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Revisiting: I Hate Mosquitoes!

Elaine gives the answer to the October Quiz. Here it is again for you.


What is it………….??????????

Don’t look now, but, it’s time for the Quiz again!  Did you know that the Rolling Stones have a new record out?

Shana, we haven’t even talked yet about who died!

Someone died?

Yes, the tenor of The Heartbeats, Albert Crump.  

The HeartBeats : A Thousand Miles Away (Great Group Series) CD (2005) -  Collectables Records |

(Albert Crump, far right)

The Heartbeats are, without a doubt, one of my favorite groups of all time.  A Heartbeats song is sure to put a big smile on my face!

Here they are now singing my favorite song by them–You’re driving me crazy, oh my darling where you been…

MOM!!!!!  Excuse me!  Can we possibly hear The Rolling Stones latest record now?  Everyone must hear this new great song!  It can go in my section of the quiz!

What?  Your section?  What section is that?  Where?  

This section right here.

Well, this is highly irregular, but… you can announce it, if you think they can follow The Heartbeats, which I seriously doubt!

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Rolling Stones!!!!!

That is the worst song I have ever heard in my entire life!!!!!

If you say so.  I thought it was great!

Can we possibly move on?  I got a book in the mail this week!  Someone sent me a book for no reason!  It was from Begabati Lennihan, CCH (who is now calling herself Burke for some reason), and this is her new book which you can find at

I have already learned something very important from it and here it is:  You know how everyone thinks that acid reflux is caused by too much stomach acid?  It’s actually just the opposite!  Here’s what she says, “Acid reflux is caused by lack of enough acid to trigger the ring of muscles at the top the stomach to close it off from the esophagus.”  Wow!  Did you know that?  Remember, you heard it here first!  So, if you’ve got acid reflux, try a tsp. of apple cider vinegar in a little water before a meal, or take an HCL (Betaine Hydrochloride) capsule before eating.  I would encourage more people to send me books!  And now for the Quiz!


Dear Elaine,

My wife is suffering from acute sore throat on the right side.  Spells of chills.  Clean tongue.  Coughing spells with no phlegm.  Pain in chest and throat.  6am shortness of breath for which my daughter gave her one dose of carbo veg.  Pain in both knees.  Mild stretching pain in whole body.  Headache more on right side.  Pain in right ear.  She had acute spell of chills at 5am today.  Her right cheek hotter than left cheek.  She spent about two months in Pakistan and had many mosquito bites.  Please advise.  Also, please advise if some test is required

It always helps to have a diagnosis, but, I would start by giving a dose of _________________ 30C.  Take it four times a day in a bottle of water with 5 succussions before each dose.  If there’s no improvement in 24 hours, you will have to fill out the Questionnaire.


Dear Elaine,
First of all I am sorry for updating you so late.

She got relief by __________________.


Yes, it was in one day she was better.


OK, gang.  What do you think the remedy is?  Let me know, write to me at [email protected] and the answer will be in the November ezine.  Oh wait, here’s the answer now!







Eupatorium perf.





Rhus tox

Kali carb.

Nux vomica





First, I want to thank everybody for voting!  Let’s see if there’s anyone on the line.  Is the caller there?

Hi Elaine,

Hello Vamsi!!!!!

Great to see another quiz !!!

Wow, thanks!

The symptoms are as follows:

1. Acute sore throat on the Right side

2. Spells of chills

3. Clean tongue

4. Coughing spells with no phlegm

5. Pain in chest and throat ( 6am shortness on breath )

6. Pain in both knees

7. Headache more on right side

8. Pain in right ear

9. Right cheek hotter than left cheek

10 . Causation factor – Mosquito bites.

Symptoms predominantly on the right side and “insect bites” suggest it for “APIS MELLIFICA“.  Please let me know your opinion.

I know it must be very confusing, as the last time (“Pain Fest”) I said it was essential to repertorize; but, now I’m saying, in this case, only one symptom matters:

Ailments from mosquito bites!

How can that be?  As I’ve said many times:


Not every etiology (cause) is going to be helpful; but, some etiologies are famous for pointing to one, two or three remedies.  For example, “Ailments from cold dry winds”–Aconite!  “Ailments from blunt trauma”–Arnica!  “Ailments from electric shock”–Phosphorus!  “Ailments from injuries to areas rich in nerves”–Hypericum!

Does anyone ever actually take an Arnica case?  When someone’s fallen and hit his head, do we sit down with a pad and pencil and say, “OK, tell me about yourself. Describe your nature.  Are you thirsty?  Do you like ice cream?”   No! We just give Arnica, we don’t even think about it!  Well, here again we have such a case–“Ailments from Mosquito Bites”.  In Murphy’s Repertory, this is an actual rubric!  There are only three remedies in it–Caladium, Ledum and Staphysagria.  Since Ledum is our main remedy for puncture wounds and bites of all kinds, I went with Ledum, and apparently, I picked the right one.  Does Ledum have to match that whole list of symptoms you made?  Does Ledum have to have chills, pain in both knees, right-sided sore throat, etc.?  No, none of that matters!

I know this is hard to believe.  “I thought we had to find the totality of symptoms!”  Yes, sometimes you do!  We sure had to do that the last time for “Pain Fest”, and again for “Coughing Up Pennies” from August.  But when the etiology is clear and recent and the rubric is small, we celebrate because it means we’re practically home free!

Do we have another caller?

Hi Elaine!

Well, it’s about time!

When I first read the quiz I thought of Ledum.  It is under rubric “Bites from mosquitoes” with staph and hypericum.
It is a 2 under Sore throat.  It is a 3 under “Bites”.

Of course IF the ailment was indeed from mosquitoes.  What if it wasn’t?

Here comes the doubts!

What stuck me most is the right sided pain.  Seems like Belladonna, which is a 2 under “Bites”.

I will vote for Bell only because I am not sure of the etiology and the symptoms fit with Belladonna.

I hate it when small rubrics don’t fit the case 😛

Fingers crossed!

D’oh!  Oh dear.  You were right the first time, Maria; it was Ledum!   Why? Because etiology over-rules symptomatology!  And…”many mosquito bites” in a place like Pakistan?  What else can it be?  It was my first thought!  But don’t feel bad, many others voted for Belladonna too!

Did anybody get the right answer?

Dear Elaine,

My answer is Ledum, ….. Clarke mentions …… this use of Led. in mosquito-bites, stings of bees and wasps, rat-bites, needle-pricks ….

Thanks, Rosman Faridz

OMG!  Right on the nose!  You must be a genius!  You knew to ignore all those myriad  symptoms and go right for “Ailments From Mosquito Bites”!  You deserve a gold star!  Dr. B, where are the Hpathy gold stars?  Oh, never mind, I found them:

Congratulations to Rosman Faridz!

See you back here next time for another fabulous hpathy Quiz!


Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom

[email protected]

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  • Sorry, but mosquito bites has nothing to do with headache and leg pain. Ledum is useful for healing rheumatism and wounds casued by mosquitoes or other sharp stings. The problem here is reading two disconnected symptoms and relating them.

  • I completely agree with GodOfSmallThings. After all, Ledum is not listed as a remedy for malaria. Elaine should revisit the basics, I think.

  • P.S. Ledum is in the Malaria rubric, I just checked. Which repertory are you using? I just checked Murphy’s 3rd ed.

  • “How are you going to explain the inconvenient fact that the remedy worked?”

    Nice question. There are many explanations within homeopathy. First, it could be placebo effect. Before you get excited, let me remind you that homeopaths knew/know about placebo effects, and how to use it cuncurrently with major remedies. Secondly, bodies own amazing mechanism to heal. This is called as life-force (Lebenskraft). Third and most likely is homepathic supression. This is a very serious topic. The result if giving a close-enough remedy, or a remedy that does not correspond to the disease manifestation. Here, the disease force is driven from outside, deeper into the vital force leading to conversion of acute to chronic manifestations.
    Secondly, the sphere of action of ledum is this: the sensorium, the digestive apparatus, the skin and the fibrous and serous tissues of the joints and their appendages. This comes from the provings of Hahnemann himself. Can you show a proving where Ledum exhibits conditions of Malaria? I am eager to know.

  • If the placebo effect was worth discussing, I would get better every time I take the wrong remedy because of my “belief” in homeopathy, but that doesn’t happen. It doesn’t happen to Shana either. What I’m sure of is that a certain level of relief is achieved just knowing that someone is with you and trying to help you. Other than that, giving the wrong remedy doesn’t help. I’ve had plenty of experience giving remedies. You cannot experience that undeniable feeling of relief and relaxation that comes over you when the right remedy has been received. As far as suppression is concerned, you can’t assume it has taken place with no evidence.

  • Elaine, placebo is not “belief” (like I kinda believe in the church so I will become better). Skeptics also can have strong placebo effecs. Its more sub-concious. Acute conditions should normally resolve by itself by the body. One could precribe some placebos for acute, non-urgent conditions. If the situation does not improve within one day or so, a single remedy may be prescribed. Un-necessary precription should be avoided to minimize mistakes. As for evidence that supression has occured: well you will know in several years, but it will be too late then..

  • Just to clarify any misunderstanding: I am not saying that homeopathy is merely placebo, but placebo effect is real and will affect when wrong remedy is prescribed.

  • And also my question still remains valid: is Ledum useful in treating diseases casued by mosquitoes? I know Ledum tinctures are used to repell mosquitoes, and hence probably effective in avoiding mosquitoe bites, and thus malaria. Probably, that is why it was listed in the rubric. One has to be careful in interpretations.

  • Samuel, I think you just like to argue. The case speaks for itself. Ledum is in the rubric “ailments from mosquito bites” along with two other remedies, and in fact, if you get bitten by anything at all, Ledum is a good choice–whether it’s a spider, a snake or a dog. If it doesn’t seem to be working, you can look more deeply into the symptoms and represcribe. And about suppression? You mean you give a remedy, the patient gets better, and then years later something goes wrong, and you’re supposed to know it’s from the Ledum you took years ago for mosquito bites? If that’s the case, then we can never celebrate when we take a remedy and get well! We should always be fearing that we may have just harmed ourselves and be forever on the look-out for evidence of it! I choose not to do that.

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