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A Case of Renal Stones with Mild Hydronephrosis Responds to Homoeopathy

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Homoeopathic treatment cures a person with kidney stones and mild hydronephrosis.

A 51 year old male complained of dull colicky pain in both renal angles for the last two months. He was under care of his family doctor for urinary infection. He got relief from the urinary infection but renal colic persisted. Ultrasonograph examination revealed bilateral renal calculi, with mild left hydronephrosis (ref. plate before). He was referred to a urologist who suggested lithotripsy. He reported at our clinical unit with severe pain on both renal angles and was treated according to homoeopathic principles and followed up for 6 months, resulting in total relief of signs and symptoms. Ultra sonographic scan report revealed no calculi. (ref. Plate after).

Chief complaint:

    • Dull colicky pain both renal angles since last 2 months
    • Burning pain in urethra since 2 months
    • Stitching pain in back since 6 months


H/o Present complaint:

From the last two months he experienced dull colicky pain on and off in both renal angles, sometimes radiating to the lower abdomen. Pain in the left renal angle is greater than in the right.

Burning pain in the urethra on and off when not passing the urine since last two months, with frequent urge to urinate. Sometimes complains of slight bright red urine (haematuria); Frequent urinary infection for past year and was treated allopathically.

Stitching pain in the back, radiating in nature, since 6 months, < exertion, standing. Sometimes pain radiating from back to whole body.

Past History:

Had malarial fever 10 years back, and got treated allopathically.

Family history:

Father is hypertensive and had suffered with renal stones.

Physical generals:

    • Complexion- fair,
    • Appetite-normal,
    • Thirst -normal,
    • Bowel movements -regular,
    • Urine – 8-10 / 4-6 D/N; frequent urge to urination; burning in urethra when not passing urine.


Mental generals:

    • Doesn’t like talking
    • Dull, depressed.
    • Worried about his illness


General examination

    • Weight : 70 kgs
    • B.P 130/80 mm Hg,
    • PR: 72 /min,
    • CVS: S1,S2 normal
    • RS: NAD
    • P/A : tenderness in the lower abdomen + dull note at renal angles + slight tenderness in the lower abdomen


Investigation: The ultrasonogram of the abdomen KUB – bilateral renal calculi; left mild hydronephrosis (see plate before).

Totality of symptoms

  1. Doesn’t like talking
  2. Worried about illness
  3. Dull, depression
  4. Dull pain in the renal area
  5. Colic pain in the renal area
  6. Hematuria with renal colic
  7. Renal pain extending to lower abdomen
  8. Hydronephrosis of left kidney
  9. Bilateral renal stones
  10. Frequent urge to urinate
  11. Burning pain in the urethra when not urinating
  12. Stitching pain in the lumbar of radiating nature

Repertorization chart

First prescription: Date: 27/07/09

Rx Berberis vulgaris Ø 20 drops tid for 1 month

Follow up-1 Date : 25/08/09

All complaints status quo – Berberis vulgaris Ø 20 drops tid for 1 month

Follow up-2 Date : 22/09/09

Renal colic reduced completely; Complained of passing small stones 15 days back; frequent urination reduced to 75%; burning in the urethra reduced to 75%; back pain reduced to 25% – Berberis vulgaris 0/3 tid (LM) for 15 days; SL for 15 days.

Follow up-3 Date : 20/ 10/09

No renal colic; all other associated symptoms reduced to 75% – Berberis vulgaris 0/6 tid for 15 days; SL for 15 days.

Follow up-4 Date : 21/11/09

No renal colic; all the other associated symptoms reduced to 80% – Berberis vulgaris 0/10 tid for 15 days; S.L-30 days.

Follow up-5 Date : 26/12/09

No renal colic; all the other associated symptoms reduced – S.L-30 days

Follow up-6 Date : 30/1/10

No renal colic; all the other associated symptoms markedly reduced – S.L-30 days

Investigation: The ultrasonogram of the abdomen – Normal study (see plate after)

Patient had visited four times subsequently up to June 2010 and did not complain of any relapse of the renal problem or other associated symptoms.

Discussion and conclusion:

Berberis vulgaris was selected on the basis of repertorization totality by using cara software and given as mother tincture initially. This helped as a ‘wash out’ remedy in expelling the renal stones. The same medicine when used in 50 millesimal 0/3 to 0/10 repeated doses has not only helped in relieving the renal colic and stone formation, but also reduced the other associated symptoms like recurrent urinary infection, back pain etc, thus upholding the principle of homoeopathy as a ‘holistic approach’. The literature also holds that no intercurrent or antimiasmatic medicine is required when the selected medicine is prescribed in 50 millesimal potencies. This is verified in the present study.

About the author

Hafeezullah Baig

Dr. Hafeezullah Baig M.D. has worked in the Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy for the past 24 years. He completed assigned projects viz. Osteo arthritis, Filariasis, Amoebiasis, Hypertension, Epilepsy, Diabetes mellitus, Geriatric problems, Diabetic nephropathy, and Influenza-like illness. He is currently working as Asst. Director at the Drug Standardisation Unit, Hyderabad. Dr. Baig was a resource person in a number of seminars/ conferences/Continuing Medical Education programs etc.


  • Here we used in all renal calculus patients the combination of following medicines in 30c in dilution form,10 drops thrice for 1 month.BV+AN+CANTHATIS+OCCINUM CANUM+CALC REN +SARASAPARILLA+LYCOPODIUM+PARERAPRAVA+DIOSCOREA+PLUM MET+CRAPAPPLE

  • This case is not solved true similinium.Because We know that Berberis vulgaris has diuretic action.It is the physological action of this remedy when given in large dose.Berberis cured this renal stone case by its physological action.We should maintain our practise about physological action of mother tincture.When true similinum not work,then physological action mother tincture nedded.Sarcode and many other drainage remedy are needed in defective incurable cases with organ failure.We may call these tools adjuvant.But we should not call it true similinum practise.Thank you very much.

  • sir I. have right kidney note double moites and upper moite Have mild. hydronephrosis and two small stones .22 yrs female.married

  • Stone in right kidney 8 mm removed by medicine. Prostrate 46mm residue 72 mm.minimal hydronephrosis in right kidney. Pain in right kidney
    Suggest homeopathic medicine

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