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Revisiting: And Now For Something Completely Different– A Remedy For Raj


Elaine gives the answer to last month’s fun holiday quiz.

To read last month’s full case quiz. Visit – And Now For Something Completely Different — A Remedy For Raj








OK, where is everybody?

Great quiz Elaine and Shana! And tough.
I had to read a lot to decide which remedy is more possible.
I struggled among Lycopodium, Ignatia, Silica, Natrum-mur, Staphysagria

A lot of good possibilities there.

For me – since I am a crazy fan of the show and I have watched all the episodes – the main rubrics that seem important are the selective mutism…

Keep in mind, Maria, that we have to base our Rx on the video linked to in the quiz because not everyone watches the show. So, don’t prescribe based on what you know from other episodes.

…the alcohol amelioration, the shyness, his sweet, romantic character, also feminine interests and last the ailments from humiliation.
Selective mutism after a trauma indicates Ignatia.

What trauma are we talking about?

Raj also had a crush on Bernadette – his friend’s girlfriend and he was feeling humiliated after a love disappointment with Lucy.

Again, “presumes facts not in evidence”, as a lawyer would say. The video in the quiz doesn’t discuss Lucy.

His refined nature in totality made me think of Ignatia. He was also addicted to internet porn.

I did not know that!  No one knows that!

But all the above could easily be Nat-mur or Lycopodium or Staphysagria
So which one???
I decided to vote for Nat-m only because of his fear of spiders whereas Nat m is 2 graded and Ign 1.

Maria, try to stick with what was shown in the video. I got another vote for Nat-mur too; again, not based on anything that was shown in the quiz!

If I am wrong I can try again 🙂
Great quiz!!!

Thank you! Now try again, and stick to the episode linked in the quiz, and again, the episode is about Raj’s sister Priya coming from India and getting involved with his friend Leonard and Raj attempts to be very controlling of both of them, except that no one is paying any attention to him!

Oh OK I will stick to the video. I am between Lycopodium and Staphysagria

Those are two excellent choices!

How I differentiate them?
I am not that good a student, so I will go for Staphysagria, because I sense an “issue” with his mother.

I think Lycopodium wouldn’t let his mother control him this way. So staphysagria it is! But if I am wrong I will definitely try again!

Maria, here’s how I see it.  I think it is a perfect picture of Lycopodium!  Look how he needs to dominate!!!!  “Mind: domineering disposition, control others, wants to.”  Is that not him????  Staphysagria isn’t in that rubric but Lycopodium is!

But what else do we notice, try as he might to dominate, no one pays the slightest bit of attention to him!  Why?  Because this is the other half of Lycopodium–the part that’s WEAK and ineffectual.  This is why they have such a tremendous desire for power, because of how “weak” they feel inside, how inconsequential.  You can see this “back-and-forth” take place right before your eyes!  He calls Priya on the phone and he says with a roar, “Priya, this is your brother!” and then he adds sheepishly, “Tell Leonard to check his voicemail…..”  I mean, in that one sentence, you see the essence of Lycopodium: Wants power because secretly he believes he’s weak.

I hear it is because the Lycopodium plant was originally a very tall tree way back in the beginning, who-knows-how-long-ago; but now it is only a variety of moss!  You can see that it was once great but has since descended so low!  So this is the issue with Lycopodium, “I must be great so no one will find out how small I really am.”  No matter how much Lycopodium achieves, there’s always the nagging idea in the back of his mind that he could be found out to be a “nobody”.  He does everything in his power to keep people from finding out, including having only superficial relationships so that no one will ever get to “really” know him.  Do you see it now?

Wow!  What an analysis!  Yes I totally see it now!  I missed entirely the part you mention or to be more exact I misunderstood it.  I though he was just ridiculous and that was wrong of me because there is never plain “just” in homeopathy.  There’s always some cause behind it and you nailed it!  He also speaks to his parents (superiors) very respectfully but he is dictatorial to his sister (inferior).

Great observation, yes, that’s another Lycopodium keynote as well as fear of humiliation!

You know Lycopodium is a major remedy for selective mutism too (I read it in an article).

Can you explain that?  Does it mean shyness to the point of not being able to speak to certain people?

Exactly!  Great explanation Elaine, I am astonished!  And you don’t even watch the show!

You can imagine that I’ve been forced to watch it many times, and I LOVE Priya, the show should have paid Priya what ever she wanted to keep her there!

We should do it again!  Please, please Shana talk your mother into it!

Oh great!  Now Shana’s got an accomplice!


Hello Elaine, I’m sorry to inform Shana that the tickets to the Rolling Stones in Adelaide, Australia are sold out.


Getting back to Raj – Murphy’s Repertory – Mind – Fear – women of:  nat-m., puls.,raph., thuj.
Raj appears to have a mild gentle disposition…

Yes but simultaneously, he’s awfully bossy!  But no one pays the slightest attention to him!  The question is, reconciling the yielding nature with the attempts to be domineering, and what remedy has that?

…he can’t stand up to his sister, he has a soft feminine type character – he seems to be a male pulsatilla type – his parents have a heavy influence over him – he is yielding in his ways.
Of all the remedies he appeared to be Pulsatilla to me.
By the way I like the articles you wrote on diabetes and cholesterol.

Wow! Thanks!!!! 

Good Luck and Happy New Year,

Same to you!

I’m back, Elaine. The remedy in Murphy’s Repertory for “Domineering” and “Yielding” at the same time in heavy black type is Lycopodium.

Yes, that was what I came up with too, Lycopodium!!!

Bye for now,

Hi Elaine,

Wish you a very Happy New Year!!

Sorry for being late this time for your quiz.

I will go for “Lycopodium” for this man Raj.

Kindly acknowledge!

Thanks and regards,


Anurag, I agree with you; can you give me your analysis?

Oh! Thanks a lot ma’am for making a very nice New Year beginning for me, I hope I shall be able to learn more through your articles, quizzes and your able guidance.

OK!  So here is my analysis:

Raj has some very textbook symptoms of Lycopodium, while some traits of him give a kind of feeling of this remedy.

First the textbook symptoms are:

He is afraid of marriage, having children (fear of responsibility), talking to woman but having feminine interest and romantic movies etc.

Other behavioural traits:

He tries to be bossy, push his opinions on someone which he finds weaker to him, but his cowardice is clearly visible and when his sister retaliates with strong foot tap on his foot, he admits to her.

Overall feeling comes from his background also, he is from rich Indian family and shouldering pride of that, the way his father stress upon fine race.  He seems to inherit these traits and wants to prove that with his sister (who he thinks weaker).

He also accompanies friends in the dining room who agree to his opinion and support him without argument.  He makes a mistake in pronunciation but doesn’t admit his mistakes as it may lower his dignity, his sister counter argues with beef for Indian culture remark but he again doesn’t admit it.  So no logic can prevail as it may risk his dignity/pride in question.

Thanks and regards,


Perfect, Anurag!  I agree with everything you said, you saw all the things I saw! Congratulations, you are our big winner!  Oh wait!  This just in!  Two last minute stragglers came in with votes for Lycopodium!  Dr. B, could you roll out the red carpet for our 3 winners: Anurag, Dr. Javier Chiriboga and Dr. Amit Singh Pal–who, by the way, said my quiz was a lot of fun!  I thought so too!



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  • hi..In this i see pulsatilla in raj. sorry to view this late. he is coquettish, fear of opposite sex, alcoholism from weakness of character.

  • Sai, Pulsatilla is yielding. They do not try to dominate. In fact, they are easily dominated. It’s very much a child’s remedy. Read Anurag’s assessment of the case again.

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