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Revisiting: Driving Me to Despair; Thank You Very Much, Mrs. Mondarissi Gandhi!

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Elaine gives the answer to the April Quiz.

Shana, how many people do you suppose remember last month’s quiz?


That’s what I thought! Time to rewind and press Play!

Okie Dokie! And……..Action!


To read last month’s full case quiz. Visit – Driving Me to Despair; Thank You Very Much, Mrs. Mondarissi Gandhi!



Kali bich.-2


Nux vomica-2





Antimonium tart.




Is the caller there? Hellooooooo…………..

Elaine! You are kidding, aren’t you???????

Um… let me check….

I repertorized the symptoms, and I wish I hadn’t!

I told you! Hence, the title of this quiz!

All the small rubrics I loved in the case, indicated Carbo-an! But it lacked the generals.

All the other general rubrics indicated, let me see, oh! Just 10 remedies! And they lacked the small weird rubrics.

The case smells like a bunch of remedies! I am trying again and again, but I can’t decide.

I will vote for Phos – of course wrong, I know it already- and I will get back to you with my other wrong votes! Don’t forget to put on your helmet…

OK, and guess what the remedy was? Phosphorus!!!!!

What? You mean I’m right? I can’t believe it!

PS. I thought of etiology too, but she doesn’t seem sure of it either.

Exactly, that’s why I had to ignore that. Here’s what I did, I asked myself what was the most striking symptom in the case, and to me, it was the constant drinking! I mean, she literally said that as soon as her glass was empty, she poured another glass! So, I knew that whatever remedy I picked, it was going to have to cover that!

So, if you start from any other premise–that it’s kali bich or Cocculus or Nux vomica, etc.–you have to ask, “Do these remedies have excessive thirst?” and actually, no, not really. BUT, if you start, instead, with our most famous thirsty remedy, Phosphorus, and work your way back, and say, “Does phos. have mouth ulcers? Yes! Does Phosphorus have stringy mucus? Yes! Does Phosphorus have aversion to noise? Yes!” and so on. Furthermore, the other symptoms aren’t very characteristic–except for the sore throat being better on eating, with Lachesis and Ignatia being the main remedies; but, they’re not known for having the kind of thirst we see here; so, after much despairing, I finally realized that Phosphorus actually did cover more of the case than I would have thought.

The thirst made me to vote phos too eventually, but it was hard to rule out some other symptoms, ie worst at night, amelioration eating, sweating after chilliness, the passing gas amelioration.

Maria, some of these are so general (worse at night? Practically every remedy is; and Phosphorus is a 3 for night time aggravation!) Phosphorus is also a 3 for “eating ameliorates”! You see what I mean? It actually covers nearly the whole case!

I struggled to rule out Lachesis and Ignatia! If it wasn’t for thirst, I would have voted for Lachesis probably.

But does this even look like a Lachesis case, really? The sore throat wasn’t left-sided. There was no aggravation from sleep. In fact, do we even think of Lachesis in stomach viruses at all? Same for Ignatia. Dr. Beeeeee….It’s time to bring out the Hpathy Brass Band

brass band 2

and congratulate our one-and-only winner for this month, who is…..(drum roll, please) none other than…….Maria!!!!  Speech-speech!

I would like to thank…

Oh geez, I’m sorry, we’re out of time.


See you back here next month for another thrilling and exciting Hpathy Quiz!!!!!

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