June 2020 Editorial – Smart Meters, 5G and Corona Virus


June 2020 Editorial – Smart Meters, 5G and Corona Virus

The U.S. government’s National Toxicology Program (NTP) study1 found that exposure to radio frequency radiation (RFR) at around 900 MHz, which is emitted by cell phones and smart meters caused cancer of the heart and brain in rats. These Glioblastoma and Schwannoma tumors were similar to those found in studies of cell phone users.

The NTP study was very thorough, costing $25 million and lasting for 10 years. Another massive study in RFR, this one by the Ramazzini Institute2 (Italy), also found Schwannomas as well as malignant glial tumors.  That was the largest animal study ever carried out on the health effects of radio frequency radiation. Other studies have found DNA damage3 and damage to the immune system4 from exposure to RFR, a form of non-ionizing radiation.

The Bioinitiative 2012 report contains 1800 new studies showing abnormal gene transcription, DNA damage, reduction in free-radical scavengers – particularly melatonin and carcinogenicity from exposure to electromagnetic fields. ( https://bioinitiative.org/).

Meanwhile, the U.S. regulatory agency FCC continues to claim that non-ionizing radiation is safe, based on out of date research. A Harvard University ethicist has called the FCC a “captured agency”, meaning it has been captured by the wireless industry which it is supposed to regulate.5

Cell phone towers, smart meters and now 5G are to be found near, or on our homes. They emit radiation that has been shown to undermine the immune system, leading to the most serious diseases. That’s the last thing the world population needs during this time of Covid-19. With no vaccines and no effective treatments, our sole defense, aside from social distancing, is our immune system.

Only a disturbed mind or one dominated by greed, would want to place immune suppressing radiation devices next to every home during a pandemic. The wireless industry stands to make billions from these dangerous and unnecessary technologies.

As of May 2020, scientists and medical doctors from 40 countries have signed the 5G Appeal6. It calls for a halt to 5G until safety studies can be done. In nations around the world there are initiatives to fight against 5G. The Global Protest to Stop 5G took place on June 6th 2020. You can watch the compelling video “We do not consent” here:  https://stop5ginternational.org

In the U.S., due to citizen demand, some 40 states now permit people to opt-out of having a smart meter forced on their home.

Sometimes a personal story conveys a message better than a scientific study. This brief video by Lawyer Jimmy Gonzalez will drive home the danger of cell phone radiation.

Whether it’s about smart meters, cell towers or 5G, you can join initiatives wherever you live to oppose these immune disrupting technologies.

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  • I am sorry but your research is wrong. 40 states do not allow you to opt out of smart meters. Actually only a handful of states allow this and it is getting less and less each day. I know because we move a lot and I need to know what is going on with the smart meters in each area. And what is worse than 5g now is that Starlink is planning on zapping us with 5 g from space with satellites very soon here. You can move away from a tower or have a tower removed but you cannot get away from satellites.

    • Chris I like that you seem to know about the 5G and the Starlink Please tell us, where do you get your information?

    • Hi Chris,
      There are opt out clauses in 39-40 states. If you send me an email ([email protected]) I’ll send you the list. I agree that Starlink is a terrible idea. There are other problems as well, but we have to just fight them as they come.

  • Hi, Alan…
    What has been done to the magazine that I find impossible to open the articles now, when everything was so easy before?


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