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Answer to Case # 1 of case solving contest: ‘A Ton of Mucus Comes Out’

Written by Begabati Lennihan

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This is a Thuja case. This woman did extremely well on Thuja. In fact, she had several polyps come out when she blew her nose soon after starting the remedy! Her sinus problem cleared up quickly on Thuja. She was able to go back to work as teacher and she also had a successful pregnancy, giving birth to a lovely little girl. It may sound like an invented case, given how many sycotic symptoms and particularly Thuja symptoms it has, but every detail including the quote is true to the original case.

Characteristic Symptoms organized into themes

Chronic sinus infections

with severe polyps
worse as day goes on, worst 8 pm
worse leaning forward
with dense, golden yellow mucus
with visible swelling

Additional sycotic symptoms

Yeast infections from antibiotics
Mold allergy
Constant postnasal drip
Urinary tract infection (there is not enough information given in the case to repertorize this separately)
Adenoids (enlarged enough to require surgical removal)
Intestinal blockage from abdominal adhesion “as though something kicking around in me”
Acne with greasy, oily complexion
Feeling filthy about UTI
Possibly worse from repeated vaccinations (can’t be sure from the intake)

This case was such a clear sycotic miasm case that it was solved without repertorization, based on a differential among the top sycotic remedies. Thuja was a clear match, given that it covers the sensation “as though something is kicking around in me” in her abdomen and her feeling filthy in the emergency room. Among the sycotic remedies, Thuja would also most typically have the greasy, oily complexion, the warts and the mold allergy.

Medorrhinum is another sycotic remedy I have used successfully for sinusitis; I remember one client who had sinus pain in one small spot (reminiscent of Kali bich) but the spot was where she had been told (based on an ultrasound) that she had a polyp. I gave this other client Medorrhinum based on the totality of her symptoms, and the pain disappeared immediately. However, she did not see the polyp come out as the client in ths case did. There is nothing about this teacher’s personality that would lead us to think of Medorrhinum for her.

Kali bich would have been a good acute remedy for her if she had needed one, i.e. if the Thuja took a long time to work and did not provide immediate relief. In particular the “pieces of stuff that look like rubber cement” and the visible swelling in her face would be typical of a Kali bich sinusitis.

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Begabati Lennihan is director of Teleosis School of Homeopathy in Cambridge, MA. A Harvard alumna, she practices homeopathy at the Lydian Center for Innovative Medicine and teaches meditation at Harvard Health Services"™ center for mind-body medicine. She is an Adjunct Instructor in homeopathy at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and has edited several textbooks of homeopathy.


  • Yes ofcourse Thuja is the master of anti sycotic remedy so it works. medorrhinum also works as you told generally any case where any person suffering polyp, sinus problem, any neurological problems which can be traced to a sycotic origin. others important remedies helps a lot in polyps like Calcarea carb, Carcinocin, cirrhinum, Conium etc. But the potency used should be above 10M except nosodes(my practical experience)

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