Letters to the Editor August 2008

Letters to the Editor August 2008

I am re- reading Rudi Verspoor’s interview for the third time. His discussion of Heilkunst is rich with ideas and deserving scrutiny.

Lillian Banks -UK


Thank you for that enlightening interview with Rudi Verspoor. The development of noetic organs of perception parallels Rudolf Steiner’s view that one could develop their perceptual ability to grasp knowledge independent of sensory experience. A thoroughly mind expanding interview.

P. Stroud – UK


Dear editor,

I have been receiving your Ezine ‘Homeopathy for Everyone’ regularly every month and reading each and every article with wholehearted interest as well as undeviating attention. In this issue also I found almost all the articles very interesting and informative. But Rudi Verspoor’s statement-‘Even the “masters” admitted that success was at best 10-15%, what then could a mere student and apprentice hope to accomplish?”‘is ineffably shocking. I want editors Dr. Bhatia’s as well as Alan Schmukler’s comments whether this statement of Rudi Verspoor is true and based on facts. I personally do not agree with his remark. In my own practice I have been observing 90% success through homeopathic system of medicine for the last 38 years, what to say about masters. I also want to know from Rudi Verspoor the rate of success through Heilkunst. Such type of statements attract non believers to attack Homeopathy, such as the one presently going on in U.K. If editors have no comments over this matter, there will not be any use of giving feedback on any article, so I am waiting for editors’ comments.


Rudi Verspoor responds:

First, I didn’t say that that was the success rate with homeopathy, but only what I know from my own evidence was stated by two well-known masters.Second, there is no standard that I know of to measure success rates other than the one that Hahnemann established, namely to cure, to remove disease and to make people sound (gezond), which is a state of no disease.

Third, we know from Hahnemann’s own experience with homeopathy predominately between 1796 and 1816, 20 years, that he considered that homeopathy alone was successful in removing the secondary, pathic diseases, but as he discovered to his dismay, not at all successful – indeed, a dismal failure – at removing the deeper, primary, tonic diseases, in particular the chronic miasms.

So, success has to be defined according to the complex nosology set out by Hahnemann, and then the treatment, in a logical, sequential pattern, for all the diseases identified in the patient based on that nosology, not just the removal of symptoms, as Hahnemann also made clear that absence of symptoms does not mean absence of disease.

I have never met a practitioner who claims publicly less than 90% success, and each certainly can have a basis for this, in that 90% of the diseases identified by him have been removed, or at least the symptoms have been removed (which is often seen as success), but then what about all the diseases not seen by the practitioner because of limits to knowledge?

As Hahnemann demonstrated quite clearly in his Chronic Diseases, the problem is always a conceptual one, in being able to get the biggest picture of disease(s) possible. That is the measure of success, as with a system of principles for prescribing as set out by Hahnemann, once the disease is identified, the correct remedy follows from that diagnosis.

Rudi Verspoor


The first homeopathic prescription I ever received was a nosode and it was prescribed by an old and very experienced homeopath. Since then I find that many homeopaths are shy about using nosodes. Rudi Verspoor suggests treating the fixed diseases first, but this idea seems to have been lost.

Katie Phillips U.S.


Dear Dr Manish Bathia

A comment about Rudi Verspoor’s article who I find very interesting and I will find out more about it. Yes it is very important to understand the patient and listen carefully what the problems are. You have to ask yourself- is it a case for homeopathy or not?? Is the patient using allopathic medicine and getting a secondary medicine disease?

You have to listen and also use your eyes to find out what person you have in front of you. I want to tell you about a case: a man visited my practice and he was in a bad temper. He used a lot of drugs. I felt that the story he gave me wasn´t right. So instead of giving him homepathic medicine I talked to him and then I used “Reiki- healing”. After about three meetings I found out the man was a liar. Suddenly on our third meeting he starts to talk about the real problem- he wants a divorce and he has found another woman. He was so afraid what people around him would say if he leaves his wife and five children. Therefore he hides behind all this drugs and shows a bad behavior instead. When he tells me the true story and could talk about what burdens, him he feels much better and could do what he has to do. I dont think a homepathic medicine was the right thing here. First of all he must tell the true story and then stop taking the drugs.

I saw the case Rudi Verspoor talks about in his article, the man with arthritis who drank too much coffee and no water. The article says he must take away the coffee and start drinking water instead. (maybe he could drink a little cup of coffee, it is good isn´t it?) Yes , we must look to a persons lifestyle and explain what he has to change.

Heilkunst looks interesting and I shall take a look at their site. Thank you for sharing and for your article by Rudi Verspoor.



Your introduction to agro-homeopathy was an eye opener . When I see plants in my garden with spotted leaves or otherwise ill looking, I now have a new tool to deal with it. I like the repertory and materia medica. What a wonderful project!

Adrienne Badeau – U.S.


Homeopathy for Plants opens up a whole new and exciting area of exploration that may yield major benefits for agriculture. Who knows the boundries of homeopathy? Let the research continue. Perhaps it will shed light on the secrets of homeopathy. Thanks Hpathy!

Anne Sheptyck – Canada


Dear Editor,

Thank you for publishing Mark Moodie’s Homeopathy for Plants. Though some may disagree or hold their opinion in obeyance, you continue with your bold openness to and dialogue on new ideas.

Arthur Heller – UK


A lot of info. Great work. Just took me some time to get through it all. Thanks



Thank u. I enjoyed the issue very much. Dr. Babu.


Dear Sir,

The latest issue is very well brought up with illuminating articles. Homeopathy treatment of plants is very interesting.




I’d just like to say how much I enjoyed this very eclectic issue, especially with the inclusion of the plant/agricultural anthrosophy. A very well-rounded and interesting selection of thought provoking articles.

Sue Smith BA(Hons) LCHE MARH



Dr. C Ryan


Your articles were as good as the previous one, it has been always inspiring.



Hello from Finland.

I found the article about cancer and homeopathy very interesting because my mom died in lungcancer 12 years ago.I did not know then about homeopathy. i felt a relief with reading because cancer is a disease what people are most afreid of.And people who gets cancer are so helpless. I found interest alsou reading the very many ways how you can practice homeopathy.

Thank you very much



Homeopathy let us tell everyone about it!

Good for Carol trying to do some productions about Homeopathy. After the Channel 4 news in the winter ther is a 3 minute program which can be on a subject close to your heart we show do a program to talk about Homeopathy and its uses. Will email Carol. Please keep up the good work.

Best Wishes

Trixie Williams



I know I’m behind in reading your e-zine issues but in just getting halfway through the May issue I have really enjoyed it so far. I’m a Homoeopathic student in Sydney Australia and about to start student clinic next month. My aim is to continue reading current articles from journals and newsletters such as yours, to keep abreast of new ideas, research and the like.

Please keep up the great work and I hope to be up to date with my reading very soon!





I have to tell that I am particularly pleased to have the article by Dr. Cyril Smith. This helps me to make ‘connections ‘ between what I know of acupressser and homeopathy far more clearly.

Your publication is of great help to me as I am somewhat cut off from other homeopathic doctors by age and circumstances, but my mind is ever keen to learn. It helps me to help others who come my way from time to time.

Again a very sincere thank you to you for your work,

Take care,

To your good health,

Pat McCabe


Many many great wishes for you for promoting homoeopathy at this level. It is undoubtedly an immaculate effort to help grow homoeopathy. I greatly appreciate your work and efforts and would like to help you in this regard, if i may be needed.


Dr. Amer


Dear Sir,


Thank you very much for the July 2008 issue of H4E. I have started reading it.

Thanks again for publishing two of my letters in the Feedback section. In the second letter, there are nearly 20 typographical errors (relevant portion attached, highlighting the errors).

In this connection I would like to say the following:

1. This feedback is just sharing my feelings with you, the Editor. It is actually a Forum where I am sharing my views with all your readers.

2. In a wonderful ezine like yours, these errors stick out like black spots on a clean white shirt, marring the beauty of it.

3. They test the patience of the readers and drive them away from the letter, before the complete the reading.

Hence I would request you to kindly request the person who proof-reads, to pay a little more attention and ensure that such errors are not repeated.

Hope you do not mistake me for this letter.

With warm regards

Yours truly, Suri


Dear Sir,

Thanks to hpathy editors for publishing ‘Tips and secrets’. It is most wanted item listed in the police station of homoeopathy. The tips based on the experience of individual homoeopaths is nothing but abstract of hard work done by them. Once I was invited by a college of Chennai and first thing I was to lecture on was ‘my tips’although I was to lecture on a different subject. Tips are actually secrets of a homoeoapth to fetch success and they may not be related to the theory. Naturally I shall be sending my tips to Dr. Alen Schmukler to benefit the fratenity. Thanks once again and keep it up with your excellent of compliation of wonderful articles.

Dr. Shiv Dua


Professional homeopaths are too busy and will probably not be able to investigate agro-homeopathy. That leaves it up to us amateur blokes to try and see where it goes. This could be a solution to our increasingly chemicalized food. Is there a revolution in agriculture lurking behind this idea?

Jack Reid U.S.


I speak spanish, but I will try to tell you that Ienjoy

Sincerely yours



I have read the articles Dr Cyril Smith has written. It is difficult to understand all of it but I have tried and also print them out to sit down and read them carefully. It is very , very interesting. thank you.



As always it is very informative. Thanks

Kanwal Chaudhary


I liked Alan Schmukler – always. His book is like a bible for me and has helped numerous times. He writes in monthly articles in an easy, understandable format, and always practical and practicable.



Awesome as usual and greatly needed.

Linda Pranzitelli


As usual a very comprehensive line up.

Well done.



Dear sir,

Your site is very informative. I request you to have online cosultation with doctors and counselling section and also free medical advise for poor and needy patients and also counselling for medical students.


Desai. R.A


The question and answer colomn of Dr.G.V is indeed very good. The answers given by Dr. GV are very useful. I am here with the following suggestion: A panel of expert Homeopaths ( Invovlving various areas such as mind, heart, genetalia, ortho, genereal, bones and nerves etc for example ) may be constituted which could help the memberes and readers a great deal by offering their expertise in their fields.



Homeopathy 4 Plants

respected sir thanks for providing such a wonderful article by this article it is very useful for us like young homoeopaths sir in future continue such articles sir it very useful for us thanking you

with regards,



Dear Editor,

Thank you very much for the article “Role of Homeopathy in Deaddiction” It is very informative can be applied in practice. I have reports from practicioners where Avena Sativa worked very well in cases of drug addiction. Some other articles on Homeopathy in gardening (book presentation) are less valuable as they only give very vague information and there are more questions arising than there are solved.


Martha Greiner-Jetha


Great informative site – thanks for all the good work!



I had sent my feedback long back. However I am much impressed by the article by Dr. Alan Schmukler on tips. It is very useful article for all practitioners. Actually tips are secrets of the practioners that some doctors do not desire to reveal out of trade jealousy but this degrades the homoeopathy.All the tips found in practicemust be revealed to the fraternity. For example, I have found in my practice that almost 70 to 80 percent of cases of suppressed menses are restored by use of Pulsatilla 1 M two doses at the interval of one hour. In the case of abdomen pain on empty stomach, Anacardium is the sure shot and if the pain is after eating, Abies.N is useful. People know it but hesitant to use these medicines due to lack of confidence.


Dr. Shiv Dua


Always something interesting to read. Long may it keep going.

Barbara Camelford


I Did NOT receive the July issue. I only subscribed a couple of hours ago…. I had a look on the web and browsed through…… – Give me a ‘couple of months’ to actually *_read_* everything….., and I’ll give you my feedback….! So far: it looks quite good, you have a number of very interesting case histories presented….., but to read through all of them… will take time, at least for those who have other things to do as well (beside reading…)


Kim Frances ND


I have had a look at the “e-zene” now and apprecaiate your effort. Thanks for sending it!



Hello. Yes, I have received it and read it with interest – as I always do! I also took part in the poll. Many thanks for your efforts. Vera


Still learning the site. not sure if Q&A section by George V. was helpful, it appears that all of his answers state that he could not help w/o more info, (which is understood), or that they needed to read his book or listen to his lectures. Maybe he could ask them questions that could lead them, and fellow readers, to the answers they need. Seems to ave not real thought content in this section.







I really enjoy access to the information in Homeopathy for Everyone. I have used homeopathy for almost 20 years as I have raised my children. I have had two homeopathic doctors who have helped me in my studies and the treatment of my kids.

I find that the material in your e-newsletter is so dense I cannot always get through it, but I try. I always learn something new. I like the depth and breadth of all the articles. I appreciate the variety of educated and well supported opinions that are presented.

I consider life long learning one of the things I need to do in order to keep my brain healthy and flexible. I am glad Homeopathy for Everyone is there for me. I am sorry I don’t have anymore specific comments, but something is usually better than nothing.

Liz Plake



I really enjoyed the article on homeopathy and de-addiction you had in this month’s magazine.

I was wondering if you could do a synopsis on using homeopathy in Alzheimer’s Disease and/or dementia, which is becoming quite a problem here in the U.S.

Thank you,

Niki Galiano, Pharm.D.


Thank you for such interesting articles. I love the practical ones, like Miranda Castro’s in a previous edition. This month I was particularly interested in ‘Homeopathy for plants’ as we are in danger of losing our whole garden by the dreaded Honey Fungus. On another topic, I wondered whether your readers have discovered the book ‘Punk Science’ by Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton, I couldn’t put it down – it ties modern physics, Quantum theory , Black hole principle into spirituality, healing and energy healing. A riveting read!

Keep up the good work. Lynne.


Heilkunst as presented by Rudi Verspoor seems to offer solutions to the often low rate of success in homeopathic cases. The use of isodes to clear a case confused by drugs, or looking for maintaining causes in the patient’s life style are not unknown methods, but homeopaths are guilty of seriously underusing them. I congratulate Hpathy for continuing to present a wide spectrum of ideas. Sam Leach – U.S.


You are doing a great job Keep going.

Thanks Basheer


Dear Editor,

Going down memory lane, when I was a student of homeopathy in the Madras Presidency Homeo Assn, I remember my professor Dr. Koppikar, who was quite famous as a homeo doctor, saying that homeo medicines can be effectively used for both animals and plants for all ailments and gave us real examples of such cures in his own practice.



Wonderful guidance for homeopaths in selecting remedies. Thanks a lot.



I enjoyed the july issue of Homeopathy 4 everyone. Thank you for it.

Doina Pavlovschi


I enjoyed the July issue of the ezine. My favorite is the tips that various people send in. I think it’s great that I can read about personal experiences with various homeopathic remedies.

Great work! Acacia


Sir, I am very happy to see this issue and also very much enjoy Tips and Secrets -by- Alan Schmukler.My best wishes for next issue.

Thank You. Chiranjit Ghosh


You are doing an excellent job. The articles are very informative and knowledge booster .Please donot be sad. You are doing a commendable, selfless job. May almighty bless you and your team for this great effort.I will send some of the my cured cases in near future.

Dr. AnoopSingh Moti


Thank you very much, specially for the parts: Ask G. Vitholkas, & New papers.

Mohd. Taremi


Thanks for your work in Homeopathy for Everyone. I am sure a lot of readers appreciate the quality and opportunity of the articles, specially important are the different points of view in the authors and collaborators, please continue in your wanderful line of work.

Un saludo.

Eugenio Aguilar.


As always, wonderful information thank you so much “Homeopathy for Everyone”




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