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Revisiting: Has Anybody Seen Kelly?

Shana again

Elaine gives the answer to last month’s rich and exciting quiz!

OK! Who remembers last month’s exciting quiz?  I’ll tell you what I’ll do, I’ll underline the symptoms that helped solve the case.  Are you ready?  Then here we go!

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Well, I must say I am shocked!  Totally shocked!  I said to myself, “As soon as people see that she’s eating butter off the stick, EVERYBODY’S gonna know the answer!”  Boy, was I wrong! Well, this being the case, it’s really good that we’re doing this because it teaches an important lesson about the value we ascribe to symptoms.

When someone comes to me or posts on the Discussion Forum that they have some illness like eczema or sore throat or whatever, and they give loads of detail about their diagnosis, they actually think they’re helping me, and I always have to say, “You STILL have to fill out the Questionnaire!”  And what more proof do you need than this case where eating butter off the stick is the key to the the case!!!!!

Geez, you’d think “Strep Throat” or “Tonsilitis” would be enough information, wouldn’t you? How many remedies for strep throat can there possibly be?  Well, we don’t have remedies for “strep throat”, we have remedies for People!   As soon as Samantha said, “She’s eating butter off the stick,” I said, “Pulsatilla!

It’s really amazing how we prescribe in homeopathy, isn’t it?  Who would believe it if you told them how we come up with remedies?  The point is, there aren’t too many remedies that eat butter off the stick.  Mercury and Pulsatilla are the only two I’m aware of, and it was easy to discount Mercury when it couldn’t be supported by bad odors, bad breath or thirst…and there was no sweating and no excessive salivating, so, that put me right off Mercury, leaving Pulsatilla standing alone; so, all that was left to do was confirm Pulsatilla; can we confirm Pulsatilla?  We sure can!

The fact that not only was the throat better from a popsicle but she was actually better from the ice cold popsicle IN GENERAL, it calmed her down, remember?  Stopped the restlessness, which makes this a very important symptom!  She’s better cold!  That’s a big indication for Pulsatilla!

What else?  “Kicks off the covers!”  There are only a few remedies that do that and Pulsatilla is one of them!  It’s a 3 for “Generals: covers, kicks off covers”.  Oh, and here’s another one–Thirstlessness!  Pulsatilla is famous for that. Then we have a possible etiology of changeable weather and her sister going away and leaving her (Pulsatilla–the remedy that feels abandoned).  So, we’ve got an amazingly solid case for Pulsatilla!

The remedies our audience picked were mostly Gelsemium for the droopiness and Rhus tox for the restlessness (but Rhus tox is not better for cold).  Someone picked Ignatia for the etiology–the older sister going away.

Well, you know, these are all nice ideas but, if you’ve got a great big peculiar symptom in the case?  You’ve got to go with that!  A “super keynote“, it’s called, and then you look back in the case and see if there are any confirmatory symptoms to back up your choice.  Are you familiar with paragraph 153 of The Organon?  We call it the “Strange, Rare and Peculiar” clause!  In it, Hahnemann says:

In this search for a homoeopathic specific remedy… in order to find [one] corresponding by similarity to the disease to be cured, the more striking, singular, uncommon and peculiar (characteristic) signs and symptoms1 of the case of disease are chiefly and most solely to be kept in view…in order to constitute…the most suitable [remedy] for effecting the cure. The more general and undefined symptoms: loss of appetite, headache, debility, restless sleep, discomfort, and so forth, demand but little attention….

So there you have it.  (The underlining was mine.)  This is why I say to people, “No, I don’t know what your remedy is, you haven’t told me anything except that you have a fever, strep throat, tiredness, low energy, trouble swallowing…I’ve got nothing, nothing!  You have to fill out the questionnaire!”

Now, wait ’til you see our quiz this month!   The same child relapsed, same diagnosis, the mother gives Pulsatilla again, and guess what?  It doesn’t work!  Why not?  What will you do now?   Tune in next month to find out!


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