Letters to the Editor Aug 2011

Letters to the Editor Aug 2011

Thank you for this issue. I am a vet and I am trying homeopathy with animals in my consultation. It is a good choice.

C. Castel


Hi and thanks for the great issue. I always find Richard Pitcairn interesting and informative. He has a very relaxed and no nonsense approach, adheres to the science as Hahnemann insisted and is able to explain it in ways that I can understand. I look forward every month to a new issue and enjoy them all, but this week’s was excellent.

Thanks again
Deb Maurer


I especially liked the whole edition devoted to animal care.
Thank you


Dear Friends,

As always, your most recent issue on veterinarian medicine was greatly appreciated and has been forwarded to at least one vet who has recently seen how homeopathy can help in the treatment of animals. I am also hoping to send it along to a wildlife rehabilitator I know that probably will be helped by it. Needless to say, I also picked up a number of tips and some suggestions on dealing with animals that need medical care.

Thanks again,

S.L. Soltes


I’m a new Homeopath (for people rather than animals) but I’m so glad I read this issue – as the article on miasms was wonderful, cant recall who it was by now – but excellent!
Thanks for the wonderful newsletter, keep it up.

Cheers Raia

Editor’s note: Dear Raia, the article you enjoyed on miasms was “Hahnemann’s Anti-Miasmatic Prescribing” by Dr. Richard Pitcairn.


I loved this vet issue. I’ve tweeted many of the articles widely!

Thank you very much for golden tips.


It was a great issue and one of the reasons is that i’m a 4th year student at the NYSH.
Dear Hpathy

I end up reading old issues but I find the information invaluable. I’ll make more effort to catch up. Great content. Easy to understand.
Love doing the crossword. Thank you.

Geraldine Ford

Just to keep you posted about the current issue of Ezine, would like to thank
you for another edition of your journal and its informative contents; Once again I liked the part on History of Homeopathy, and the 6th part of Dr Elaine’s “What the patients ask”; Her down to earth explanation of the intricacies about different aspects of
homeopathy makes it clear as to what is right and what is not, about true
homeopathy. I have been a fan of hers and took part in many of her Quizzes
program. Incidentally I also did a course with Dr. Breslow and got started in Homeopathy many years ago.
Best regards to all at Hpathy and to contributors of fine articles;
Dr Wequar – Miami


My most favorite part to read is TIPS and ..It is really beneficial for study and practise. Please keep it up and add more common symptoms for remedy.
I admit I could not go through the whole in a month. Do you have any quiz page. I love to participate in them.

Thanks for your efforts for this e-magzine.
Kulwant Saxena

Editor’s Note: Yes Kulwant we do have a quiz! Scan down to the bottom of ezine page and you will see Elaine’s wonderful Quiz. There’s one every month!
I have great appreciation for your July 2011 Newsletter regarding Animals and their diseases and problems and I have never seen such informative articles anywhere in the world and your excellent services are highly appreciated to share knowledge amongst homoeopathy lovers. God bless you and the authors of all the valuable articles.

With kindest regards

Sincerely yours
Dr. Sayeed Ahmad

Good issue!

Elaine Ferry

Excellent. Thanks.

MS Verma


I had gone through this special issue regarding veterinary special , which is very good and informative regarding veterinary repertory, homeopathic treatment of cancer in animals, animal behaviour and veterinary homeopathy really i impress with such article. But also you have add more clinical article so reader, animal owners and veterinary practitioner may aware and attract more regarding homeopathic treatment.
Thanking you
Dr. Parsani

I ALWAYS enjoy “Tips and Secrets”. I especially found the article on alopecia very helpful.

Sincerely, Honey Fortney


I am learning a lot in website . Just starting to get familiar with all there is. Just found the crossword puzzle. That’s fun . Dr. Manish Bhatia and Alan V Schmukler and others I find a lot of interesting subjects. On a personal note -arnica helped me when a car hit me while I was stopped at the traffic lights. Also I used it after an operation instead of allopathic pain medicine and it worked great!
Hope you continue doing HPATHY WEBSITE. Finally people are starting to be open to homeopathy., and your website will encourage some of them to become an homeopathic doctors. We need them.!

Lorraine Jessel

Unfortunately my husband deleted the last issue before I could read it. Animal homeopathy is especially interesting because it is so gentle for the animals and no problems about is it only for dogs, not cats etc. I assume I can connect with it in the archives next time.

Editor: Yes, all the back issues of the journal are stored at Hpathy here:


Our present problem is the ailments common to Senior Citizens, specially back ache and knee pain. Any suggestions?.

V. Nataranjan

Nice issue for those who deal in animals. Excellent

Rajesh M


Thomas Chandy


Sir, since long it was in my mind that certainly our homeopathy is related with these nano particles because no medicinal particles are seen in higher potency of our medicines, but it acts so swiftly & accurately that every other person remains amused. At old time when the scientific research was not so advanced the phenomena was was only symptomatic, but now we can correlate every incidence with each other & it should be for the betterment of our fraternity. A good question indeed has been raised for making every person to keep himself aware of the recent developments in connection to homeopathy. Thanks a lot for this campaign of awareness


Dr. Pitcairn’s report on his experiences with homeopathic treatment of animals was especially rewarding in more ways than one. Although personally “not into animals” – the article puts to rest those notions of nay sayers who claim that homeopathy is purely of only psychological value. Psychology perhaps is somewhere in the equation so far as humans go, with so much emphasis on Psora , but the write up does prove that there has to be a clear pattern in all this which may not be readily palpable to the best of researchers. This is especially so in modern times where everyone is seeking “quick fixes” to all their ailments with visible, albeit expensive material doses. This is a fact of life, which every homeopath needs to contend with but need not be unfazed. Strictly this is a thankless job. Some who have been cured by yours truly of chronic ailments over time simply attribute the reason to other fields of medicine, although they had knocked on the door of Homeopathy only after having tried out the other known fields!

Dr.Prabhakar M Choudoor


Thanks for the July issue…I’m learning a lot from this issue.

Pardeep K

Hpathy,com is a very informative website for learning homoeopathy. The Tips series and other articles are very informative. One can learn from them very much.
Please keep it up
Dr. M.A.Kahn

A very informative and interesting issue!

Ajit Pandit


Great articles Thanks a lot !

Alexandra Jakubowski

Dear Editor,

I really like the articles that are published in your esteemed journal. They are not only knowledgeable but quite informative. Various new details are provided through the articles.
Thanks for the issue on veterinary homoeopathy.

Dr. Meenakshi Ambwani


Dear friends,

My main focus is homeopathy for humans and I find it much more interesting. Thanks anyway for all the good work. I certainly will send in an article in the future. The fruit isn’t ready yet to be picked.

Best regards,

Jeroen Holtkamp, I.S.Hom.


Homeopathic Alternatives to Vaccines article is very informative and useful.

with regards
Ksk Mohan


Very interesting subject to read and remember for enhancing knowledge.
All my good wishes
SK Tiwari


July issue of Hpathy is excellent. we are expecting more on veterinary homeopathy. it is better to deal with day to day dairy issues.

smile ever – Thank you



Dear Friends,
Thank you so much for sending me these articles.

Yours sincerely,
Prof. S P Pandey


The issue of July is very very interesting and I have already had contact with a veterinary colleague.

Christiane Lhuillier
Hi There,

Its wonderful to see that Hpathy is almost dissolving every cube of medical knowledge. Well done Hpathy team.



Thank you for the July issue of the Homeopathy 4 everyone, I found it very interesting, as usual.

Kind regards,
Dr Doina Pavlovschi


Tips are very interesting.

Dr R.C. Mishra


The July issue is a very interesting and effective issue and, all the articles very good and knowledgeable . I want more on rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis .




I was quite pleased to see this issue with treatments for pets and related articles. I’m a firm believer in using alternative medicines and treatments for our furry family members. After all, we use those for ourselves, so why not for them.

Thank you,


Dear Dr. Manish Bhatia,
I admire you for your selfless zeal and devotion to homeopathy.

Dr. R. K. Saxena
MSc (AIIMS) Ph D (IITDelhi)
Ex. Professor of BME IITD (30years)
Scientific Advisor Delhi Anunshandhan Parishad


As I am always learning and reviewing information, I am grateful for the information your articles provide me, and hope I will be always able to access them
Jill C


Dear sir

Little info has been written about the homeopathic treatment of dupuytren’s contracture and i am hoping you may of someone who has done some work in this area?


Linlee Jordan

EDITOR’S NOTE: Dear Linlee, here is a link to an article by Dr. Bhatia which may be of help.


Dear Editor,

I enjoyed the Hpathy edition which dealt with animals and the approaches being taken versus traditional veterinary medicine. I know many animal lovers and breeders, and forwarded this edition to them to enjoy.

Thank You,
D.F. Brown, Ph.D.


Recent case: Male, 6 months ago seemed the Constitutional Remedy was Ignatia, (30c given), however, abscesses would not clear up, as well as Oedema. Hepar Sulph 30C given, cleared up in 48 hours; one needs always to think outside the Patients Profile in addition to general symptoms.
Such instant positive response is always heartening.

Best Regards,


Very nice, your help for my practice. Thanks for anticipation.

Homeopathic -Dr-Muhammad nasir sharif


Dear Editor,

I really enjoy your magazine and I read it entirely every month. But the last one with Dr. Pitcairn was really the best. Thank you!!!

Anne-Marie Kirkoryan , Classical homeopath


Dear Editor,
One could easily spend a week reading and learning from the informative, interesting newsletter; however, I must pick and choose a few topics and then move on to my work at hand. In the July issue, since I no longer have pets, I skipped the Veterinary subjects. I read with much interest the questions and responses regarding vaccinations, the experiences in India re: vaccinating for polio. I was a teenager during the polio epidemic in the U.S. in 1953, and after a summer of straining and weakening my immune system, I suffered and survived, without evident residuals, an incredible, life-altering experience with bulbar polio. I learned later that I was one of only 12 survivors in the polio ward with 26 other polio patients.
I have been using and studying homeopathy for years, not as a professional, but as an interested self-help teacher, a parent, grandparent, friend promoting Natural healing within the limitless scope of Nature. My books on homeopathy help me, as do resources such as yours. I appreciate having Homeopathy for Everyone because it is not complex, and it contributes to ongoing learning that keeps me thinking, makes me aware, and supports my interests in helping others with conditions.
Della Verdugo


Dear sir,
July issue remained very good as usual. I liked all the articles.Thanks.

Dr.Raj KumarKamboj


Very useful going through the ezine.

thank you



Very informative articles and useful tips.

Mangu V Rao


Dear sir/Madam,

We find the same very much useful.
Thanks & regards



Wonderful! I just copied all the great articles for future reference. Information I know I will be glad that I can go to for answers.
Nancy Ross


Thank you so much for devoting a whole issue to veterinary homeopathy! I found much that was very useful and additional knowledge to that I’ve accumulated over the years, treating my own pets.
Jan Foti

Dear Editor,

Thank you,

All articles of hpathy are very interesting
Dr. Sergio Linares


Good morning,

As always Hpathy is a precious addition to all homeopathic study material.
As for this addition : WHY the focus almost mainly on animals ?
Live in middle of town, no animals to see far or wide…..Maybe a mix of the two could be a nice thing !

Kindest regards,



Dear editors,
Especially interesting the vaccine issue!!
Dr. Peter Stevens


Dear Editor,
Great as always. I pass the e-mail onto my partner who is wishing to train as a homeopath
Jason Wincott


Dear Editor,
Not enough info!!!!
Dr. Deva Kaur Khalsa, Yardley, PA should be your source. We need to know how much and what formula to detox their livers from years of crap commercial foods, what remedies address CRF feline and canine and what LM potencies heal canine colitis!

Thank you.

Mary Patricia


Dear Sirs,

July 2011 magazine is especially for veterinary / animals in what I am not interested. I am very sorry.


As not all of the readers of Hpathy are homeopaths, as in my case, I think it would be useful to provide a list of Homeopaths who give treatment to patients from other countries via the internet.

With my best wishes
Roberto Camacho

Dear Editor,

The interview with susan Sonz is very interesting. The most useful article is “A review of Hepatitis” and remedies suggested by Dr. Kadar.
Thanking you,



Dear Editor
Paper contributed by Dr. Elaine Lewis on “Questions patients ask-part 6 “, is very interesting. It gives the clear concept of Homeopathic prescribing and case taking.It is a great learning for students and young practitioners.

R.B. Singh

I would like to request for the homeopathic vaccination protocol for the human beings. Do we have such? If yes, could you please highlight in your next issue or send me via this e-mail.
Thank you very much,
Dr. Pallavi – Singapore

Dear Pallavi,

There is an interview with Dr. Isaac Golden in Hpathy’s journal, in which he discusses the protocol for homeoprophylaxis.
You can find it here:

Alan V. Schmukler
Editor –


Dear sirs,

I go through the e.journal once a month and I suggest that articles on materia medica for three or four medicines will be more helpful please.

Thanks and regards


Good Day Hpathy Team,

Thanks a lot for sending the email with very good information. Really we are so happy and getting much use from Please keep us on your mailing list.

Best Regards,

Dr. Mamoona Ijaz
Al-Falah Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital

Thank you very much for sending the mail.The july issue of veterinary homoeopathy is really a good topic.
Kamal Basha

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Alan V. Schmukler

Alan V. Schmukler is a homeopath, Chief Editor of Homeopathy for Everyone and author of ”Homeopathy An A to Z Home Handbook”, (also in French, German, Greek, Polish and Portuguese). He is Hpathy’s resident cartoonist and also produces Hpathy’s Tips & Secrets column and homeopathy Crossword puzzles each month. Alan is a recipient of the National Center for Homeopathy Martha Oelman Community Service Award. Visit Alan at his website: Here.


  • Greetings Dick,

    I’m so glad that worked for you. One never knows where the answer to a problem will come from. Gunpowder is definitely underused.

    Warm Regards

  • Alan this is just to let you know that last months Vet. case have help me I contacted you a long time back re my infected hip replacement i followed your suggestion but nothing really helped
    –used Reiki healing which closed my fistula and it stopped leaking in 10 week but then it oppened up again I have continued with Reiki with some reduction but when i read last month issue re Gunpowder for wounds etc on birds + It seemed it was just perfect for me .I obtained Gunpowder C12 +C30 and after only 2 doses of C12 my fistula oppening on my operation scare is practically closed and very little discharge.WOW!!!after 2 years of leaking + eating Penicillen its great. I will keep you informed of progress. Yours in Homeopathy Dick Morris Sweden

  • Dear sir,
    A very good issue with lot of usable tips.The article on Geriatrics is very informative.Case by Dr.S.K.Banerjee is very good and knowalgeable.On the whole the issue is very good.
    Dr.Raj Kumar Kamboj.

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