali Carb 200.

She was not better so she went to two orthopaedic doctors who gave her Myospaz, Gabapentine and pain killers. She did physiotherapy, but the pain got worse. The medicines were making her sleepy. She came back to me on 14-3-22. The pain was from below the right buttock and extending to mid-thigh.

She said the pain is ”killing me.” The pain starts in the morning when she sits on the commode. She has to finish her bowel movement in a hurry. There was degeneration of spine. Pain was dull, burning, > walking, stretching and hot bag and worse from sitting. She said “I don’t want to survive on tablets.” I gave her Ammon mur 200., but no change.

On 29-3-22, she said she can sit on a soft cushion but not on the commode. She couldn’t cross her legs at knee level. There is a twinge below buttock. She said something is blocked somewhere. Then I gave her rhus tox, colocynth, digitalis, but there was no change.

Then she went for a facial. Massage was done behind right ear, following which she got vertigo. She took Vertin tablets. Vertigo was <rising from lying down, sleeping on right side. She felt she will fall backwards. She felt helpless as she was used to doing things on her own. Plus, the leg pain was continuing. Then I gave her Phosphorus 200. Vertigo subsided, but leg pain was same.

On 7-6-22 I insisted that she come to my clinic. She took a Combiflam tablet and came. She said back part of thigh was getting pulled. She couldn’t stand or sit for too long. She said pain starts as she sits on the commode—from end of right buttock to mid-thigh.

Then she lies down with a hot water bag which gives her some relief. She said “Pain is restricting me, I have to take Combiflam and go out. Pain is not leaving me, it’s like a bloody ghost.”

She can’t sit in small space, feels jammed, closed in. She likes more space, so she can move her leg. She tries to do all the work, or she feels she will become like a vegetable. She doesn’t want to lose her mobility. She said “I am independent; I can’t keep telling others to pick up things for me.”

Her father had died when she was in college. She started working to support her family. She was very efficient and responsible in her work. She would do a lot for her mother-in-law. Her servants would come to her for their problems.

She is very fast in her work, can do 10 things at a time. Her mother would say how did you stay in my womb for 9 months! She is quick, systematic, neat and clean. She is very impatient. She got up from the chair saying she had to leave as she had fixed a lunch date with someone. I said wait; I am not done with you yet. I made her cancel the lunch.

She sat down and said casually—unnecessarily “I took Covid booster vaccine. I still got covid. This bloody pain started after Covid.”

I saw in the repertory  – Generalities- Pain after influenza—Ars-S-R, Bapt, Iris, Lycps, Mag Phos, Rhus Tox, Thuj, Trio.

Mag phos is known for neuralgic pain and is > by warmth. I gave her mag phos 200 on 7-6-22. Till date there is no pain!!


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Chanda Shah

Dr Chanda Shah has done L.C.E.H from CMP Homoeopathic Medical College, Mumbai, India in 1985. In 2004, she did a Certificate course in Food and Nutrition from Sophia College in Mumbai. Thereafter she was teaching “Basics in Human Physiology” at Sophia College for five years. Later in 2006, she did her M.D. in Homoeopathy. She has her private practice near Grant road (west) in Mumbai.

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