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Readers comment on the June 2017 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone.

From: Heroic Times in Italian Homeopathy: An Interview with Dr. Elio Rossi (Part 2/2)

Without words, excellent!

Roberto Camacho

The wisdom to know how to effect change, especially against great resistance is something Dr. Rossi has in abundance.  Kudos to you sir.

Martin Earl

From: Tidbits 47–What To Feed Your Kids So They Won’t Wind Up Sick, Or Stupid! – Elaine Lewis

Excellent article with sensible information, as always, Elaine!


I agree wholly with Elaine Lewis, if you want smart and healthy children you have to put quality food into their bodies. Thank you for the great advice and tips on foods….

Manon Larose

Another interesting and entertaining Tidbit by Elaine!  Every school district has a Facebook page and this article needs to make its way on each one. Regarding vitamin C… when consumed in the presence of sugar, the absorption rate is dangerously low!


From:  The Plant Doctor  – Radko Tichavsky

An exceptional column from an extraordinary man.  Radko Tichavsky’s answers demonstrate wisdom about the delicate balance of nature.  Thank you

Martin Earl

From: The Soul of Remedies: Antimonium Crudum – Rajan Sankaran

I am convinced Dr Sankaran has deep philosophical knowledge of human beings. He describes these characters with great imagination.


From: Cartoon:  The Good Life  – Alan Schmukler

Great cartoon Alan…that is about right!


I’m sure it doesn’t compute, Alan.

Elaine Lewis

From:  Homeopathy Heal Thyself – Amy Lansky

The first thing which came into my mind was Arnica and the world of Lanthanides. Their main aspects are “stubbornness, perseverance and autonomy”. They believe “doctor heal yourself” and they try to practice it.

From:  Muscular Dystrophy in an 8 Year Old Boy – Dr. Jitesh Sharma

Muscular Dystrophy in an 8 Year Old Boy

Wonderful case. Thank you!

Luanne Somers

From:  The Hip Hop Healthy Heart Program for Children -Jyl Steinback and Dr. Maryann Ivons

This is just incredible. I love the vision and the idea. Here’s to healthy children.

Zoë Rubinstein

Thank you for your great news dear Jyl. I love the thought that, “classical homeopathy is the circle of wellness that works.” The young also seem to learn quicker than what occurs in the busyness of mid-life and in the loneliness of old age.

Anne Corssen

From:  Three Neon Cases – Jeremy Sherr

Neon Cases

Thank you for illustrating Neon with these 3 cases. I get a sense that it is a remedy for a deeply depressed person who is not aware of the fact. Your cases give a vague sense of the remedy, but still too unsubstantial to prescribe for me.

Manon Larose

From:  A Brief Encounter With “Coughers”, “Sneezers” – Carla Carmichael

A Brief Encounter With “Coughers”, “Sneezers” and an Ant!

I enjoyed your story and I agree that mankind needs to get a whole lot smarter. Maybe we’ll be as smart as an ant someday.


From: Treating Hay Fever Successfully With Homeopathy – Mike Andrrews

Treating Hay Fever Successfully With Homeopathy

Thanks Mike Andrews for the article.  Very informative about the treatment of Hayfever with homeopathy.


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