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From: The Homeopathic Dose of a Mother – Paola Brown

The Homeopathic Dose of a Mother

I heartily agree with this article. As in 1906 with the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act, which later enabled the formation of the FDA, it was Mothers and Women’s Groups that were at the forefront of this movement: getting things done when the government had stalled and was paralyzed by conflicting interests. Go Americans For Homeopathy Choice!!! Go Moms!

Dr. Ronald Whitmont

Belladonna is one of the wonderful remedies that I have used for over 30 years with remarkable results. The ignorance and the prejudice stems from profit motive and anti-competition spirit of big Pharma.

Gopal Pandey


From:  Conquering Fevers with Homoeopathy by Gajanan Dhanipkar  -Reviewed by Dr. Manish Bhatia

Wonderful, Dr. Dhanipkar!

Dr. Firuzi Mehta


From:  Questions Patients Ask – Elaine Lewis

Brilliant article and so articulate ! I loved it.


Thanks Elaine. Your explanations with the Organon’s reference really made a difference. I had read through the aphorisms again for my understanding. You did answer my question completely.  Re: Babies Co-sleeping with mothers : Very well said as babies are a part of the mother till 3 yrs . It is also said that, babies sleep in the womb with the sound of mother’s heart beat (because that’s the only sound they listen to in that silent dark womb).



Great article, thank you!



From:  Scope of Traditional Small Medicines  in a Drug Dependant Pathology of Cholelithiasis  – Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea


Excellent case!

Dr. Firuzi Mehta


From: Editorial – Corruption Wins the Day in the UK – Alan V. Schmukler

Big Pharma is determined to protect their profits at any cost and by any means.
They have never cured anyone of anything because cures do not make money
Only lifetime treatments that cause side effects needing more and more medicines keep their profits rolling in. Medical students are no longer taught clinical signs and symptoms and everything is based on lab results and “its in range ” responses and we now have an increasingly sick population.

The government via NHS drug procurement dept is now banning drugs that patients need, because Big pharma has hiked the costs massively. Hence instead of tackling the root cause of money being leached from NHS and policing what big pharma was ripping them off for, they just ban it. Will the world face the facts about Big Pharma? I doubt it although the program The Handmaids Tale sure shows the toxic world and its effects we are fast heading towards


Any consenting adult must have the right to choose the form of medicine that she wants to have. Does the ruling not violate a fundamental right of the individual?

Shashank Vaidya

Very selfish and arrogant attitude. All involved are just worried about their loss of business and they don’t care for the heath of common people. Inspite of their best efforts, they will be not successful and homeopathy will continue to help the suffering community.

Dr Shashi Mohan Sharma

Every evidence shows that especially higher educated patients seek complementary care as they are trained to discern between pharma pr babble and scientific facts.

Martien Brands

It’s sad to see such narrow mindedness among the medical community. The truth of the matter isn’t that Homeopathy is ‘witchcraft’ or ‘placebo’ but that it might bankrupt Big Pharma if allowed to prosper.


Shame! Humans are providing the ammunition for their own extinction.

Dr. Firuzi Mehta


From:  Radical Honesty – Catherine O’ Driscoll

Radical Honesty

Throughout history new and seemingly radical ideas have always gone the same route: ignoring of them, then ridiculing them, then outright attacking them, including trying to have them banned, then acceptance. This is the reason why, although it seems hopeless at the moment, we can take heart. Gone are the days when we homeopaths were ignored, we are now in the second and third stages simultaneously. The more they attack us, they greater they see us as a ‘danger’ – to their authority, their prestige, and their incomes. This is why we must not give up – in fact we must redouble, triple, quadruple our efforts. it’s great that we are being attacked – it shows that we are a force to be reckoned with –

Liz Walton


This is a parallel to what has happened in human health care, where the NHS has double-crossed homeopathy users too. Unfortunately the leading organisations of the homeopaths have been totally useless and thoroughly inadequate at countering the propaganda from SaS and the “skeptic” community (slavish followers of false authority who have turned the meaning of the word on its head). How can we actually combat the forces of evil and scientism? One way is to elect people with some mettle. Another might be to organise social media properly, rather than in a wishy-washy style – so that when there are e-petitions they are actually heard about and don’t just languish. Why are homeopaths avoiding being on official committees? Why are we not getting political representatives and authorities on our side? Why are we leaving the field open for followers of bogus scientism?

We need to get convincing research models into the mainstream, rather than methodologies which run counter to natural & holistic therapies. The conventional research model seeks to exclude considerations of the individual, so no wonder it does not recognise individualised therapies. The conventional model clearly fails when it comes to identifying dangerous adverse effects – some of which are found and acted on only years later – whereas this is not a problem in homeopathy. In short, conventional ‘science’ – which discards real clinical experience as if it didn’t matter – is not fit for the purpose. Come on, homeopaths everywhere. We need to get our act together to counter the forces of evil.



I know from experience with my dogs that homoeopathy works where conventional medicine fails. I want to keep my right to protect the animals for whom I am responsible from conventional medicine which may shorten their lives.

Helena Lane


From:  A Deeper Look at Calcarea Phosphoricum – Dr. Janice Block

A Deeper Look at Calcarea Phosphoricum

Nicely written and deeply explained article. It is a must for everybody to read and understand the remedy Calc Phos.  I request the author to give a few cases of the remedy and its effectiveness.



From:  Joseph’s Repertory – Josesph Fernandes

A very commendable work. Very simple and easy to follow. Congratulation to Joseph for his work.

Aslam  Sherwani

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