Feedback from August 2013

Feedback from August 2013 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone.

A very lovely issue, indeed.  Who would have thought that short stories with homeopathy as a theme would become a genre by itself. But it has now and we all are very happy for it. 

Vatsala Sperling


[Re: Darcy Coates Story: ]  Kept me engrossed till the last words and I forgot that I had an important appointment. Came across a good story after such a long time. It deserves first prize.

Dr Ramesh Talreja


Dear Dr. Bhatia,

Sadly……this is true what you mentioned : “ more than 90% of those who do end up practicing homeopathy are using complexes and doing polypharmacy shamelessly..”  I saw this firsthand while teaching classical homeopathy in Thailand for a month. No one reads the Organon, no one follows the principles of prescribing.



Hi Dr. Bhatia,

I’m glad some light is being shed on the problem with education in schools of homeopathy. I’ve always seen this as a major issue for homeopaths the world over, and wished there were some things we could all do together to make education that much better and that much more universal for practitioners who truly wish to become the best they can be.

Nancy Siciliana


I like to read clinical cases the most. It provides guidance. Currently I am practicing in Bangalore. Is there any homeopath’s association in Bangalore? Looking forward to your next issue.

Regards and thanks
Dr. Meha.


Thank you very much for the August issue of the Homeopathy for Everyone

Dr DoinaPavlovschi


Another good issue and great articles. Would like to see some stories around stomach issues i.e. bloating before eating and after eating and generally just stomach bloating that won’t go away and face and eye puffiness and bloating that I suffer from but can’t seem to get rid of.


J. Miller



This August issue is simply Impeccable and Inimitable ! I have no words to express my appreciation for this beautiful Issue! Indeed all people who have put in real hard work in preparing this Issue deserve the highest praise and maximum of admiration !

Al Shalid


Dear Doctor,

Thanks for mailing me the August-2013 issue. It is always very informative. It refreshes my memory and rejuvenates me. I like it very much!  Best wishes for its progress in the future.

Dr. Daljeet Kishore
B.Sc., DHMS(Pb.)


Dear Dr. Manish Bhatia,

May Gods and Heavens be blessing you with long life to bring forth such very useful material and tips in the Homeopathic treatment.I deem that it is a service rendered to humanity which indirectly fetches the blessing of God to your family, especially your CHILDREN. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Guruji Chennai


Thanks for the updates !  A noble job…!

 Dr. Mahendra Kabra



Rana Saeed Ahmed Khan


August 19, 2013

( Re: Basic Modes of Body Language and Homeopathic Materia Medica Ajit Kulkarni )  I have gone through the book meticulously and it is really amazing  innovative and recommended for all serious reader of homoeopathic profession.

Dr Shubhamoy Ghosh


[Re: Quality Homeopathic Education – Rasmi Shukla]

I totally agree with Dr. Rashmi Shukla’s points. I do see many people using BHMS just as a ticket to allopathic practise. I feel it like an “auto immune disease ” to homoeopathy itself. This gives a serious threat to the future of homoeopathy in our society. So it is our duty to take necessary steps as said by Dr. Rashmi Shukla ,in time.

Dr. R. Vivek


Re: Tips & Secrets

Excellent tips, I eagerly await every month. Really practical

Arun Kumar Katara


[Re: A Case of Cancer of the Ovary]

Thanks Dr Pawan Pareek for a good case!

Dr. Shaikh Raman


[Re: Case 3 from Sarajevo]

Causticum is found to play a good role here. The selection of medicine is very vital as done by Lucinda. Her efforts deserve appreciation



Always informative. Always inspiring.


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