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Silk – Outer Protection and Inner Strength on Your Journey of Life

chna MMAP md
Written by Katrin Rabe

Katrn Rabe presents a history of silk, followed by subjective impressions of six people during a C-4 trituration of silk cocoons of Bombyx Mori.

Actions are easier if they come from inside.

Why silk, exactly?

My dream of China

chna-MMAP-mdAlready as a child I felt a great urge to travel to China. I didn’t know why, but I dreamt strange things about a life in China. These dreams were very vivid and surprising. It couldn’t have been films on TV, since we didn’t own one at that time.

At the age of ten I started to actively seek contact with Chinese art. I went to every exhibition that had something at all to do with this theme. I bought books in the antiquary with pictures of Chinese paintings, in which I would immerse myself for hours at a time. I tried to replicate the Chinese painting style by copying the pictures on my own.

At about 14 I got a silk blanket for a present. I didn’t exactly like the colour, but it just felt awesome. No itching and scratching on the skin, simply soft and warm. With that, my passion for China had become more concrete – it was silk. Painting on silk first became my hobby and later, for some years, my job. But even this was not enough to stop my longing for China.

Small accidents in life often have great consequences.

My homeopathic contact to silk began after a small accident in which I twisted my right ankle and almost tore the tendons. Acute treatment on site was with Arnica 10M, which lowered pain levels to an almost acceptable level. Further homeopathic treatment followed with Bell-p and Ruta in different potencies, which in similar cases had always led to an improvement quite quickly. But this time the pain, the swelling and the elevated movement of the ankle persisted and after two weeks I still couldn’t walk normally, which totally contradicted my previous experiences with homeopathic treatment.

Move on and keep the goal in sight

For this reason I started looking for a better remedy. My thoughts went toward silk quickly, because it has attributes (see below “attributes”) that have much in common with our own tissues such as skin, tendons and ligaments. Since I like experimenting and using a radionic instrument, I created the homeopathic remedy silk in the potency 10M and took it.

The positive results of this self-experiment

The effect of this treatment was surprisingly fast and powerful. In one day, all the pain and swelling were gone. After a week I had already regained the full stability and movement of the ankle. This accident was five years ago and I haven’t had another similar accident since, although this was common practice for me some two or three times per year, though not as drastic as that time.

In addition to the convincing effect of this remedy in acute treatment, I have noticed many other positive effects of the remedy on psychic and physical health that I will discuss below. They acted as the basis for my further work with this remedy and therefore also are the basis for the homeopathic remedy image, which is in the making right now.

My personal encounter with silk

After this positive experience, my curiosity for this remedy was really sparked, especially because silk wasn’t available as a real homeopathic remedy at that time. Upon a suggestion from alternative practitioner Renate Siefert, who along with Frans Vermeulen, furthered my homeopathic development, I conducted a trituration of an untreated silk cocoon with amateurs and interested homeopaths. This very personal encounter with silk gave me much valuable information that is very important for the further development of the remedy silk cocoon and its use in homeopathic praxis. See  “summary of the trituration protocols”)

The history of silk


There are many different legends about the discovery of silk. One of the best known is probably this one: At about 2640 BC Si-Ling, the wife of Chinese emperor Huang-Ti went on a walk in the imperial gardens and a silk cocoon fell in her tea cup. When she took it out again, she didn’t have a cocoon in her hand anymore, but shiny threads. The young empress was so excited by this that she collected 1000 cocoons and wove a cloak for her emperor out of them. To her honour, the thread was called si, from which most modern names derive (Eng: silk , Ger: Seide , Swe: silke , Jap: seri , Lat: sericum)

For emperors and kings

The production of silk is a very complicated process and therefore this valuable material was only available to the emperors and their wives. Only in the year 1200 BC, was this privilege expanded to nobles and rich merchants. Around 300 BC the Japanese were granted the knowledge of silk production. Later on, silk found its way to the royal houses of Europe too. But because of the long and dangerous journey on the Silk Road, silk was extremely rare and expensive and so means for production in Europe were sought.

Secret and industrial espionage

The production of silk was one of the best-kept secrets in the world. Because of the death penalty, it took about 2500 years until the secret of silk-making became known outside the borders of China. The first step was teaching the nobles of the Japanese imperial court. In Europe, the secret was divulged several centuries later. Two Nestorian monks, sent by emperor Justinian of Rome, supposedly succeeded in smuggling seeds of the Mulberry tree and Bombyx eggs concealed in their walking sticks around 555 AD. This could be one of the first cases of industrial espionage and was the beginning of the expansion of silk production in the rest of Asia, to Europe and finally to America.

The production of silk

silkwormThe silkworm moth most used for silk production is the Mulberry moth Bombyx Mori. This moth was cultivated for thousands of years and is now no longer able to live in freedom. Other moths produce silk too, but not in the same quality and quantity as the Bombyx Mori.

The cultivation of silkworms is very delicate. Exact climatic circumstances, precise feeding and good hygiene are of the essence, since these circumstances determine the quality of the resulting silk and the silkworms are very prone to bacterial infections. The female moth lays about 500 eggs and dies after that. The eggs are oval, flat and measure between 1 and 1.5 mm in length. The fertilized eggs endure the winter and the worms hatch the next spring. In modern silk production, several methods are used to procure more than one harvest per year.

After hatching, every silkworm eats about 25 grams of mulberry leaves in its growth span of about 30 days and exhibits an increase in weight by 8000 times. At that point they cease to grow and start to construct their cocoon. In the process, every single silkworm produces one thread of about 400 to 900 meters which equals 1-2 grams of raw silk. After finishing the cocoon, the worm becomes a pupa and stays in this stadium for about 8-12 days, effectively protected from outer influences by the silk cocoon. After this time, the metamorphosis to moth is complete. The moth then utters a secretion that dissolves the cocoon at one place so that it can hatch. This destroys the long silk thread and the short pieces left from this kind of cocoon can only be used to fabricate lesser silk.

For this reason, the pupa are killed by means of heating or cooking, to keep them from hatching and thereby destroying the silk thread. By cooking, the silk glue is also dissolved, so that the thread can be unraveled and sent to the next stages of production, like spinning and weaving. For spinning, several threads with the extraordinary length of several hundred meters (cotton only 15-56 millimeters) are put together according to the desired thickness.


Build and attributes of silk

Silk is the secretion from the silk worm’s salivary gland, out of which it makes its cocoon. It is liquid during secretion and hardens upon contact with air.


One single silk thread is made up of the surrounding Sericin and the inside consists of two strings of Fibroin, also called silk filament. The silk filament Fibroin makes up about 70-80 % of the silk fiber. Fibroin is a sulfur-free, high-polymeric protein, so in effect; it’s a natural polyamide fiber. The repeat patterns of amino acids give silk glow, softness and elasticity.

Sericin makes up the remaining 20-30 % of the fiber. Sericin, also called silk glue, keeps the cocoon together, meaning that it glues the threads to each other and thereby renders the cocoon stable and durable.

Other components of silk are carbohydrates with about 1.2-1.6%, 0.7% of organic ingredients and 0.2% natural colours.


The real mission of the silk thread is to guard growth. To be able to fulfill this mission, silk is equipped with important and unique attributes. It is soft, protects from too much heat and too much cold, it takes up humidity and then releases it again, it’s very tear-proof and can be damaged by very few substances, which makes it extremely durable. With these and other special qualities, silk is the foremost of natural fibers.

Some facts and figures:
Silk is one of the lightest natural fibers with a density of 1,25g/cm^3. To get 1 kg of raw silk, 5-10 kg of cocoons are used, depending on the intended quality, which amounts to about 2000-6000 cocoons. The weight unit for silk is 1 Momme = 1 Pongé = 4.306g/m^2. Despite its low fiber thickness of just about 12-25µm, it has a greater ripping length (the length at which a material rips by force of its own weight) than steel. Its tensile strength is 350MPa, which means that a silk thread with a thickness of 1cm^2 can be strained with 3.6 tons of weight without ripping. The only natural fiber with a higher tensile strength is spider’s web with 25 tons.

Other important qualities of silk, which make it especially valuable for textile industries are its high elasticity (a silk thread with a length of 1 m can be stretched more than 15cm without ripping), a high absorption of humidity (up to 30% of its own weight without feeling wet), the great skin-friendliness (because of its organic build it allows the skin to breathe and stimulates it), its isolation capacity (against heat, cold and electricity), an ability to take up colours and its bad flammability (burning point at 171°C, suffocating flames with carbon that accumulates on its surface when burnt). All in all, silk is a very durable and stable material that only rots/ degenerates with great  difficulty.

Silk is a very durable and carefree fabric, if you heed some important advice. Most important is the use of enzyme free washing agents. As silk is made up of natural protein structures it would be gradually dissolved by normal detergents. Silk should also be protected from strong sunlight, since it will otherwise bleach and become yellowish. Also it mustn’t be tumble-dried, because that would make it shrink drastically. After washing, don’t squeeze it, and iron it when it’s still wet.

Use of silk
Silk has conquered many areas of use thanks to its many and unique qualities. The biggest area is the textile industry. Attributes like gleam, soft fall, lightness of the weave, the absorption of colour, skin-friendliness and elasticity are important for the use of silk for luxurious clothing such as underwear, party clothing, socks and also bedclothes and others.

The extraordinary strength of the silk weave that comes from the long fibers has caused its use in military applications. Even the Mongols are supposed to have earned a part of their warring successes via a combination of silk, leather and light iron parts. This protective clothing was good protection against arrows. Even today’s military and also high performance sports use silk (especially in underwear) because of its ability to insulate.

In Germany, silk production was started to manufacture parachute silk for the military. It was also used to transport secret messages and maps. The messages were written on silk sheets because they are able to be folded very small and therefore easier to smuggle.

Another area of use of silk is in medicine. Since silk doesn’t degenerate in the body, silk threads were used to stitch inner and outer wounds. In surgery, silk hoses were used to replace broken veins. This application has been mostly replaced with synthetic materials.

Also in the arts, silk has its steady place.  As silk paintings or in fine silk embroideries, it charms the viewer with its potent, clear colours. As strings on traditional Asian instruments, it gives them their typical sound.

In more recent times silk has conquered the cosmetics industry with a form of silk protein used in creams, shampoos and powder. The qualities that are sought after here are the absorption of humidity, the skin-friendliness and the famous silky shine.

Silk in everyday language

The German word “halbseiden” (meaning half silken) is used for persons that seem to be suspicious or questionable in one context or another. At the time this expression originated few people could afford the luxury of silk clothing. This adjective can therefore be used on people (women especially) that were in contact with these upper classes without really belonging to them.

“Silky soft, silk matte, and silken shine” are adjectives that refer to certain qualities of silk and are transferred to other materials (fabric, colours, hair, skin,…) to point out their specialty. Sometimes these words are used, especially in advertisements of the textile industry, to make something seem more valuable than it really is.

“To hang on a silk thread” denotes an unstable, uncertain situation that can end badly. This may alludes to the seemingly very thin and frail silk thread. Another explanation could be the reference to the goddesses of fate that span the thread of fate, or to the sword of Damocles in Greek mythology that hung over Damocles on a silk thread to remind him of the evanescence of all being.

The C4-trituration of threads of an untreated silk cocoon

On 26 April 2008 six people (five women, one man) triturated silk in Vallentuna/ Sweden. The outer threads of two untreated silk cocoons of Bombyx Mori were used for this. They originate in China and were sponsored by the “Plauener Spinnhütte”.

The people involved were aware of the material being triturated, since this seminar was first and foremost created to give the participants an insight into C4-trituration, because it is a very efficient way to come into contact with the nature of the homeopathic remedy and get to know its therapeutic possibilities. Since a C4-trituration is a very personal process, the trituration protocols won’t be described in their entirety, but only certain passages that the participants have declared okay.

Two of the participants didn’t make insightful protocols, so their experiences named in the following evaluation are only mentioned as support for the messages the others received in the process.

GDV- bio-energy-field measurements for the documentation of energetic processes

The influence of the energetic process of silk trituration on the participants was documented by use of GDV-bio- energy field measuring. This technology makes it possible to register changes in our status in the energetic parts of our being before these changes utter themselves through the appearance or disappearance of outer symptoms. Since this trituration was the first event that utilised this means of documentation, only assumptions can yet be made in this publication about what the results of the measurements mean.

The measurement took place for every participant right before and directly after the trituration. Measuring and evaluation was conducted by a person who didn’t take part in the seminar and had no knowledge of the participants’ health level.

Some text passages from the trituration protocols
I want to begin with some texts from the level C4. In this step, the very essence of silk seems to walk up to us and speak directly to us. Surprising for all participants that first experienced C4-trituration in this event was the character and clearness of the messages. The messages were so to speak given to us in poetic form.

The message of silk, as stated by person 1:

silky soft
soft and tender
gentle and sensitive
my heart is compassionate
I protect the tender
I protect the growing
warmth floods through my body
I warm
I give my love to you
I give my strength and protection to you
I don’t want to know them
your doubts, for
you don’t need them

do the next step
life is full of lightness
you build your home
you have all you need
believe in your power
you will reach your goal
be precise and clear

all feels easy
action is lightness,
If it comes from the inside

The message of silk, as stated by person 2:

I am the spirit of silk.
Invisible, almost,
and without outer appearances.

I know no violence,
give the weak support
bind the forces in one.

I give you power and inner peace
the tranquility of modesty
and the quiet glow
of inner strength.

So we go together
with the caravan to the east
To where the light appears
on the horizon
and every day is new
in its own beauty

See, my glow is appreciated,
my magnificence,
my gleam.
Don’t let yourself be blinded.

You have discovered me deeper.
Take my hand,
I am with you

The message of silk, as stated by person 3:

Be clean and gentle with yourself
Lightness    Happiness  Infinity
Eternal                 Quiet           Rest
Young                  Soft             Sleep

I awaken creativity.
I awaken patience.
I can help women get pregnant.
Children get security through me
“In peace and harmony” or “creative making” – the two ways of using silk

The impressions of silk as recalled by person 4:

All is well now,
can start anew without breaking
can start anew and take that which means much to me
Calmness arises.

Want to take everything more as it comes,
not always change and improve.
What is, is good.
Trust in me

Someone is above me, guarding and protecting me.
Someone is holding their hand over me.

Pure silk cleans life

Summary of the trituration themes

In the following the main themes of silk, that uttered themselves in the trituration, are summarised.
Some of these themes have already been proven correct through successful use of the remedy.

Threads and strings
The feeling of a string being pulled out of the forehead (P1)
hanging on strings and freeing self of strings (P1)
Endless thread, spinning, weaving (P2)
Seeing a blue thread in the lactose (P5)

Freedom, life and theatre
Life is like a theatre, Pinoccio, hanging on strings and freeing self from them, freedom to live your life (P1)
I show the way to freedom, parents protect and show the way to life (P1)
Here I am and I feel free (P2)
Life is like endless art and you’re your own artist, create your own life (P3)

Child wish, Pregnancy
Heat like from a baby (P1)
I can help women get pregnant (P3)

Travel, exertion on journey, not giving up
It’s a long way (p1)
Caravan, the silk balls travel behind each other like camels (p1)
China, travel to China (p1)
Eyes falling shut, tired from the long journey (p1)
I want to stop, don’t stop, go on, further, further,…(p1)
Mustn’t close eyes, or I’ll fall asleep , must keep goal in sight(p1)
Be patient, not give up, not show signs of weakness, find a shelter on the journey (p2)

The caravan goes on to the unknown, peregrination (P2)
A long way to teach self to see, to shape, to know oneself (P3)
A long journey, together (P3)
No one can stop me, I’ll get to the goal slowly, slow as a snail, a strong snail, totally dependable (P4)
An interruption destroyed the rhythm, will I find the way back? (P4)
Wanderings through wilderness to the great sea (P4)

In the end there is beauty no one dares disturb (P2)
A seductive, beautiful woman (P3)
Silk is the essence of beauty, it dresses the gods (Aphrodite, Hercules) (P3)
Like a flower, blue and beautiful (P4)
Thinking about beautiful places, nature, fields and meadows (P4)

Protection- unprotected, tender, vulnerable
Nothing can hurt me (P1)
Protection, I protect the butterfly (P1)
I am safe in my cocoon out of pure light, silk envelopes me (P1)
Being cared for, and guarded like treasure (P1)
silky smooth, soft and tender, gentle and passionate, my heart is compassionate, I protect the tender, I protect the growing (P1)
I will protect the unprotected (P2)
Children get protection from this remedy (P3)
Not wanting to hurt, soft as silk, vulnerable and tender (P4)
someone is above me, guards and protects me (P4)
Thinking of my son, he is so vulnerable (P5)

Longing, sadness
Strong longing, tears are coming, sadness (P1)
Waving goodbye, grieving, I miss her consoling voice (P4)

Power – Gentleness
soft and gentle, tender (P1)
strong together (P1)
I have nothing but my strength, that withstands every ripping attempt (P2)
We aren’t in a hurry, we heed our strength, together we are strong (P2)
Winning through silent strength (P2)
Self secure, strong integrity, the might in oneself (P3)
Being different is strong too (P4)
A strong snail, totally dependable, carrying others far (P4)

Silence, quiet inner voice
I hear nothing around me (P1)
It needs to be quiet, the silence should overpower the sounds from the outside, listen to the inner voice (P1)
Silence is around me, and loneliness (P2)
The silent glow of inner strength (P2)
All noises disturb me, susceptible to noise, I feel the scratching in my teeth (P3)
Sensitivity to sound (P4)

Everlasting, Infinity
Dreaming, Infinity, jump into the depths like in the movie “Hidden Dragon, Crouching Tiger” (P1)
I rub endlessly, I want to rub in the form of  infinity (P1)
The thread, endless (P2)
In the end there is beauty no one dares disturb (P2)
The well of youth is in silk and in us, it just needs to be awakened (P3)
I feel young and old at the same time (P4)

Transformation, Development, Metamorphosis
Transformation, the butterfly arises (P1)
Development to happiness (P1)
Draw new power for the new departure, being there, being strong, being ready (P2)
Accept death as a means of transformation to a new state of being (P2)
In silk are hidden all the colours of the rainbow and you can free them (P3)
I want happiness, just jumping into it and swimming, five days, then everything will be better,
Detachment from this old life? No, separation from me, from my dark side, always slowing me down (P4)

It’s getting warm, I’m getting hot (P1)
I feel heat (P1)
The heat is becoming a problem, heat is a theme of silk (P1)
Warmth floods my entire body, I warm (P1)
Heat like from a baby (P1)
I’m hot, a cool silk blouse would be nice now (P3)
It’s getting hotter (P4)

Knowledge, secret
I know too much, the knowledge is weighing me down (P1)
I feel light, without thinking, without knowing (P2)
Act in concealment (P2)
To dive into the depth of oneself to find answers (P3)

Future, confidence, lightness
Left, rub easily with the left, with the left = with ease (P1)
Thoughts about the future, the heart is filled with confidence (P1)
Your doubts, you need them not (P1)
Believe in your power, you will reach your goal (P1)
Everything feels light (P1)
Actions are lightness, if they come from the inside (P1)
Wherever we go, we will arrive (P2)
I feel at ease, without thinking, without knowledge (P2)
I have confidence and happiness, I know the way, I walk along (P2)
I feel as light as a thread of silk (P3)
Everything is good so, I am good this way, finally I’m doing something for me, a good feeling (P4)

Coherence, struggle, resistance
It’s unbelievable how tight these threads are together (P1)
Strain to rip the knot apart (P1)
Resistance, I feel the silk resisting, despite the trituration (P1)
the silk resists, the threads help each other, stick together (P1)
It sticks together, they find each other, the resistance of the weak (P2)
We stick together, we come together (P2)
We are all bound together with a single string, light and strong (P3)
Lump of silk, too big (P4)
Strain, thumb hurts (P4)
Hard to spread the silk, what a tenacious material (P5)
Feeling of harmony and of belonging together,  companionship (P5)

(P1)-(P5) stand for the participants of the event. The numbers were shown to show up the similarity of the experiences

Summary of the results of the GDV-bio-energy field measurement

All participants, except for person 4 reacted on the trituration with a balancing and improvement of their emotional-energetic reaction potential. The positive effect of the combination of trituration and the energetic force of silk was visible especially in the areas of the liver, the kidneys and the right heart region. According to individual inclination, additional effects in breathing organs, mammary glands, the gallbladder, the spleen, pituitary gland and the thyroid were seen.

Participant P4 had a significantly worse energy level directly after the seminar, which means that the participant was measured again the following day. The measurement results now pointed out a strong improvement and a stabilisation even above the level of the first measurement. This shows that the trituration of silk cocoon had a healing effect on the participant.

The immediately showing energetic decline corresponds to the first reaction upon the intake of a homeopathic remedy, the rise of the emotional-energetic state is the first step on the way to healing, which in part can be seen from the quotes from Person 4.

First approaches on a remedy image of sericum coconi bombyx mori (ser-coc)

Untreated silk cocoon of the silk moth Bombyx Mori, originating from China

Tendons, ligaments, skin, hair, women, disposition

Worse: after bathing, sunlight, sun heat, before and during a journey, change in life. Better: bathing, shade, putting on lotion, after finishing travel, fresh air

Main symptoms

M      Difficulties to make decisions regarding own development
-I simply can’t decide which path of work I should take. Should I stay employee or should I dare take the step to work on my own as an alternative practitioner in my own praxis. These and similar thoughts cross my head often, also in conjunction to the accident where I twisted my ankle. About a month after taking the remedy it’s clear to me, I resign and open my own praxis (1)

M      Outer gentleness paired with inner strength, perseverance
-I feel very strong on the inside, I can persevere well without a quarrel and without raising my   voice or the likes. I get compliments thanks to that: “I have never met someone that prevails so gently and still so forcefully.” (1)

M      Confident, content with own looks
-Since the remedy I simply feel more beautiful and more attractive. The eyes shine, the hair   does too. I like looking into the mirror again. Before I felt like I was too fat, not beautiful at all and not sexually attractive. This feeling, to feel good in my body, I love it. (3)

M      Assurance and happiness
-I haven’t felt this good and confident for a long time. I am happy, almost exuberant and simply enjoy life. I laugh more often. (1)

M      Anxiety before travel, tension from anticipation
-Very anxious before every journey, preparations are made early, everything is exactly organised, especially if the journey is a bit further away or to foreign countries. Hard to go to sleep on the night before travelling, awaken much, awake early on day of travel. Have much more serenity after intake of silk. (1)

-Fear that something could happen. Can’t relax on car drive. Can’t sleep although I know I can trust the driver. Since the remedy I’m able to sleep in the car (1)

-Client, very anxious, bad sleep because of coming journey to India. With the remedy the anxiety goes away, the whole journey becomes very harmonic despite several unforeseen and unusual situations. (2)

-Shortly after triturating silk and fabricating a C30 myself, I went on a flight. Normally, I’m very nervous prior to flight and uptight during flight. With silk C30 3 times 5 globuli the day before and on the day of travel, I could relish the flight; it was awesome to be in the air and watch the world from above (4)

M      A want to travel – to be at home
– I want to travel, without the family, a longing for journeys to far away countries, especially to China. Traveling seems to be a way of escaping everyday routine. When I’ve been away, I want to return home again. Since taking the remedy, this longing for journey has decreased drastically. Also, I don’t want to go to China so badly anymore, although I still haven’t been there (1)

M      Longing to wear silk clothes
– I like to wear a silk scarf or shirt now. I feel protected by it (3)
-I have always enjoyed wearing silk clothes but I believe I like it even more now. If I could afford it, I’d probably only wear silk clothes. I just feel well in them (1)

G       Sleep, restful
– Since I started taking silk before going to bed at night, I sleep the whole night through and    I’m even well rested in the mornings” The client took the remedy mostly because of her inner unrest because of doubts about her personal and working developments, in conjunction with tiredness because of her bad sleep (3)

G       Dreams of journeys
– Travelling by train to China; wandering through China alone, in another time, want to travel to China, but miss the train or am not able to buy a ticket. These dreams have not reoccurred since the intake of silk (1)

– Dreaming of a journey by train I want to make, but I miss the train. I’m not sad about it however, and go home (3)

G       Sunlight, sun heat
– My susceptibleness to sunlight has been reduced greatly. I can now relish the sunlight in my face. Before I always tried to keep at least my face shaded. Even the eyes are less sensitive, I can even partially walk in the sun without having to squint (1)
– I can take the heat of the sun much better now (1)

P       Skin, Dryness and itching
– the skin, especially on legs, hands and in the face is unbearably dry. After every contact with   water, particularly soap water when showering or chlorinated water in the public pool, it needs to be  treated with lotion a lot, since the skin starts too itch very strongly. Sand, dust and wool worsen the itching too and contribute to the dryness. After the intake of silk the skin gets a more healthy look. The regulation of skin humidity stabilises itself one month after the intake of silk. Since then it has only been necessary to put on lotion after contact with chlorinated water, showering and bathing no longer produce itching. (1)

P       Hair, dry, brittle, tips breaking off
-The hair is very dry, lackluster, unsightly. They quickly accumulate static electricity, i.e when combing, which changed during one month since the treatment with silk. The hair grows without breaking off, they shine and become more curly, which corresponds to the state of my hair in my childhood. (1)

P       Very fine, elastic hair
– The single hairs are very thin and have the interesting feature that they are very stretchy without ripping (1)

P       Extremities, sprained and ripped ligaments, ankle
– Right foot, on the outside, by slipping on stairs, strong pain, strong swelling and over –  mobility of the ankle, the afflictions are lifted almost suddenly. During 12 hours, the pain that had previously been treated with Arnica, Ruta and Bell-p to little avail, disappeared almost completely.
In one week the ankle has regained its natural mobility. Although this kind of accident had occurred several times in the past, this has not been the case since the treatment with silk (5      years). (1)

– by twisting ankle walking on rough ground (woman, 68 years), according to treating doctor the ailments healed very quickly for a woman this age. After about four weeks the client was able to walk without supports. Pain and swelling had already disappeared after 2 weeks. (2)

– by twisting ankle jumping in physical education (girl, 11 years), very quick healing in 2 weeks (2)

P       Indisposition and nausea perhaps until vomiting with feeling of heat on whole body
– When driving in car, bus or on ship, better: in fresh air, by concentrated watching the way, worse: through gas-, diesel smell, curvy tracks, waves
Since treatment with silk these ailments have disappeared almost completely. The tendency to nausea only appears in extreme conditions, such as going by bus on very curvy roads, with diesel smell at the same time. Vomiting hasn’t reoccurred since.  (1)

P       Extremities, tendons, inflammation
Tendon sheath inflammation in left wrist
Mrs. B is Physiotherapist and overworked. Since a few weeks back she has a tendon sheath inflammation in the left wrist, the usual remedies do not work. Silk C30 3 times daily for 10 days brought complete healing (4)

-Inflammation of the Achilles tendon
Mr. A works physically intense. He has an inclination to Achilles tendon inflammations. When he was treated with silk C30 3 times daily in 2009, he had no more inflictions after 4 days.
A repeat case in 2010 healed in 3 days (4)

(1) Excerpts from my notes after intake of silk 10M, 2005
(2) Excerpts from patient cases of Katrin Rabe/praxis Stockholm 2007-2008
(3) Experiences of trituration participants with their own C4, 2008
(4) Experience reports of alternative praxis Renate Siefert, 2008-2010

Remedy comparisons

In my test so far I have discovered similarities between ser-coc and the following remedies:

Tela aranea: Dry, itching skin (in the case of spider’s web the itching was in combination with a feeling of a spider’s web spreading from the pubes, there was also a rash like nettle rash to be seen. In the case of silk cocoon, the rash is less apparent)

Anacardium: Indecisiveness, difficulties making decisions, injury of tendons, more Achilles tendon

Silicea: Good follow-up for silk, inner strength, skin

Petroleum, tabacum, cocculus: Nausea when traveling by car

Sulphure: Skin itching, wool agg

Calcium phosphoricum: The longing to travel, and if doing so, a desire to get home

Possibly the following remedies should be taken into account because of the similarities in their making: Spider’s web Tela aranea, Clam’s wool of the fan mussel Pinna nobilis L

because of the familiarity:
Bombyx Mori

Follows well upon: Arnica, Bellis perennis
Complementary to: Symphytum, Arnica, Ruta

I would recommend the following headlines for inclusion in the repertories:

Skin – dry
Skin – itching – wool agg
Skin – itching – dryness; by
Skin – itching – rubbing – amel
Skin – itching – rashes – without
Skin – itching – bathing – after
Skin – itching

Dreams – travel – train; by
Dreams – travel – China; to

Extremities – sprains, distortions – ankle – recurring
Extremities – sprains, distortions – ankle – right side
Extremities – sprains, distortions – ankle
Extremities – distortions – ankle
Extremities – distortions; light – ankle
Extremities – injury – tendons
Extremities – inflammations, tendons
Extremities – inflammation – shank, Achilles tendon

Stomach – nausea – plane; on a
Stomach – nausea – car; in a – agg.
Stomach – nausea – bus; in a – agg.

Eye – photophobia – light; through – sunlight; through – agg.

Head – hairs – dryness
Head – hairs – elastic
Head – hairs – brittle, breaking

Disposition – travel – longing for
Disposition – thoughts – future, about the
Disposition – fear – travel; of
Disposition – fear – flying, before – plane, on one
Disposition – fear – journey; before the beginning of
Disposition – fear – future; of the

General – injury – tendons, of
General – injury – ruptures, ripping – tendons, of
General – weakness – heat – sun heat – in
General – travel – afflictions by
General – airsickness



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  • May R. Berenbaum: Blutsauger, Staatsgründer, Seidenfabrikanten, Heidelberg, 2004, ISBN 3-8274-1519-5
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  • Shenet-silk worm, www.shenet.se/vaxter/silkesmask/html


Supplier of the homeopathic remedy
sericum coconi bombyx mori (ser-coc)

Enzian Apotheke
Apotheker Walter Schmitt
Verdistraße 54
81247 München

Phone: +49 89 8112675
Fax:+49 89 8116859
[email protected]


Translation from German into English

ARA Translation, Andre Rabe

Table of contents

Why silk, exactly?                                                                                    1
My dream of china                                                                                   1
Small accidents in life often have big consequences                               1
Move on and keep the goal in sight                                                         1
The positive results of this self-experiment                                              1
The personal encounter with silk                                                             2

The history of silk                                                                                     2
Discovery                                                                                                 2
For emperors and kings                                                                           2
Secret and industrial espionage                                                               2

The production of silk                                                                              3

Build and attributes                                                                                  3
Build                                                                                                         3
Attributes                                                                                                  4
Care                                                                                                         4

Use of silk                                                                                                  4

Silk in everyday language                                                                                               5

The C4-trituration of threads of an untreated silk cocoon                                               5
GDV- bio-energy measurements for the documentation of energetic processes             5

Some text passages from the trituration protocols                                                           6
The message of silk, as stated by person 1:                                                                    6
The message of silk, as stated by person 2:                                                         7
The message of silk, as stated by person 3:                                                         7
The impressions of silk as recalled by person 4:                                                  8

Summary of the trituration themes                                                                      8
Threads and strings                                                                                            8
Freedom, life and theatre                                                                                    8
Child wish, pregnancy                                                                                         8
Travel, exertion on journey, not giving up                                                           8
Beauty                                                                                                                 9
Protection- unprotected, tender, vulnerable                                                        9
Longing, sadness                                                                                                9
Power – Gentleness                                                                                             9
Silence, quiet inner voice                                                                                    9
Everlasting, Infinity                                                                                             10
Transformation, Development, Metamorphosis                                                  10
Heat                                                                                                                    10
Knowledge, secret                                                                                               10
Future, confidence, lightness                                                                               10
Coherence, struggle, resistance                                                                             11
Summary of the results of the GDV-bio-energy field measurement                               11
First approaches on an remedy image of sericum coconi bombyx mori (ser-coc)                             11
Sign                                                                                                   11
Affinities                                                                                           11
Modalities                                                                                         11
Main symptoms                                                                                12
Remedy comparisons                                                                                 14
Headlines                                                                                                    15
Bibliography                                                                                                16
Supplier of the homeopathic remedy                                                          16


This document about silk can be found here: http://gesund-mit-homöopathie.de/verreibungen/seide-ausserer-schutz-und-innere-staerke/  

About the author

Katrin Rabe

Name: Katrin Rabe was born in 1966 in Leipzig/Germany. She studied civil engineering from ’86-’91. From 2001 – ’04 she studied classical homeopathy at Svenska Skolan för klassisk Homeopati in Stockholm/Sweden, under teachers Frans Vermeulen and Bert Breuker. In 2013 she became a Health Practitioner (Heilpraktikerin) and subsequently studied Cease Therapy under Petra Gerritsen. Back in Germany now, she focuses on issues of women and children. She also offers various seminars (eg. tritruations) for professionals and clients, to helping them develop a deeper understanding of homeopathy.


  • My reaction to reading the history, personal experiences and serendipity plus venture into the provings could be summed up in one word “wow” – beautifully written and explored – took me back in time to my awe at seeing my first silk cocoon (almost every child had silk worms and mulberries where I grew up) to my love of silk (if I can’t buy a real silk camisole when they need replacement – I sew my own!.

  • Thank you so much for the positiv comments on my article about silk. I would be very happy, if some of you would share your own experience in using this homeopathic remedy with me.

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