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Feedback from August 2019 – Homeopathy 4 Everyone


Readers Comment on the August 2019 issue of Homeopathy 4 Everyone

From Editorial: Keep the Flame Burning – Alan V. Schmukler

My thinking about Homeopathy is, that when a substance, in liquid form, is diluted exponentially, a stage is reached when it is converted into energy. E=mc2 When this energy, having the same vibration energy as that of the ailing organ is administered, a resonance effect is created. Acquiring this additional energy, the ailing organ feels energized and the person feel better and in time is cured.


From:  Wet Split Dosing – MartinCostigan

Some useful info:

Donna Fox

I liked the case, good info. However, LM is inaccurate. The Roman numerals do not express the potency properly. They should be called “Q” potencies.

Dr. Burke

Good article. However, I think there have been so many years from the discovery of the 6th edition, and it still wonders me how many people find it new in 2019. We have to do an effort to apply once and for all the posology of the 6th. Liquid dosing and Q potencies should be used in every case and anytime, chronic or acute. There are only benefits in using Q potencies in liquid doses.  For those who disagree it’s always because they have never tried.

Dr. ML Clappers

From:  Helping A Client Thrive After Breast Cancer  – Susan Houghton

Thank you for this example of using autopathy for this type of case.  Jiri Cehovsky is constantly refining the method and it’s a wonderful tool.

Martin Earl

From: Homoeopathic Nosodes – Dr. Frances Bloomington

My teacher, who is fortunately still alive, taught me that nosodes are too frequently administered nowadays, and often because homoeopaths have too little materia medica knowledge to administer the appropriate simillium. I think he has a point. I think of nosodes as reaction remedies, useful if the vital force is not showing a clear remedy picture. I guess homoeopaths will always prefer to blame the allopaths for their woes, rather than subjecting themselves to honest self appraisal.

Kevin Morris

From:  How to Save Homeopathy – Peter Adams

We have failed in projecting a model of homeopathy to the scientific community. A model mathematically consistent, so that interested scientists -even at the behest of the world homeopathy community or a responsibile spokesperson- can analyse the behaviour of homeopathic remedies and derive the real plausible mechanism which must exist since we know the effectiveness is not mere imagination or the notoriously ill defined placebo effect.

Venkatesh K.N.

From:  Questions Patients Ask:   Elaine Lewis

Very helpful article, Elaine. However, I’ve given Aurum-ars in a 1m to a couple of members of my family. It was necessary because they don’t live with me and they have all kinds of excuses why they couldn’t possibly take a liquid dose of a low potency every day. (So ridiculous!) But that’s the way they are. I gave a bottle of Aurum-ars 12c to one of them, with instructions on succussing before each daily sip — and she drank the whole thing in one day. They don’t listen and they don’t get it. So, while chronic illnesses may need a daily dose of a low potency, it isn’t always feasible. There are probably other families out there like mine. I have to say, too, that the Aurum-ars 1m was incredibly effective.

Linda S.

Dear Dr,

My Prof Dr Jugal Kisore, the eminent practioner of Delhi, used to say that concentrate more on the similar and potency does not matter much. Give 6 c or 30 or 200, all will work in curing the patient if remedy is similar.

Elaine Lewis responds:   Right Dr. Gupta, but when our students ask us, “What potency?” we have to tell them something! We can’t just say, “It doesn’t matter!” We can’t give the impression that you can start every case off with a CM, or that a 6C is a good potency to give for a Belladonna fever.

Skipping Q potencies and using high LM potencies is about having more control over the prescription and over the case evolution. When you prescribe for example 30 Q in liquid, just 1 coffee spoon every 48 hours but only 3 does and wait for 10-15-20 days before repeating, instead of giving 1Q or 3Q every day for 20 days, you can see clearly what happens after the prescription, aggravation, new symptoms, discharge symptoms, amelioration, etc.

Dr. ML Clappers

From:  Individualised Homeopathic Therapy in ANCA Negative Rapidly Progressive Necrotising Crescentic Glomerulonephritis with Severe Renal Insufficiency  – Dr. Seema Mahesh, Dr. Atul Jaggi, Prof. George Vithoulkas

A wonderful example of what homeopathy can accomplish for serious illness in skilled hands.

Alan V. Schmukler

From:  A Case of Non-Healing Wound  – Dr. Aparna Joshi

Very nice case. Thank you Dr. Aparna.

Vatsala Sperling

From: Tips and Secrets – Alan V. Schmukler

I’ve collected these tips and news items for some years now.  Thank you for finding these!

From:  Psoriasis in a Woman of 54 – Dr. Prachi Thole

Very nicely presented case of Psoriasis. Good analysis. Well done.

Dr. Amit Jagzap

That is really good result with precision & short time. The way you made correlation of pathology with the rest of the symptom picture & state is amazing. Congratulations

Vismay Prajapati

Homeopathy cures a greater percentage of cases than any other method of treatment. Homeopathy is the latest and refined method of treating patients economically and non-violently and you proved it.  Dr. Prachi Thole keep it up.


Well done and this is just a beginning. Good wishes

Dr. Gaurang Gaikwad

From:  (Quiz) Revisiting: What Remedy is Emily Gilmore (and Her Mother-In-Law)?  – Elaine Lewis. D. Hom., C .Hom.

Fun quiz, Elaine! I have Mati’s book right here but didn’t think to look in it. Even though I flunked the quiz, I’m looking forward to trying my hand at more quizzes in the future.

Linda S

Wow, that was REALLY good! I love the way you explained to everyone why they were Arsenicums. You really nailed it!

Mati Fuller

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