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J.P. Gallavardin, a French homeopath in the 1800s. French homeopathic doctor, founder of the “Propagator of Homeopathy”. Author of “Psychism and homeopathy’, plastic medicine “.

J.P. Gallavardin, a French homeopath in the 1800s

French homeopathic doctor, founder of the “Propagator of Homeopathy”, author of “Psychism and homeopathy”, plastic medicine “, plastic Repertory of Medicine, Psychic Repertory.

Brilliant psychiatrist, became has homeopath when He was Of Guidi’ S student. Founder of “Homeopathy’ S Propagator” and author of “Psyche and Homeopathy”.


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Medicine Plastic.


Here is a new science that I have been brought to study and apply accidentally since 18 years, almost at the same time with that of psychic medicine. While applying psychic medicines, I have found without searching for them, some plastic medicines.

After the plastic arts that we owe to painters, to sculptors, we have the plastic surgery, which gives the shape to the nose, to the face, to a limb and which we owe to Allopathy. Then we have the plastic medicine, which we owe to Homoeopathy.

At the first approach, it would seem unlikely that by the help of remedies, some parts of the body as regards their formations and colour, can be modified. But it would seem likely when I give the following physiological explanations.

In order to obtain the above results, one should search for, by pathogenetic experiments on healthy man or clinically on patients the medicines having an elective action on such and such parts of the body that are to be modified.

If one of the remedies increases the nutrition of such and such part it will increase its plumpness and by bringing the repletion of tissues, it will cause to disappear the folds and the wrinkles. If another remedy diminishes the nutrition of such and such part, it will diminish its plumpness.

Thus you will find medicines of which one will increase the growth of such and such part of the body and the other that will make thinner the same part.

The first of these remedies, by causing the flow of blood in that part will give colour more or less rosy to that part.

The second, by causing the diminution of the flow of the blood in that part of the body will bring about certain paleness.

With some appropriate remedies therefore, one may increase the plumpness and the colour of such and such part of the body and with some other obesity and colour of those parts may be diminished.

Every Homoeopathic doctor may find some plastic remedies, if, like me, they observe attentively the effects produced by a single dose of a remedy in 200 dilution and that is to act for 3,5, or 8 weeks.

For this need, the women specially who are very much interested in observation on themselves and on their children and husbands, will help the doctors who are interested in the plastic medicine. In the plastic treatment these doctors will be successful at first only in 30% of cases, then in the long run they will be successful in more that 50% cases.

They will be able thus to contribute to the harmony in a family and to conjugal morality. In fact, the woman becoming old earlier than her husband, when the letter has not sense of duty towards his wife, leaves her who has lost her plastic charm, one would be able to a certain extent variable according to individuals prolong their youthfulness.

Besides the plastic medicine, for from destroying their health, will preserve it, ameliorate it and thus contribute to the longevity under the best conditions.

After having described the physiological mechanisms according to which is operated the plastic cures, I going to report some cases.

Case 1.

Breasts almost disappeared

About 18 years ago a young woman came to me to consult for a gland, which she had under her chin. When she came to me for the second time she informed me that my first medicine has given no effect and told me besides that her breasts have almost disappeared when the gland appeared I, told her ” I am going to give you a remedy which will cause to disappear the gland and your breast will appear again. This double effect was in fact produced by Iodium.

Case 2
Breast disappeared

A woman came to tell me ” I am 49 years old, widow and asked in marriage, but I do not like to say yes, before you can bring back my breasts which have completely disappreaed” I asked her who has sent you to me? She replied Mme X… Whom you have done the same thing for which I have come to you. Staphysagria 200 or Iodium 200.

Case 3
Breasts not developed

One of my patients asked me to treat free a young cutter of 19 years, suffering from chlorotic anemia. I gave her 3 doses of Ignatia 200. Sometimes afterwards, my client said to me ” In two months your remedy has caused to appear in that young girl, breasts which she never had.” I came to know a plastic medicine, which I did not know.

Case 4
Breasts not developed

A beautiful brunette of 24, professor of music came to ask me some remedies for developing her memory for musical compositions. I gave her two remedies of which Staphysagria 200, which seemed to act, then a third, which acted much more effectively. I told her to note carefully the action of the third remedy Graphitis 600, which will probably bring some change over her body. A few weeks after wards, She informed me that in two months, her breasts that she never had, developed. She had in fact perfectly modeled breasts like that of a statue. Two months after wards she complained that her breasts are too hard. Have you ever seen a woman, who in perfect health, has complained of hard breasts? I gave fourth remedy, which made her breasts less hard but very firm. She had not the need of wearing bras. Accidentally I found again a new remedy.

Case 5
Shoulders and buttocks very large
Breasts very small

A woman writes me from Paris asking me for a remedy for diminishing the largeness of her shoulders and her buttocks, that, with the advance of age have become larger. I sent her a few globules of 200 in my letter. Four weeks afterwards she informed me that her shoulders and hips have become thinner and that her breasts have become bigger. Calcarea carbonica 200.

Case 6
Breasts disappeared.
Skeletal thinness of the neck.

Hips excessively big. Skin of the neck black. Red patches on checks. A young girl of 28, since an unfortunate marriage at the age of 22 has her breasts completely disappeared, her thorax became as thin as skeleton and as if by compensation her hips become abnormally large. The skin of her neck has become black and on each of her cheeks there are big red patches. She came to consult me for an ozena, a sequale after an attack of diphtheria.
She took the 3rd dilution 2,3, or 4 times a day during one week then no medicine for a week; then medicine another week and so on alternately for three months. At the end of this period , the ozena was cured, the skin of the neck became white;cheeks have no more patches, but rosy, the plumpness of the thorax and breasts became as they were before six years. The enormous hips became normal.. Mercurius cyanatum.
Case 7
Deformed breasts after feeding or after delivery.

Nine out of ten women have deformed breasts after feeding the child or after delivery. Since 12 years I give them some medicines that stops the milk within 8 to 10 days and cheeks the deformation of their breasts. I have even obtained the result in women whose breasts have become deformed after feeding the child. I may affirm that up till now I have been successful with Pulsatilla, Brynonia, Belladonna, Mercurius vivus

Case 8
Breasts too big.

A religious woman of 38 years, she was so much obese that she could not teach in her school. Her weight in three months became 20 kgs less. I put on her tongue. 8 to 10 globules of Nux vomica 200. I told her that her breasts would now become smaller in volume. Five weeks later, she admitted in fact that her breasts have became two third of their former largeness and all that at the same time when her health became good.

Case 9
Very great development of cheeks, breasts and the stature,
Limbs very thin.

A brunette, big, prayed me to cure dyspepsia. Three times I gave her on her tongue some globules of 200 dilution of Nux vomica at an interval of 4 to 5 weeks. Then I found the following results:
Cure of the dyspepsia; the stature became less big; round and long, the breasts became smaller and firm. Instead of a big round body she had a slim and long one and the most unexpected was that her limbs became more plump. I found thus a remarkably useful plastic remedy.

Case 10
Neck very short and very big.
Enormous double chin

A woman, short, thick set, nevertheless elegant, because very straight. I put on her tongue some globules of 200 dilution that transformed her neck into a long one, which was apoplectic
At the age of 60 years she came to my house with a double chin, the two chins were separated by a deep furrow of about one-centimeter. I put on her tongue some globules of Nux. Vom. 200. Two to three months after the second chin almost disappeared an also the deep furrow which made the double chin hedious.
The result persisted several years.

Case 11
Enormous cheeks, very red in adolescents and in adults

The carrier of such cheeks got from me 6 to 8 globules one on the tongue of 5,000 dilution of Sulphur which gave a longish shape of their faces which were round, and replaced enormous cheeks with rosy cheeks. I was always successful in such cases.

Case 12
Obesity of belly

I a dark skinned man of high stature, but having a big belly, I used Nux Vomica 100000 and cure him of his obesity.
In many women, by using Nux-Vom. 200 I cure the obesity of their bellies.
When this obesity is the result of pregnancy and if it is produced by the rupture of the white line, the plastic medicine is powerless. Plastic surgery is to be taken in recourse to if the women went to have a beautiful form.

Case 13

Within 2 to 5 months, I have often by the half of medicines developed the whiteness of the skin in young French girls who had up till then a very unhealthy colour. Mercurius Cyanatus 3.

Case 14
Ridges under the eyes.

A young beautiful woman lost partly the glaze of her beautiful skin after pregnancy and feeding her breasts and besides there were formed under her eyes ridges which were vulgarly called goose flesh because of their radiating forms. After the ingestion of such remedies, the skin got back its glaze and the ridges disappeared. The indication of the remedy was not found.
Case 15
Eyes surrounded with blue aura

20 to 30 years ago treated during many years a young girl of 38 years, blonde, pale, having the eyes horribly surrounded with blue. I finally found a remedy, and after the using of which, the eyes were no more encircled. That cure astonished me much at that time when I did not know the usefulness of plastic medicine. In the repertory: Staphysagria, China, Phosphoric acid.
I asked Dr. Labrunne, to what class of the society his clients belong. He replied ” From all the classes, persons who being to feel the sufferings, the infirmities of ripe age and of old age because the public have understood that the homoeopathic treatment allay and dissipate their sufferings, their infirmities or very often delay indefinitely their due time.” I may add that this treatment more or less delays according to the individual the arrival of senescence, bodily, mental or intellectual.
When it will be understood that the plastic medicine and the psychic medicine checks persons from becoming prematurely old in body, character and intelligence, men and above all women will come more and more to Homoeopathy. Thus Homoeopathy will become the common medicine for all.
Other cases.

Graphites 600— Breasts, tops of the shoulders, calves, figures, ephelides.

Mme C.R., 28 years, Hm. Gtte. Blotched face. Acne on the nose, lips chin, cheeks. Constant ephelides during her whole life. Becomes easily angry, not expansive.
1883,23 April: Graphites 600. Diminution of the blotched face, and from the day when she ceased to drink wine gradual disappearance of ephelides of the face. The 9th October, she has almost no ephelides.
She does not become easily angry. She has become expansive. 9th October: Her breasts, which were practically nothing, are bigger than they were before her marriage and her pregnancy, but moderate. Her tops of the shoulder, which was bonny, is fat. Her calves, uptill then very thin, have developed since 3 weeks.

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