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Two ‘Intense’ Remedies

Written by Bonnie Carpenter

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Fatty Liver

“I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep on doing it.” This is a quote from a physician treating a friend of mine for fatty degeneration of the liver (Homeopathy for Fatty Liver). “Jason” and I had gotten together a few months before, and knowing that I am a homeopath, he had mentioned that his liver enzymes were grossly abnormal. He had been seeing a physician for this condition for over a year, and although Jason never drank alcohol and tested negative for all forms of hepatitis, he was warned that unless something drastically changed, he would soon be a candidate for a liver transplant.

Jason and I talked about what he was being done to treat his condition and his frustration that his options seemed to be quickly shrinking, with his physician offering no alternative but eventual transplant. During our conversation his anger and impatience were evident. He wanted something to be done “right now,” to fix his condition. He had been researching on the internet and among many alternative treatments, homeopathy had been mentioned and he hoped that I might have a solution.

Jason is a very intense person. One statement by Kent in his Lectures on Materia Medica fit Jason perfectly. “They are never contented, never satisfied.” Jason is a workaholic, and unable to relax. He’s up early to work and at his job until late, always striving for excellence, driven, competitive, irritable, impatient. He agreed that these were some of his better qualities. As we laughed about his statement, homeopathic keynotes for Nux Vomica (Poison- nut) were practically shouting at me. The more we spoke the more confident I became that Nux was the remedy for Jason.

I prescribed Nux Vomica 30C once weekly for two months. I asked that at the end of the third month, Jason return to his physician for blood work. After the tests he called me, amazed that all of his enzyme levels had returned to normal. His physician wanted to know what kind of magic he was using and wanted him to keep on using it.

That was five years ago. Jason took Nux monthly for another two years and has since had no remedy. His liver enzymes remain normal.

Kidney Stones

“Jaimie” came to me with kidney stones since age fourteen. The frequency was monthly and she was often hospitalized. She’d had cystoscopy with a stent and lithotripsy. No treatment had stopped the kidney stones from returning. She was told that her stones were of a type that was very difficult to treat. She was constantly in pain and felt desperate.

Jaimie complained of constant back and stomach pain, nausea and fever with the stones. She also had severe endometriosis with breakthrough bleeding and cramping as well as ovarian cysts. Her periods were very heavy and painful, with dark blood. She would also get hot flashes when menstruating. She had pulsating migraine headaches, which she described as feeling as if her head would explode.

In describing herself, Jaimie told of her fear of snakes and spiders. She also described herself as having problems being moody, with depression and anxiety, panic attacks and getting angry easily. When I asked her if she tended to be jealous, she said yes. She does not like the sun because it is too hot.

From the totality of her symptoms I chose a snake remedy- Lachesis, the Bushmaster. One week after receiving a dose of Lachesis 1M, Jaimie reported that her pain was gone. Over the next three months the frequency of kidney stones decreased. Her anger became more pronounced as she began to feel better physically, and she decided to change certain situations in her life that she felt had been holding her back. Jaimie’s mother often came with her to our meetings, and without knowing what remedy I had given her daughter, described her as being “snake bitten.”

I continued to treat Jaimie with Lachesis until she was kidney stone free for seven months. At that point she decided that she wanted to see if she could continue to feel well without the remedy. She has had no remedy for several months and continues to be free of the kidney stones that plagued her for twelve years. We need to wait and see what will eventually happen, but at this point in her life, she pronounces herself “fine.”

The magic of homeopathy is real. Not every case will proceed as these two have, but the ability of homeopathy to stimulate the system to cure itself is also real. Without the addition of homeopathy into their treatment, these individuals might have continued to suffer. So even if the picture seems grave, homeopathy can often reach into the empty hat and pull out a white rabbit!

Bonnie Carpenter has been involved with homeopathy for over twenty years. She interned with Dr. Henry Williams for two years and studied at the NCH summer program. She did intensive study with Divya Chaabra and Rajan Sankaran. Bonnie holds a doctorate in psychology and dance, is a licensed psychologist, teaches stress and pain management and is a certified hypnosis consultant. She practices in Philadelphia, PA. 215 923-4322 – [email protected]

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