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Revisiting: The Terrible Tooth

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Revisiting: The Terrible Tooth. Elaine gives the answer to last month’s quiz.

Did anyone miss last month’s quiz? Really? I’m surprised because like most of my tooth cases, it was soooooo interesting!


To read last month’s full case quiz. Visit – The Terrible Tooth


Vote Totals:

  • Zinc-2
  • Mercury
  • Bryonia
  • Chamomilla
  • Nat-mur.
  • Rhus tox.
  • Sulphur

You know, I’m beginning to think Shana is right. No one cares about my exciting dental cases! But let it happen just once to you–(and believe me, it will)–and you’ll be calling all over town, frantically, with “What’s the remedy?! I can’t chew, I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, the dentist is all booked up!” Well, I am trying to help you! See, homeopathy DOES work for these problems. You’d think there would be at least one homeopath out there, other than me, with enough nerve to present dental cases; but noooooooooo! Everyone would so much rather hear about lunatics on a shooting spree! Oh sure, it sounds like fun, but how often is this going to be a problem for you compared to the number of times you’re going to get a toothache? I rest my case!

Let’s hear from our winner, Veronique:


I did a quick rep in a rush…and I didn’t keep it.

Mainly, I used Boenninghausen and full Synthesis.

As I remember, I used the following:

1 – Generals – abcesses

2 – teeth – sore pain

3 – Teeth – lower

4 – teeth – pain sore

5 – teeth – pain molars

6 – teeth pain molars lower

7 – teeth pain – molars – left

8 – generals – abcesses – acute

9 – Teeth – bicuspids and molars

10 – Teeth – sore pain – bicuspids and molars

11 – Teeth – gums swelled

1 – 2- 3- 9- 10- 11 are from Boenninghausen

4- 5- 6- 7- 8- are from Syntehsis


Teeth – sore pain (Bg)………. eliminative

teeth – pain – sore (Synthesis)…………………..eliminative

generals abscesses – acute (Synthesis)……..eliminative

the three first rx are Bell, rhus t. and sil

but in my rep don’t know how I did it but I had rhus t. and sil first,

sorry I lost my repertorization.



Yes, I also came up with Silica and Rhus tox as covering the whole case; and since I had already tried Silica, it made the choice of RHUS TOX rather easy. It’s funny, Veronique used a lot more rubrics than I did, and yet we both came up with Rhus tox. Really, all I had to go on was: Acute abscess, Sore sensation, Molars: lower and left. It’s not alot, and you might wonder, “Rhus tox? The itch remedy? The sprain remedy?????” It makes you wonder, doesn’t it? The moral is: some cases have no “essence” and sometimes the “constitutional remedy” is irrelevant; plus, there are uses for our remedies other than the ones we’re all-too-familiar with! Do we need to take a 2 hour case for a toothache? Are you doing “good” homeopathy if you take a two-hour constitutional case for a dental abscess? No!  Ask yourself, “Does this problem eminate from the person’s core personality, or is it the result of a rotten tooth?”  If it’s the result of a rotten tooth, then delving into the person’s core isn’t going to be relevant at all. You need to take the case of the presenting symptoms; the disease, in other words.

By the way, Mercury and Sulphur were also good choices, as they also came up high in my repertorization. You know, if you’re down to four remedies in an acute case, just try the most likely one and get started, don’t fret over not being able to land on one remedy decisively. Notice how many remedies I tried before landing on Rhus tox! But when I did, I knew within an hour that I had found the right remedy.

Dr. B, what has Veronique won?


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