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Revisiting: Facial tics– Exciting, Riveting, Entertaining!

Written by Elaine Lewis

Elaine gives the answer to last month’s quiz. Revisiting: Facial tics– Exciting, Riveting, Entertaining!

For those of you who didn’t see last month’s quiz because of a mistaken idea that other ezine articles were more important, here it is again:


Hi, Kelly!  Do we have a case this month????

Oh, yes, it’s the case of my son’s facial tics.

Facial tics? Is that it?

Elaine, these are not ordinary facial tics!  Ahem!  Here’s the newest installment of “Who’s sick this month at Kelly’s house?”… a riveting story of high drama and edge-of-your-seat excitment!!

I certainly hope so!

OK.  So, my son, let’s call him “U of Em”…

Your son is a college?

Is there something wrong with that?  Anyway, he had developed what appeared to be facial tics and some strange mannerisms. I noticed he was clearing his throat often and between throat-clears he was blinking his eyes several times very rapidly. He was not aware of what he was doing, and when asked he would say nothing was wrong! He would also open his mouth wide and sort of “stretch out” the area below his nose. These movements were repetative and would continue for several minutes at a time.

Sounds charming!

He had also been soooo sensitive, irritable and grumpy–not his usual self at all.  We recently decided to sell our house, which, of course, would mean many changes for the children.  So….you (Elaine) suggested giving him __________________30C, which I gave.

His mood improved immediately, the grumpiness being the first to go; the over-sensitivity much-improved by the next day. The blinking and stretching just sort of “faded” to the point that I forgot about it until they started up again after 6 days.  At that point I gave another dose. It’s been 4 days since then and all symptoms have improved. There was never a relapse of the mentals. I did notice one episode of face-stretching today but throat clearing is gone and the rapid eye blinking is almost gone. I plan to re-dose if the symptoms return or increase.

So, how’s that for entertainment, Elaine?  Elaine?  Wake up!

Oh.  I’m sorry, were you talking just now?


So, how did we do?  Five of our readers got the right answer, and I am really surprised it wasn’t more because as soon as Kelly said, “We’re moving, which would mean many changes for the children….” I thought, “Oh great!  Everyone’s going to know the remedy now!”  Well, apparently not.

Ladies and gentlemen, regardez, s’il vous plait:  When you know the etiology, nothing else much matters! (The “etiology” is the cause of the complaint.)

In this case, the remedy is our main remedy for homesickness, acute loss, and grief, namely…IGNATIA. Even so, all the symptoms in the case only serve to confirm Ignatia.  Here’s what our winners had to say:


This little boy’s problem should have been solved with Ignatia. The source of all these tics is his grief over moving house. Also we have all this sensivity and hysteria in Ignatia. That stretching, or better to say, yawning gesture as well as feeling as if of something in the throat is typical Ignatia.

Best regards,

Nooshin Azadi


Remedy is Ignatia

Radar Repertory and rubrics:

– Mind Ailments from grief Ign (4)

– Mind irritability Ign (3)

-General: twiching Ign (4)

– Eye: winking Ign (2)

Best regards Slavica Peic from Subotica ( eastern Serbija)

Hi Elaine;

Long time no chat! This case is IGNATIA.  In my opinion the child felt forsaken after hearing the house would be sold. I have selected the following rubrics:


tics; nervous





MOUTH-OPEN- spasmodically.






(Once again, Anonymous seems to be hiding behind a cloak of anonymity-E.L.)

Dear Elaine,

Ignatia: Never Well Since shock and grief (upcoming loss of hearth and home).

The Homeopathic section under Ignatia refers to the following: “easily excited nature”, hypersensitivity to all the senses; one of the chief remedies for emotional shock, conflict, disappointment, fright and grief. Good for erratic, contradictory, paradoxical mental and physical effects, including rigidity, TWITCHING and tremors. Sensation of a lump in the throat. Jerking throughout the body. Mind: ailments from grief; highly emotional and moody; oversensitive and nervous. Eyes: CONVULSIVE MOVEMENTS of the eyes and eyelids. Face: TWITCHING of muscles of face and lips; facial muscles DISTORT on attempting to speak. Emotional trismus. Spasmodic clenching of jaws. Throat: feeling of a lump that cannot be swallowed. Globus hystericus. Sore throat, stitching sensation when NOT swallowing.

I have taken liberty with the concept of “clearing the throat often” making the assumption that there is some sort of sensation in the throat

Interestingly enough, in the Throat chapter of Murphy’s Repertory, the rubrics “clearing” or “scraping” don’t contain Ignatia even as a +1.  I believe that’s because this case leans more to the mentals than the physicals and I feel those rubrics were aimed more toward physical causes of clearing the throat. The closest I was able to come to a mental rubric relating somehow to clearing the throat was in the Coughing chapter, where under “Nervous coughing” Ign was listed as a +2.

I’ve only recently signed up for this ezine and I enjoy your column very, very much.

Patricia A. Thompson, DC, CHom


Dr. B, tell our esteemed winners what they won!


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