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Readers comment on the November 2023 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone

From:  A Child with Severe Tantrums is Helped with Homeopathy – Dr. Anke Zimmermann

A Child with Severe Tantrums is Helped with Homeopathy

This case illustrates a problem that is very much under the radar of both conventional and many holistic practitioners. Ultrasound is used all the time and generally believed to be benign.  It is a safer alternative to some other diagnostic methods, but not without some danger.  This case demonstrates that homeopathy is a gentle way to heal negative effects from its use.

Alan V. Schmukler

 From: Vaccine Injured Children: 21st Century Tragedy by Dr. Isaac Golden -Reviewed by Vatsala Sperling.

Vaccine Injured Children: 21st Century Tragedy by Dr. Isaac Golden is a must read for every parent. Dr. Golden is a world expert on this topic and he answers the most important questions: Do vaccines cause injury? What are the symptoms, How to prevent injury, How do we treat vaccine injury? Vatsala Sperling gives an excellent account of the book in her review.

Jennie Gerwin

 From: Cervical spine pain in a woman of 43  – Dr.Tiago Amorim

Cervical Spine Pain in a Woman of 43

A very thoughtful approach to arrive at the medicines and potencies.

Dr Shiv L. Patil

From: Exploring Caulophyllum: Acute Benefits and Gender Equality in Homeopathy -by Dr. Shailendra Vaishampayan


A wonderful article! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. It is a pleasure to know that there are still real homeopathic practitioners who both, practice Hahnemannian homeopathy and teach it too. I keep hoping that one day I would have enough time to write about Lycopodium females. I do believe there are just as many of them around as male ones but our old materia medicas fail to properly describe them. I hope you will continue contributing to our shared knowledge. Looking forward to more of your articles here.

Helen Raquel Cohen

Excellent case Dr V! And the way you have contrasted and compared the two important remedies is superb.

Sacheen B. Khirid

From:  Sexual Abuse and the Tabloid – by Sue Young


Sexual Abuse and the Tabloid

This case has some key themes that the curative remedy must cover: Violence, danger, abuse, rape, blood, mutilation, murder, magic, fairy tales, high towers, castles, drugs, wild animals, duality, multiple personalities (She identifies with the Sorceress Morgan-del-Fray from the Arthurian legend).

According to the Law of the Mirror she regains her loss of power by identifying and seeing herself as a Healer-Sorceress, prescribing remedies for herself. The Solanaceae family covers the case absolutely. Indeed, the remedies Belladonna and Stramonium have really helped her.

Belladonna has the ‘delusion, is a magician’. But all the Solanaceae family have themes of magic and witches. Unfortunately, repertorisation will not suggest Mandrake as much as Belladonna or Stramonium, because the remedy is not so extensively proved.

The predominate Miasm in this case is clearly Leprosy. This leads to Mandragora (or Mandrake). The theme of magic and spells is very much associated with Mandrake (remember Harry Potter!) Mandrake also has the theme of deep sleep to escape the violence. (The drug is mentioned in Romeo and Juliet)

She says: “… I love sleep, but it’s pretty elusive – an escape from the world…”

The leprosy Miasm:  At secondary school “… I was the outsider… [with]… fleeting friendships… I had one friend, we were united in alienation, with hatred of the other kids, bullied and attacked by a gang of girls in the 4th year.

David Mundy

From:  Cartoon “Obedience” – Alan V. Schmukler

Oh dear – This is so true of so many people who haven’t seen the light and won’t be told 🙁

Rochelle Marsden

The pressure to conform is enormous. Many clients come saying I want to come off my orthodox medicines yet when push comes to shove, they are reticent to take charge of their health and to go against the doctor’s orders. They wait for a doctor to take them off ineffective orthodox medicines rather than doing it themselves. Empowering our clients to break free when it’s safe to do is difficult, putting us between the client and the doctor. They tend to listen to the doctor as they have more “authority” when really listening to healing might be what would be desired.

Louise Deacon

You are so right, Louise. People who are getting no help at all keep seeing their doctors and doing whatever they say even when the advice they’re getting couldn’t be stupider. Like telling cancer patients to eat plenty of candy to keep their weight up.

Elaine Lewis




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