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Revisiting: It’s Maddie Again!

Shana Lewis
Written by Shana Lewis

Elaine gives the answers to last month’s quiz and analyzes the case.

Elaine re-presents our very first quiz!


Some people may wonder why I’m doing this. It’s because the answer to our very first Hpathy Quiz is missing!  Gone, I tells ya!

I don’t want such a valuable quiz to go missing! This remedy is very important and I want you to be able to recognize it when you see it! So, I give you, once again, “Maddie’s Sick”, from January, 2005:


On 24th October, 2003, I got an email from our friend Barbara M., who’s written for this magazine many times, saying, “Need some help. Maddie is sick. Maddie is 3 years old. Poor kid has been vomiting a lot. Illness came on suddenly. She was fine when she woke up this morning and then about an hour after breakfast she said her throat hurt and that she might throw up. She has vomited about four or five times since then–after drinking anything and after a banana. This last time it was right after cold drinks. She has a slight fever, says her throat hurts and is very lethargic. She is not anxious or restless at all, just lying on the couch, not moving much. Her eyes are droopy and the lids are pinkish. She wants me to carry her if she gets up. She doesn’t seem to prefer to be covered or uncovered. If I offer a blanket she takes it, but then if she rolls over and it falls off, she doesn’t care. She is not fearful or anxious, but just looks sad and droopy. She has had a cough for about 10 days prior to this but it was getting better. Thank you!– Barb.”

Now, it would be easy for me to tell you the remedy, but, send me an email at and tell me what you think the remedy is. I’ll share the results with you in the next issue.

What I like about this case is that Barb understands how to present a case to a homeopath, and there’s a lot to be learned in her presentation alone.

She could have said, “What do you give a child for vomiting, what’s the remedy for that?” This is how most of our acute cases are presented to us, and we can’t do anything with that kind of information. Barb knew to give:

1. the onset (how fast the illness came on)

2. the state, by which we mean the name of the condition–fever, flu, etc.

3. the all-important mental state

4. the physical appearance or what we call “objective symptoms”

5. the modalities (things that make the condition better or worse, such as eating or drinking, the temperature of the room, the weather, company or solitude, touch, position of body, motion, time of day and so on)

6. physical generals–how the person is in general. These symptoms usually start with “I”: I’m hot. I’m dizzy, and so on.

7. particulars–the local symptoms; these usually start with “My”: My throat hurts, my ears hurt, etc.

By giving such a well-presented case, the homeopath can’t go wrong! Let us know what you think.

Barb gave a 200C of the remedy at bed time and the next morning she told me, “Elaine, she’s fine, great, couldn’t be better!”


See you back here in January for the answer! (Hopefully, this time we won’t lose it!)



Veratrum alb.-2







Acetic acid


OK, everybody, it’s showtime!  Did anyone come up with the right answer? Who’s our first caller of the new year?

Hi Elaine,

Hi Clement!

Of course I’m French: I’m unmasked….!!

Obviously Frenchies and foreign languages are “two opposite notions” like “Americans and good Cooking”…..: =


it’s a shame but it’s true for both

Here we are the best !!! and although here are pictures of the best pastry in the whole world, in space and time: “le PARIS-BREST” which is named from a cyclist race between the cities PARIS and BREST in 1891
That’s why the dough is circular like a wheel (the most difficult is to manage the baking of the dough, because the cream is really easy to make)

If we haven’t tasted a “GOOD Paris-Brest” and i insist on “GOOD” so we don’t know what is good pastry: I Claim and i Sign clearly

However here is my repertorisation:

Mind; carried; desires to be
Mind; indifference, apathy; fever; during (x2)
Mind; sadness; silent
Combined rubrics:
Eyes; closed; involuntary
Eyes; falling of lids
Eyes; heaviness; lids
Eyes; redness; lids
Stomach; vomiting; drinking; agg.
Stomach; vomiting; heat; during
Stomach; vomiting; food; eating; after
Sleep; sleepiness; heat; during
Generalities; sudden manifestations

VERAT (100/9)
PULS (97/10)
ARS (95/9)

I doubt of VERAT (she isn’t chilly, no shivers; no cramping pain, no cold perspiration; etc…)
I doubt of ARS (She isn’t restless, she don’t need company specially; no burning pain, etc..)

What is the most clear in that case is the apathy which make me think in first intention to remedies like PH-AC or SEP, but with my repertorisation only PULS can be like that in that acute case


D’oh!  Clement, Pulsatilla is thirstless with fever. Our patient here has been drinking water.

Hope i’m right

No, but, thanks for the fattening food!  (Pulsatilla would have loved that creamy cake!)

Well, Clement, the rubric here is “Indifference, apathy, fever, during”, which you chose, and, good for you for choosing it! And why is this the rubric? Because we have the state (fever) plus the mental concomitant (apathy). As you know, we’re not interested in apathetic remedies that aren’t also good flu/virus/fever remedies because it appears that Maddie has some type of flu or virus. So, here’s what we have so far:

Not surprisingly, Gelsemium comes up #1. Whenever you hear about a person with a flu or virus with apathy/indifference as the mental concomitant, your very first thought should be our premier flu remedy, Gelsemium!!!!! But….even having said that….why don’t we like Gelsemium in this case? Because we have a case of sudden onset, AND, because Maddie has been drinking water and Gelsemiums are thirstless! So, let’s look at what came up in the #2 position. Aha! Baptisia. Baptisia has a reputation as being “like Gelsemium, only worse!” Baptisia has the flu, it’s apathetic like Gelsemium, BUT, Baptisia has sudden onset AND it’s thirsty!!!!!

So, this is all I needed to know! You don’t need to know or repertorize symptoms that are covered by the word “flu” (or you could also use the sub-rubric “stomach flu”), such as vomiting and sore throat; or symptoms that are common for small children, such as wanting to be carried or being sad when they’re sick.

So, the next time you see what looks like a Gelsemium flu, but it has a sudden onset with thirst, think about Baptisia! Bye Clement, thanks for voting!

Is the caller there?

Hello Elaine, it’s me again,

Hello Vernetta from Montreal!

ready to try my hand at the latest quiz.

Make it fast, I’ve got potatoes in the oven!

Here are my rubrics which I felt covered the case of Maddie.

Children, dullness of mind

children , slowness of mind

No no no no……. see, you are starting from the wrong place. What we have here, for all intents and purposes, is a flu. So, we need a flu remedy that has dullness of the mind; not a children’s remedy with dullness of mind, as in a dimwitted child like Bufo.

children, weak, delicate (to correspond with needing to be carried)

No, no, see, this is an irrelevant symptom, because children tend to want to be carried even when there’s nothing wrong with them; so, all it means is that Maddie is sick and wants to be carried, there’s no rubric in that, that’s just being a kid who’s sick; plus, any symptom that’s covered by the word “flu” does not have to be repertorized because the rubric “Influenza” is an umbrella for that! So, are people with the flu weak? Yes! Are people with the flu inclined to lie down? Yes; so, all this is covered once you select the “Influenza” rubric.

inclination to lie down

stomach, vomiting, after bkfst

after drinking

after cold water

I came up with silica .the dose would be 200 ch. single dose.

I’m waiting to be rapped over the knuckles.

This won’t hurt, I promise. Silica is just a very poor choice as it’s only in plain-type in the flu rubric (a “1”, as we call it; whereas, there are many “3’s”–such as Bryonia, Baptisia, Rhus tox, Eupatorium perf., Arsenicum, etc. and Gelsemium is actually a “4”!) So, we’d be checking out our main flu remedies first and seeing which ones, if any, embody the characteristic symptoms of this case which are: APATHY / INDIFFERENCE, sudden onset and thirst.

So, here’s what we do. We look at the main flu remedies and we say, “If it had been Rhus tox, she’d be achy and restless. If it had been Bryonia there would be really bad pains or headache and she’d be worse for the least motion. If it had been Gelsemium, there’d have been slow onset and thirstlessness and probably chilliness too. If it had been Arsenicum, there would be fear, anxiety, constant need for company and hand-holding, not the indifference we see here. If it had been Eupatorium perf, we’d be looking for severe bone pains as if bones were breaking; there were no pains in this case. So, we’re looking at Baptisia now, and amazingly, Baptisia has the apathy, the sudden onset and the thirst that Maddie has; so, it seems to be a clear case of Baptisia! Thanks for voting, Vernetta, do come again!

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