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Solution to January 2013 Chronic Quiz: A Case of Anuria

Dr. Nikam gives the solution to last month’s chronic quiz case.

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  • Totality :
  • Homesickness.

  • Heedless.

  • Restlessness.

  • Aversion to mental work.

  • Concentration difficult.

  • Fear of ghosts.

  • Scanty urination.

  • Straining while urination.

  • Burning before urination.

  • Pain in bladder region < beginning of urination.

  • Photophobia : < day light < Sun.

  • Redness of eyes.

  • Stool hard & unsatisfactory.

  • Patient.

  • Suppressed perspiration complaints from.

  • < Night.

  • Constriction of urethra.

  • Thermal : Chilly.

  • Miasm : Tubercular.

      • Remedy Selected : CLEMATIS ERECTA 30

  • Response :

The level of toxicity that the patient was in could be imagined by fact that he had not passed urine since 5 days.

In such cases, if there is any delay in response to treatment, then the patient may suffer from irreparable damage.

After the selected remedy was given to the patient, I fortunately didn’t have to wait for long; as within 5 minutes of administration of the dose, the patient rushed to urinate. I was very happy as the only immediate sign of the improvement I was expecting in this case, was when the patient passes urine, otherwise the level of toxicity would have worsened further.

Then I asked the patient to get admitted but his father refused to do so. Considering the gravity of the situation, I still insisted, but they were firm on their decision. So the patient left.

After 2 months, when he came back for follow up and a lot of improvement was seen in his health. First and foremost, the episode of anuria (Homeopathy for Anuria) did not recur and he did not suffer from any other urinary complaints.

He had reduced in weight. Also his parents observed that his perspiration, which markedly had become scanty since the complaints started, was now normal. His eye troubles are also reduced.

  • D/D :

Opium :

Again a remedy very close to the case. But, in the following points it differs from the case:

  • Opium has a marked dullness, delirious state. It has a strong ailment of fright and also homesickness is not that marked.

  • Opium has very hard stool, which was not the case with this patient. The cause of retention in Opium is more neurological.

  • It is a thirstless remedy.

  • It is a hot remedy and the patient is chilly.

Clematis Erecta has more marked homesickness. The complaint of Photophobia is well covered by it.

Phosphoric Acid :

Although homesickness is marked in Phosphoric Acid, it differs in the following way:

  • It covers all together different ailments, including of loss of body fluids, sexual excesses, disappointment, sorrow, grief which wa not the case with this patient.

  • Activeness followed by debility and exhaustion is a marked feature of the Acid Phosphorus

  • Retention of urine is more marked in Clematis.

Comparatively the patient is more chilly than Phosphoric Acid and this also matches well with Clematis.

Readers’s answers to Dr. Nikam’s Jan 2013 Quiz – Anuria


Clement Desmarty – Answer: Plumbum

This case makes me think PLUMBUM . Moreover he is chilly (PLUMBUM is really chilly) This story of paralysis : mental (maybe doesn’t learn cause he can’t), urinary and stool (constipation with black stool is very caracteristic of PLB with OPIUM and PLATINA)

He enjoys pleasures and cheats (This is the summary of PLUMBUM before he sinks in apathy) He sleeps on abdomen and he rubs his eyes.


R.B. Singh – Answer: Pulsatilla

Obesity with inflammation in Urethra is a rare symptom. With these two symptoms we get: Calcarea, Caps., Lyco., Puls, Sep, and Sul.

But most of the rubrics are covered by Pulsatilla It is recommended to give Puls 200 in Split doses


Anurag Mittal – Answer : Medorrhinum

The suggested remedy is “Medorrhinum” based on following rubrics:

< After exposure to sun with mild lachrymation sometimes.

< dust+++ > cold water application

< Sun exposure > rubbing by hand.

< day light. > cold air

< summer > Night

And most importantly : > Sitting in knee chest position, lying on abdomen

Following query would further strengthen the remedy if BETTER, at the seashore, lying on stomach, damp weather.


Elaine Lewis – Answer: Apis

Dear Dr. Nikam,
Here is my chart. I decided to stick with the symptoms that pertained to the pathology at hand and not mix up acute and constitutional symptoms.
It was hard to choose but Apis, the logical choice here, slightly edges out Causticum and Phosphorus. Basically, we need a remedy that has kidney failure that is better for cold in all ways, better for pressure, has burning pains, pains while urinating (before during and after) and interestingly enough, only one remedy is listed under “cold milk amel” and that’s Apis. It would be hard to ignore Apis in a case of anuria of 5 days.
Elaine Lewis
Vernetta Oberoi – Answer: Opium
For the case of anuria:
I thought there was a theme of spasmodic pain in the bladder, worse after defecating,continuous spasmodic pain in left inguinal region, a need to strain at stool as well as to pass urine.It suggested to me a sluggishness of both intestines as well as bladder.I think that opium could fit this acute state.
Rubrics:Bladder, retention of urine, children, opium-2
Bladder, acute retention after fright, opium-3
Bladder , retention in acute illness, opium-1 H/O fever prior
Bladder, painful retention opium-2
Bladder, retention inactivity opium-2
Bladder sphincter spasm opium-3
Intestines, inactivity opium-2
Intestines, paralysis opium-3
Thank you, Vernetta Oberoi

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