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Revisiting: Kellys Daughter, “Unstoppable”, Is “Unbelievable”!


Does Anybody remember last month’s quiz? Here it is again with the answer to follow.

Revisiting: Kellys Daughter, "Unstoppable", Is "Unbelievable"! 1

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Well, gang; what can be said about RUTA that hasn’t been said a thousand times?  Apparently everything since nobody bothered to say anything about it, even our one winner who only said, “Ruta”!  Thank you very much, Miss Lily Rafik of Casablanca!  Even Kelly would not condescend to explain how she came up with Ruta!  (“I went through Murphy’s Repertory, then his Remedy Guide….”  Well, what more could we possibly need to know?!!!!!)  As usual, I’m left with all the explaining to do!

Let’s look at this case.  What was the first clue for Ruta?  Kelly’s daughter said that the outside edge of her foot hurt.  Now, feel the outside edge of your foot. What is there?  There’s a very prominent bone there!  I’m suspecting that what we have here is an injury to the periosteum, the outer covering of the bone!  Ruta has an affinity for the periosteum…trauma to the shin, the forehead, etc.  These are all Ruta injuries!

What’s the next clue?  At first this injury wasn’t too bad.  In fact, this young lady played a whole game of soccer and was showing no overt signs of injury.  It wasn’t until the second game that now the child is limping and cringing in pain.  What do we have here?  Another keynote of Ruta–ailments from over-use.  Think of “repetitive stress syndrome”, the person uses the same muscles over and over again and now there’s a weakness or pain or easy dislocation; this is Ruta.  Even over-use of the eyes–in studying, sewing and the like, with a resultant headache from eyestrain, that’s Ruta too.  So, here we have a case where the pain didn’t show up until after considerable over-use; so again, we can think of Ruta here.

What’s the next clue?  By the time she gets home, she’s complaining loudly!  This is the child who never notices pain, keeps on going; so, this pain must have been pretty bad. The Ruta pain is quite unbearable!  Ruta is actually a combination of Arnica, Hypericum and Rhus tox: the achiness and soreness of Arnica, the stiffness of Rhus tox and the sharp pains of Hypericum.  Kelly thinks her Arnica 200C didn’t help, but I think that Ruta, like Rhus tox, is so restless, so unable to be still, that if Kelly hadn’t given Arnica, I doubt that her daughter would have been able to sleep that night!

Now, what’s our last clue for Ruta?  Actually, the last clue was my first clue because as soon as Kelly said the word, “weak”, I said Ruta! (“…her foot felt weak.”) I have notes, taken years ago, that say, “Ruta weakens, Rhus tox stiffens.”  People with Ruta complaints have backs that go out, ankles that give way, knees that buckle…in short, weakness.

So again, when you think of Ruta, think of injury, pain–you already tried Arnica, maybe you tried Rhus tox too, the pain is still there; then you notice it’s an injury to the periosteum, or a strain or a sprain, or a case of over-use; think of Ruta.  Are you done thinking?  I know I am! Dr. B, what is our lucky winner, Lily, entitled to this month?


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