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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) in a woman of 53

Written by Shweta Shah

Dr. Shweta Shah shares a case of carpal tunnel syndrome in a woman of 53.  History of hernia, memory impaired and constipation were among the symptoms lead to the simillimum.

 CASE – On 13th May 2023 a woman of 53 years presented who had been suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) for the last 10 years. She is a receptionist and has been having difficulty doing regular household work as well her work duties.

Pains was intolerable at night and once she wakes up her hands are becoming numb. She does not want to undergo surgery. Her forearm feels heavy, particularly after working at the computer. Also, she is forgetting names of patients that often visit the dental clinic where she works.

Pain in forearm and hand.

Location – bilateral sides affected. First was the left hand and then the right.

Sensation – contracted feeling in hand.

Modality – <grasping smooth objects      > hard pressure

<exertion 4                                 > rubbing

<open air                                     > stretching

<night 4


Past history – hernia operated in 2010.

Family history – father – tuberculosis

Obstetric history – G2P2A0L2

Menstrual history –regular but menopause since 6 years.

Physical general –

Habit – tea twice a day

Diet – vegetarian

Appetite – good

Desire – fried things 3

Aversion –Not specific.

Bowel – history of constipation

Sleep – disturbed due to pains in the hand, otherwise sound.

Dreams –  old palaces, heights and sometimes  someone is planning to murder her .

Mind – She told me about how she struggled in her life. She was the youngest  among six siblings .Her father died when she was young,  Her mother was not emotionally attached with her, so it was her elder sister that she was connected with.

The sister died and then the patient started living with her 3 brothers. She completed her education in spite of many difficulties. She felt she was forced into doing the tasks of the woman in her family.

She often didn’t want to do them and ran away from responsibilities. She said she feels like puppet on strings when all work in thew house was expected of her. Her brothers arranged her marriage. She feels her life is not in her own hands and she can’t lead her own life.

Totality of symptoms

Ailments from anticipation


Desire fried things



Pain hand, hard pressure ameliorates

Pain hand, night agg.

Selection of remedy –

13/05/2023  Plumbum met 30 followed by SL for 8 days

20/05/2023 – Patient has relief from pain of forearm at night and there was sound sleep which was disturbed previously due to pains at night.

Plumbum met 30 dose was repeated on same day 20th May23 and followed by SL for 1 month.

18/06/2023 patient was complaining about constipation. Pain in forearm and thumb was better by 50% .

18th June 23 Plumbum met 30 repeated 3 times on interval of 1 week followed by SL for 1 month.

20/07/2023 constipation was relieved.

Tingling and numbness sensation of forearm was present after exertion.

No other new complaints. Plumbum met 30 stat dose given followed by SL for 1 month.

23/08/2023 Complaints were reduced by 75%, weakness at wrist joint while working was present.

Started giving Plumbum met LM  0/12 daily twice a day.

20/09/2023 Patient started feeling better, feeling active and began to keep contact with her all relatives. Her physical complaints were also improved. Problems she was facing in day to day activities were now no longer there.

Plumbum met 30 stat dose given followed by Plumbum met 0/14 .

25/10/2023 –patient was much better and feeling normal in her all activities.

Analysis – The Plumbum prescription was based on the heaviness and weakness in forearms, affection of nerves and muscles of wrist. Also, history of constipation, nervousness, memory impaired, history of hernia, all indicative of Plumbum Met.

She was forced to take charge of her family. She felt she was being forced as if a puppet on a string. She wanted to run away from responsibilities and felt like she wasn’t leading her own life.

After giving Plumbum 30 her complaints of carpal tunnel started reversing and also she started to order her life and communicate with other family members.

About the author

Shweta Shah

Dr. Shweta Shah, MD (Homoeopathy) CCG, PGDEMS, Consulting Homoeopath at We Care Scientific Homeopathic Clinic and Research Centre. Assistant Professor in Department of Practice of Medicine at late Housabai Magdum Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Maharashtra, India.
Practicing Homoeopathy for 10 years. Homoeopathic Training Programme under Dr. Amarsingh Nikam,, Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital, Pimpri-Pune, Maharashtra, India. Homoeopathic Covid Hero awarded by Mission Homoeopathy in 2021.

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