Letters to the Editor July 2008

Letters to the Editor July 2008

I often wish I had time to comment on articles and discussions in, however with time stretched I am lucky to jot this note. is a bastion for all interested in or practicing Homeopathy. There is so much. One doesn’t have to agree with everything but it is available each month and in archive to help and to inspire. Thank you for all your hard work it is appreciated by many who have little time to let you know. Please continue to provide this valuable service to the Homeopathic community. Jim


Dream come true!

First of all i would like to say thanks to whole HPATHY team for their restless work into the field of homeopathy….And next i would like to say thank u to Dr. Bhatia sir from bottom of my heart,,who has done so much for homeopthy…HPATHY team is like our family which shares each other experiences..

Thank you once again to all.. TANVEER


Dear Dr. Bhatia

I think you have touched upon the root nerve of the problem with the practice of Homeopathy.

I grew up in India, now in the US. Growing up, homeopathy was the way of life for us in the family. However, it was always a source of a little disgruntlement that the homeopath doctors were always sort of ‘on the run’. It always bothered me that they never had any records or historical data about any of the patients, even though they have been seeing us over long periods of time. It was like the therapy ended with each consultative session. Often, I wondered if the doctor ever wondered about the efficacy of his treatment plan and a sense of responsibility towards that. However, there was one Dr. Lal that used to maintain impeccable records on each patient, had a limited list of patients, and had the most wonderful results.

I can understand the economic limitations of a homeopath doctor as opposed to an allopathic Institution. But one cannot wallow in its limitations. Employment of modern day tools will only enhance the acceptance and faith in the system.

Truth continues to reinvent itself while maintaining its pristine- ness!

Best wishes, and hoping there is better availability of credible Homeopath practitioners in US.

Murari Garodia


Hi Manish

I read your editorial with interest, thinking, “well, that’s what the program I have does.” I am a newbie at the homeopathy thing – just a second year student at Pacific Academy in San Francisco. When I saw “Compass” on Richard Pitt’s computer last year I was sold. Miranda released the beta version just about 2 months ago. Having a business and accounting background I immediately saw the value of using Compass to manage my budding (barely ;-), I’ve still got another year of classes before I can call myself a real homeopath) practice. But I am thrilled to have this program at the beginning like this. The learning curve is gentler with only a dozen or so cases to track 😉

With Compass, I will have the statistical records you speak of. I will be able to track my results from the start. I will be able to watch myself improve as a homeopath. I suspect I’ll even be able to see where my weaknesses are and thus know what to study next.

It’s still in beta release, so it’s half the price its going to be when the full release is made.

Check it out.

Googling compass and miranda should get you to the website.

Namaste from Sunny California

Annette MacKay


It was very important for me to read about treating the cancer patients by Dr. A U Ramakrishnan.

Thank you very much. Larissa Larionova


Hints from orthodox medicine really points the need of research in homoeopathy

Really a good article



I really enjoyed the video clip re Andre Saine.and would like to view more video clips. Can you tell me how to find more video footage? I have been unsuccessful with google and you tube searches. thanks



Dear Dr. Manish Bhatia,

I read your article “How Good Are Your Case Records?” from Homeopathy for Everyone and I am kindly asking you if you can suggest what would be the most appropriate electronic practice management software to be used in the daily practice.

I am student with British Institute of Homeopathy, Canada and I would like to prepare in a good manner my future practice.

Thank you. Sincerely yours, Carmen


Thank you very much for the ezine. It’s great Homeopathic magazine to discuss exchange views and improve the status of the homeopathic world. Some of the articles in the May 08 issue are very very educative explaining what homeopathy is and where it stands in today’s high tech and extremely competitive world. I wish and I am sure it would be a great land mark of achievement in today’s medical world.

Thanking you and your whole team for this great work of service.

Chandra Shekhar


You are doing very useful work in the search in enhancing the understanding, and the application of Homeopathic method. You know very well that there is so much poetry about the ‘wonderfulness’ of Homeopathy, so much theory, and so much philosophy, but very little practical methods, available for daily application. (I will share with you about some remedies every day usefulness, in future)

The masters, old and the so called current masters write books, give seminars, talk about its history and sing songs full of praise. The entire teachings have become religious like tunes. Where is the proof or evidence about its efficacy in helping common diseases like skin diseases, allergies, asthma, sore throats, ear aches, diabetes, hypertension etc. that Homeopathy can be applied. How would you treat a child having serious asthma attack? Do you know some remedies that help in such a situation? Do you get the luxury of having enough time for analyzing and repertorizing the case, to find a quick acting remedy by average medical doctors? If it needs the mind of geniuses like Hahnemann, Kent, Bonninghausen, Hering, then it can not be a prevalent method of dealing with ordinary diseases, because these kind of people have always been very rare.

The teachers or masters of Homeopathy emphasize to get the extremely detailed history, to get the totality of symptoms, repertorization etc. to find the effective remedy. How can you apply this method to treat an infant or small child suffering from some serious bacteria or viral infection in the throat, lungs, brain etc. ? Would you go about collecting the history, symptoms, food desires, aversions, temperature reactions, and other modalities, miasmatic back ground information of parents ?? Come on! Be sensible! You have to find the methods for practical every day needs. Until then, you will only be writing poetry, singing songs, with the delusional hope that Homeopathy will become widely used medical method. Please do intense research of cured cases, world wide, to discover or identify the commonly useful remedies for common diseases. If you become successful, there will be enough clear and practical information available, which will commonly prove useful. And no power in the world can stop the spread of Homeopathy!! Just look at the fact about how much money and other resources are spent on stopping the traffic, sale and use of illegal substances. Is there a success story? No! You can not stop anything that touches the people in one way or the other. Same claim can be made about Homeopathy, if it touches the people. If people would know simple and effective remedies, just like they know about Asprin or Tylenol, they would go after them when ever needed. If you or some one else, would claim that it can not be made so simple, than forget about it. I think this objective is achievable, if your mind is cleared of the dogmatic biases, teachings and constraints foolishly engrafted on student’s mind.

I think that dedicated people like you must focus on finding and developing practical means of applying this method of therapy, which no doubt works, but only rarely, because of lack of knowledge of simple methods of finding the needed remedy. We need clearly written Materia Medicas, Therapeutics, and Repetories, which can be used by ordinary people and doctors of average intelligence.

With lots of regards, sincerely



Dear Editor,

I can resonate with Beth Retondo’s insight of choosing the modality that you feel is consistent with what you believe in and the way you were raised. This illustrates the importance of consulting all levels of our person e.g. physical, emotional, spiritual, intergenerational links before deciding which treatment to choose. A process allopathic medicine has taken for granted inadvertently because of its focus on pathology and disease. The beauty of the practice of homeopathy is the way it enriches one’s appreciation of the principle of the treatment of the person as a whole and contributes to one’s growth in sensitivity and respect for life. I see her experience, of feeling what her patients go through and using this experience to come up with the simillimum, a stage in becoming a homeopath. The compassion a homeopath develops can result in empathy, a virtual clinical tool.

Homeopathy without Borders by Elisabeth von Wedul inspires me to work out a similar program for women in my country. One of the reason health programs for women are not effective in my country in lowering maternal morbidity and mortality rates, I suspect is because it uses allopathic interventions in non-hospital settings. The work of Homeopathy without Borders with the midwives affirms this and I would like to pursue in the near future something similar in this direction.

The tips and secrets by Alan Schumukler is a beautiful and creative way of sharing clinical experiences that are gems to anyone practicing homeopath. I enjoy it a lot. The greatest high is when you crack a puzzle or resonate with another’s clinical insight or experience. Fun to learn and read this section.

All the best to your great work.

Dr Marisa Casals


Thank you very much for your wonderful ezine. I became aware of it only during Feb/March 2008. After going through a part of the March issue, I could not contain my joy and told about it to my friends, who promptly took it away from me before I could complete it. The same thing happened with the April issue.) I have seen many homeopathy journals but none so deep, so analytical, so inspiring, so useful and so informative like yours.

My hearty congrats and grateful thanks to you.*

*In the May issue, I just finished reading, sorry studying, the article on Core Delusion (CD) from the book of Dr.Luc. How brilliantly he has correlated Jung’s concept of CD to Hahnemann’s homeopathy! His beautiful explanation of CD, its importance in the selection of remedy, the 5 whys, the mask or the compensations which lead us away from the CD, the secondary delusions and the lucid example of CD through Lachesis is simply great. I long very much to read the book. *

*Further, I am eagerly waiting to study the other articles in the issue. (The printout of the May 2008 issue runs to 283 pages!).*



A nice cartoon theme



I have personally used Homeopathy since I was a child. The impression I have from the anti-homeopathy movement is that it is completely led by allopathic commercial companies serving their own interest. If placebo effect is really true in case of homeopathy too, can there be so many self-practising homeopaths(those who use homeopathy on themselves who are not even doctors let alone homeopaths). 2. How can homeopathy show it’s effect on babies, children and animals. They don’t know what they are given let alone the fact that they are being treated. 3. Why is it showing effect for so many chronic diseases and conditions and on people who have come to homeopathy just for the fact that they aren’t going to lose anything (in terms of side effects) especially when they have completely lost faith that they get cured. I suppose homeopathy campaigners could use these points to support their movement(if they haven’t already).

Good luck Kalpana


The tips are always really good and it helps us…are some of the practical tips…many a times theory bores… I liked the tip on checking the alcoholic on Quercus…such tips for the common problems are really useful…at least we can start with it, to gain the confidence of the patient, then we can go into the details for constitutional remedy…this approach patients also prefer most of the majority of patients are initially hesitant to give detail case i the beginning. Thanks regards



have read them all but I want to answer on The Musical Melody of Silence, by Dr Ajit Kulmarni. This is my answer …………………………………………………… ….. …………………. ………….SILENCE, I have a son, very musical and he does a lot of music and I said to him, do a silent song. Yes we need the silence, we need to listen to each other, only sit there and listen and look at the person who is in front of you. Silence, when the whole world is talking and it is always sound around you all the time. We don´t hear the sound in the air and the leafs that moves slowly in the wind. We nead to slow down a bit and sit down in the silence and just relax and notice each other. Maybe we can reach each other if we slow down and sit there in the silence?? I like the article thank you Dr Ajit Kulkarni .

Sincerely Gun


It was a great moment for me when i start reading the Homeopathy – How It Works and How It Is Done by Cyril W. Smith. It was really a great work and I congrats the hardworking team of this distinguished ezine for providing us such a great research work. such thing not only provide us great information but enhance our belief over great SCIENCE OF HOMEOPATHY. Thank you once again.

Dr. Muhammad Noor Asi Islamabad- Pakistan



That’s a very good article and A LOT OF information to digest. Resonates with radionics. I have two practical questions to start with: 1. Regarding potencies being erased by placing them into a steel file cabinet. Does this apply only to potencies in water? What about pellets? Hahnemann Labs sells professional kits in metal cases. So if pellets get”erased” as well, what are we left with?2. Regarding imprinting by using calculators. What is the starting potency the author is talking about and does it really matter?

Thank you, Valerie


thank you very much sir for a delicious food. i am indebted to you for the same. this writing has inspired me to do some basic on line course on this pathy. please help me. i am a blind person. so considering this also help me. i wish to know that whether there are injections provided for this pathy?….

Dr. u. n. sinha


Smith’s Work This has been one of the most enlightening bits of reading .I cannot wait for the next series.

Norman Pearson


Thanks for sending me the june h-pathy addition. Really it enriched myknowledge.please keep me sending in future also.can i ask some individual problems.will u send me the reply along with ur treatment advise.

thanks vijay


Dear Editor,

I am highly thankful to you for making scientific minded persons enlightened for the working of the homeopathic medicines. How the homoeopathic medicines are working in such a diluted form was a riddle but they are effective and are working,at least we have no doubt. thanks for give place to such articles. Thanks a lot.



New Research in homeopathy was very interesting. I wish that such researches continue not only by doctors of other countries but also by our own country experts . Right now I am trying to absorb the phenomena of the potencies etc showcased by the writer Dr Smith in relation to electromagnetic influences. Thank u



reading the interner version of the june edition of your magazine was interesting. it is really astonishing when we reflect on the topic that the method of potentization was evolved by dr samuel hahnemann in the 1830’s. and its quite more astonishing to see that the modern science has no explanation substantiate enough to explain the pharmacodynamics of the homoeopathic medicines, its also a point of worry though that without a valid explanationhomoeopathy may be considered to be fake.but still we hope that one day we may get a valid explanation to the working of homoeopathic medicines.

yours debanjan banerjee


Well i am really glad that research is undertaken to study ” how homoeopathic medicine act…” i really appreciate the task under taken by Dr. Cyril W. Smith. i will look forward to receive similar update on homeopathy.



I learn from your work. What Dr Smith investigates with his mental activity and what you present in the e-magazine both contribute to my learning. Now,i am going to pass these information to other homeopaths or to other people who want to know more about homeopathy. This direction and action is very positive and beneficial for homeopathy. You are doing great job .I feel happy always every time I receive emails from you.

Regards Margarita


Thank you so much for you efforts at promoting homeopathy. I’m excited to read the articles you’ve sent. In fact, just now I’ve got two cases where I’m having a reaction to the salts I’m giving and am not sure how to progress.Of course I stopped giving the remedy. I’m not sure of my next step though. I know that getting a “reaction” is a good thing and that I should increase the potency and give it constitutionally. My problem is that I NEED to understand WHY?! I’m hoping the articles will shed some light on this for me.Also, do you have any information on Schussler’s Biochemic tissue cell salts? Ireally use them exclusively. Any direction you can give me on this subject is very much appreciated. Especially anything thing on how to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis,Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Gratefully, Elsa Hanley


Dear editor,

When reading Dr. Cyril W. Smiths articles it is easy for a layman (or ahomeopath) to be excited. If this research should show to hold water it would represent a major breakthrough for homeopathy. Dr. Cyril W. Smiths articles/research is met by other researchers with skepticism to say the least. Through my connections in the research environment at the University in OsloNorway I have presented the articles to 2 professors who’s initial reactions were that the work seemed unserious, full of questionable statements and claims that contradicts physical laws etc.That Hpathy has chosen to publish this work worries me somewhat.

I don’t know what policy Hpathy has for publishing research like this, but Istrongly believe that caution should be made in publishing controversial material like this without it being thoroughly examined by a panel ofexperts.I further believe that we as homeopaths do not need more questionable research in our toolbox when we’re out there promoting and protecting homeopathy, and although I hope that Cyril W. Smith is able to show that his work holds water, it is my personal hope that homeopathic publications on the net or in paper format would be careful about what they choose to publish.

If it is one thing we see today, it is that those who wants to see homeopathy disappearing from the surface of the earth are welcoming all questionable and unserious research claiming to prove that homeopathy works. I think that the homeopathic community should show patience and restraint incases like this, and let Dr. Cyril W. Smiths publish his research in more adequate publications read by researchers within the same field as him. This will show if his work holds water or not .Regarding the 2 professors at the University in Oslo, they have both promised me to read more thoroughly through the articles in their summer holidays and prepare an answer to the articles.

Best regards

Stig Martinsen

Homeopath NAN, AEHU


Thanx for giving such nice informations, if our science get through this hurdle we will get the deserving place i.e. no. 1.

yours ketan


i so look forward to ur mails…they contain the info which is veryessential……infact 15 yrs back when i was suffering from a severe attack oftrigimenal neuralgia……was unable to eat , drink or sleep….one very experienced aged homeo Doctor from RK Puram Delhi …DR Verma only could diagnose the problem ihad after allopathy docs failed to identify…with just one dose i was 70% fine and the next dose made me completely alright….we moved to Chennai now but where everhe is GOd Bless Him and His family it was Spigelia and Chamomilla later thank u once again…..for providing the wealth of info for us

with warm regards, hema


Congratulations for bringing interesting research work for the benefit of Homoeopathic World. I appreciate your zeal and enthusiasm.

Thanking you with regards,

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Jawahar Shah M.D.


“Relationship is an accessory gate that lets the practitioners go to the patients internal world”.

Then ,have his or her mental and emotional sensations deeply & kindly . By this way exact constitutional remedy can be prescribed correctly. Though there are extrovert & introvert patients , to respect the clients is the first step of a good relationship , this way helps to open the gate and leap to be so close to the patient gently , let me to call it perspective empathic & compassion , although i’m not a professional and very technical but i could do so beautiful service for them that made me very very happy. One month ago i had a 41 years old client ,after hafhour case taking , it was cleared that she desired sex a lot but not with her husband . She told me a story ,said ” i went to my dentist a few days ago when he was doing on my teeth this thought came to me that he is the one that can give me sexual satisfaction ,suddenly , i shouted him ,stop it then i got out there in hurry “.I got this very important symptom just by nice relationship that i had with her and now she is ok.

I’m gonna give my good thanks to u, all group who work for HOMEOPATHY 4EVERYONE hearty, because of the another brilliant interview, june,2008.

Jafar Vakili


Dear Elaine, first of all I thank you for teaching us homeopathy through these quizzes. It is an excellent job, please keep it up. I am learning homeopathy and I have been reading your quizzes & tried to guess the answers. It is the first time I am sending you answer to the quiz. … The explanation that you give with the answers are excellent and it helps me to learn a lot.

Thanks & regards, Haroon


Loved the Nancy Herrick article – Thanks!

Barbara Lowry


Hi Manish,

My name is Dennis Ryan practicing Homeopathy. in Australia. I have been using Archibel’s WinCHIP since I first bought Radar in 2000. I find the application works pretty well (although I must admit I have only used one other medical records system – Medical Director).

WinCHIP has extensive if not very user friendly search function for selecting out data over a full range of fields. I recently used the search function to analyze 300 first aid cases taken over 6 days at a Folk Music festival. I can analyse by remedy, potency, presenting condition, name,address, city, date, etc. The data can be saved as an excel file for easy manipulation and creation of charts.

WinCHIP can be a bit unstable, however, I have found it relatively easy to use and adequate for my role as a sole practitioner.



great newsletter. only wish i had time to read it all. someday…Elena


hi everyone at hpathy

Thanks so much for the research by Dr Cyril Smith.

It is fascinating and thought-provoking, I can’t wait to see the next articles. of course my scientific knowledge is not sufficient to understand the detail, but fortunately Dr Smith at times explains in plain English! For example – don’t put your potencies into a metal box (I used to use a metal tin to carry my travel remedies).

I would love to hear feedback from some of our homeopathic pharmacists.

Helen Swan RSHom


Dear Dr.Manish Bhatia,

The Articles that you had sent me were mind-boggling! It is amazing to know that Homeopathy is being taken from its depth to Heights unimaginable. On the one hand we have lot of ambiguity, misconceptions and misrepresentations (single Dose cures in chronic cases esp!) in perceiving the basics of Hahnnemanian Homeopathy, while on the other hand, we have taken it to the other extreme of relating it to very complicated topics like Electromagnetic Energy, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Electrical sensitivity, immunology, Quantum Physics and so on…. Such Lateral Thinking and Research has over a period of time yielded results in partly understanding the hidden mysteries of Homeopathy like Electromagnetic Therapy, Potency explained more in terms of Physics (Frequency, energy etc) rather than chemistry etc. For eg. The ElectroMagnetic Therapy which was advocated by Hahnemann and discontinued due to the need for caution in its use is what has led to EAP (Electro-Acupuncture, a diagnostic method which measures subtle energies in Human beings) which started in 1953 by Dr Voll and Dr.Verner of Germany. Further research in this area led to the discovery of Vega Test Method developed by Dr.Schimmel and followed by that of Dr Reckweg’s EAP Testing Apparatus. Since you have mentioned that Dr.Cyril W Smith has been researching in this Field for the past 30 years, I assume that he’s been likewise influenced by the above theories as his articles clearly show the relationship between Acupuncture and Homeopathy( He matches Acupuncture meridians and Homeopathic Potencies in treatment).

Though I am not competent enough to comment on the articles, I can say that I understood the basics of what Dr.Cyril says about Homeopathy and Potency and that they are fascinating to read. The Executive summary says it all briefly and clearly even if we miss out on the details of Quantum physics and the like.

Thanks to you and your Team, who take pains to select and publish Articles of very high standard which is commendable, readers like me get to benefit from it. The only drawback that I find is that you disown any responsibility for the content leaving it to the readers to judge. Here’s where I would request you and your team to have some kind of check on the spread of any misconceptions for the benefit of readers like me who have just stepped into Homeopathy (and find it a maze) and have a long, long….way to go. If any Article is debatable,(Homeopathy is by itself debatable with its variability but there is a definite order to it which, if followed makes sense!) both the pros and cons should be discussed.

While on this topic, it would be useful if you could also run an article on The Vega Equipment and how successful it is as it’s been more than five decades since it was discovered and there’s so much research going into it that the outcome would be appreciated.. How successful is it in determining the subtle energies of the body in terms of frequency as well as that of the potency of a remedy so that we can match the remedy to the patient? That would complement this set of Articles.

If let’s say it works, then that would be the ultimate Tribute paid to Hahnneman as it would truly follow his Aph 2 of Gentle, harmless cure on easily comprehensible principles.

Regards, Niranjani


Dear Dr Bhatia,

This is to once again appreciate your effort to keep up-date all your readers. this particular article “research work on the action of homeopathic remedies, by Dr. Cyril W. Smith, ” has a great scientific depth, it is what homeopathy need to be accepted in many scientific groups that eventually will not have other choice but accept it as a method of cure. know a days several sectors realized that it works and are trying to level homeopathy to the allopath level, which in my opinion is simply that they are acknowledging the economic potential homeopathy has for them. this is my personal opinion which hope does not hurt the sensibility of no one,

thanks so much, Hilda


Thank you for putting these articles out in this form. Cyril Smith is one of the great unsung heroes of homeopathy research having applied diligently himself for many years to the study of how it works and the role water plays, which he has helped to discover and clarify.

With best Wishes

Lionel Milgrom


The article related to Cancer was excellent.

G. Singh


I want to thank you for all your efforts that go into doing this newsletter. I a Holistic Nurse and I love your newsletter. It is a nice blend of all kinds of information.

Phyllis Taliaferro, RN





Dear Sir:

Hpathy 4 for everyone is a wonderful journal. I like it very much and I think everybody will like it.

Dr. Mohammed Sirajul Islam Khan


Thank you so much for your wonderful and useful site. I have enjoyed Hpathy books and etc,…. I wish you all complete health which should be the highest call of us .

*Best Wishes and Regards, S.A.Sadeghi *


I want to thank you for your efforts in This has an excellent source of information and allows further understandings of the efforts of homeopathy. I enjoy the articles and am always learning new info with every issue. Keep up the excellent work!

Thank you. Gene Hazen


Dear Editor,

I have gone through the articles of the magazine. Very useful and very informative. I too will send some of my tips soon.

Thank you, Rajeswari.s


Thank you for the plenty info I had received it’s been helpful to me. also the info about the Mineral Kingdom took my attention to learn more about it. i have Retinitis Pigmentosa and still looking for ways to treat it. Best regards Benny


I had already received June issue of ‘ Homeopathy for Everyone ‘. I have also received your e-mail entitled ‘ New Research in Homeopathy ‘ forwarding the series of research articles ‘ Homeopathy – How it Works ‘ authored by Dr.Cyril W. Smith. Like its previous issues June issue of ‘ Homeopathy 4Everyone ‘ consists of many informative and interesting articles and features. Particularly, I am ineffably grateful to you for publishing the unique research work of Dr. Cyril W. Smith on the action of homeopathicremedies.You are really doing great work for homeopathy and my gratitude to you for this job is just ineffable.

With sincere complements,



Thanks to i really enjoyed this month issue. it improves my knowledge in homeopathy. Saba


Hello Many thanks for your publications. Most articles are very interesting and instructive. If questions arise I will surely respond. Most of all I like the interviews. A magazine like yours should first of all be a window to honest professionals.

Kind Regard



Hi Manish,

I really enjoy and appreciate the work that goes into your newsletter. I tell myself that I don’t have time to contribute to it, but Know that is a cop out. I just wanted to say something on a very practical or relative level, and that is what you wrote about patient records, and wanting to have them moreorganised. I can relate, and just today (it is now night time) I took a dayout to organize my files, back up files on CDs etc. and then I read your biton patient records, so I had to write something. I am friends with Resie Moonen from the Netherlands, and every homeopath in the Netherlands has a fantastic software that organizes their files, and Ithink they also may pool together their results to make some kind of country data. I can find out more from her because just today I thought of her software and how I wanted to ask her about it. Unfortunately it is in Dutch,which is not good for us English speakers, but I am sure we an figure something out. I will get back to you on this. Thanks again for all your effort for the Homeopathy for Everyone, you must have energy to burn that you have time, or rather make time to do this plus run a practice. Jai ho.

Warm regards

Rebecca Williams


I enjoy reading your newsletters very much especially the author /Homeopath interviews. Thank you

Diane Fowler


This is very informative information. Homeopathy is so needed by all. I amthankfull for this web site. It is giving information that is very clear on why people get sick. The cause and cure is deep information about one’s life. I believe that illness can be prevented on the most part with homeopathy and a good practitioner that knows his-her stuff.

Thank you, Pauline Jones


Excellent service and articles. Trouble is I don’t find time to read it all.

Frederick Cole


I really enjoy the articles and I envy the Practitioners in the U.K.Being here in the U.S. has many advantages but as a practitioner without a M.D. orD.O. you are very limited. I am very interested in 2 things, the 1st is Type 1 and 2Diabetes and how it can be treated naturally without all the pills and secondly,treating Obesity naturally, we are filling people full of expensive Meds when we could treat them safely and effectively using Homeopathic remedies.

Clinton A. Chrisman.BS, MA, P.h.D


Dear friends, It seems that finally the world will know how homeopathy remedies work .Unfortunately men thinks it more important to have an explanation than to experience the real thing. Congratulations for the publication of Dr. Cyril W. Smith. It is too technical for the laymen like me, but you could translate it into everyday language, couldn’t you?

Thank you very much for your attention, Ismar


Thank you for a very informative series from Cyril Smith,any more?



Dear,I renew my compliments for the quality of the articles, for the optimal service to homeopathic community. I think that your journal is the best in this time.

Thank you

Sebastiano Di Salvo, MD Lamezia Terme (CZ) Italy


I found the interview with Nancy Herrick very inspiring.

Christel Lombaerts


thanks for your article,it is very educative.i will want to get more article.i ampharmacist practicing in Nigeria,i am interested in homeopathy.

thanks Joy


Dear Editor

I read with interest the interview with Nancy. Congratulations. We need more such. Here in Trichy we have many homeopathy doctors who are also very popular though in emergencies patients go for allopathy still.

Looking forward to future issues.

krishna nandini


Dear Editor,

I have been reading all the editions you had sent me. Thank you. All of them are very interesting and have gotten better my knowledge in Homeopathy. I tried to send some of them to my friend, that are doctors, but I had no success. Maybe, myself problem with informative system. Anyway, thank you again for sending me these inssues.

Until next one!

Fatima Buarque


Thank you very much for you wonderful monthly magazine and the follow up. I think you are doing a yeoman service for homeopathy; on one hand Lancet and some senior homoeopaths are out and out waiting to destroy this system of medicine which has stood the test of time for more than 200 yrs. Keep it up may God bless you.

Dr. Ramesh Talreja


Respected sir

this journal is most informative for most of the young homoeopaths like me we wish to continue this informative process to be continued forever

thank you

with regards sathish kumar


My favorite feature is still tips and secrets. It saves hours of reading and also money invested in books. The aha moments are great. This issue also had another discovery-gemmotherapy.In my ignorance I assumed it was the use of gemstones for healing.Now I’ve got another fascinating “detour” to investigate.

Thank you-love to all-Jan


Dear Editor,I´ve been learning homeopathy for a couple years now, your site has been of great help for me. I don´t consider my self as capable of giving you a critic review of the content but I can certainly tell you that for a newbie like me it is very helpful.

Regards Constantin L.


Dear Editor,

i have read with great interest the articles and letters,especially Nancy Herrick,s humane approach.I have a book by Eugenio F. Candegabe MD on Comparative Materia Medica, that may answer a couple of emails read in this months magazine.The publisher is BEACONSFIELD PUBLISHERS LTD Beaconsfield bucks, UK



Dear Team form Hpathy,

I am delighted about the research articles from Dr. C. W.Smith, “Homeopathy – and how it works”. I was so glad when I found them in my mail box. Profound research, scientific which should convince everyone, I highly appreciated the expansion to other related subjects regarding frequencies. And I am glad to be able to read the original version,with its scienfic explanations, and not a short version for the layman.

Thank you millions!



I like all ur articles, keep sending more information regarding homoeopathy.i want to know something about scope of homeopathy. regarding jobs in hospitals India.

Thank you-

Regards priyanka


Dear Editor,

Greetings!I advice you kindly that NEW advanced researches are in course in french labs of homeopathy concerning cancer treatment by Homeopathy…(Microimmunotherapy)Providing sooner more deeper basis on the therapeutical treatment on Cancer by homeopathy physicians..Modulating immune response with basis on the medical advances reached by Prof.Dr.Maurice Jennaer, from Belgium using modern Biotechnology to dilute and dinamized new homeopathic medicines for such cases..Pls get in touch with this remarkable homeopath medical professional in Belgium for further details as well…And as a matter of fact if possible publish sooner an interview with him in your remarkable online journal for your worldwide readers on the matter ok Kind


Prof.Paulo de Lacerda


Dear Editor,

** **First of all, I would like to apologize to you. You send us every month wonderful ezine without any personal expectation. You make a general appealin every issue for feedback. Then you send personal reminders to us byname requesting our feedback. Yesterday, I received the second reminder. Ifeel terribly guilty. Sorry, sorry, sorry!

** **What to do I have so much work, so many interests and so much to read in diverse areas! Further, surfing and blogging have become almost an obsession/addiction. Anyway no more excuses. Here is my feedback on the interview of Herrick that appeared in the June 2008 issue of H4E.

** **Your ezine contains a lot of interesting and inspiring material. Though Iwould give the highest marks to the interviews. They let you know somegreat homeopaths and how they work. You pick up many a good idea from them.They enthuse you, encourage you, inspire you and goad you to become a better homeopath.

** **The interview of Nancy Herrick is no exception. I confess I am hearing some of these names for the first time. For more than a decade I did no tread anything new in Homeopathy, being content referring to the classics whenever required. (The only exceptions being, ‘The Science of Homeopathy ‘by Vithoulkas and ‘The Spirit of Homeopathy’ by Rajan Sankaran, that too cursory readings. For an avowed booklover, this is really shameful. I came across your site by sheer accident while surfing and started receiving H4Efrom March 2008. I have realized my folly now.

** **Generally when I start reading something really good, I start it with my pen open so that I can underline passages that impress me. When something interests me deeply, I start taking copious notes in my journal. Nowadays Ifind myself doing that with your ezine. However it delays my sending feedback to you, like sending a feedback on March issue in July!** **Am I right in presuming Ms Nancy Herrick to be a lay homeopath? If so,kudos to her, especially after what Alan says in the first para about homeopaths opting her when they had a health problem. From the first lay homeopath, Boenninghausen, lay homeopaths have done a lot for Homeopathy.!

** **Nancy**’s passion for Homeopathy is catching. I fully agree with her when she says, “the really successful homeopaths are not necessarily the very best technical homeopaths but the people that really care about their patients as human beings. I think it helps a lot to know yourself and to do some deep inner work on yourself. Then you are more available to be therefore the patient. You really have the space inside your head to really see and hear the other.” Great thinking!

** **However, I miss her completely when she says, “Salads and orphan aremagnesium(?!) and ‘hot feet is sulphur’. ‘Magnesium sulph worked beautifully for her…” Choosing the compound magnesium sulphate (not on its properties) but based on the properties of elemental sulphur and magnesiumis not clear to me. Is magnesium a rare remedy or a recently-proved one? Ido not see it in Boericke, or Kent’s ‘New Remedies” or for that matter in any of the more than dozen books on material medica.

** **Further, **Kent** gives only ‘Elaps’ for ‘Desires Salads’ and for ‘hot feet’ a lot of remedies. I could not find any reference to orphans under delusions or anywhere else. Forsaken, deserted yes, but orphans, no! Ialso went through materia medica of sulphur and magnesium sulph and could not find any compelling reason to prescribe Mag Sulph based on symptoms like”acted like an orphan”, “craves salad” and “hot feet”. While I agree wither statement that, “we all need a combination of intuition and objective knowledge and facts to be a good homeopath”, I do not understand how she arrived at Mag Sulph in this particular case. Probably this is the price Ipay for not keeping myself abreast with the latest thinking/developments in Homeopathy.

** **Again, “making good use of kingdom in remedy selection” does not make any sense to me. Probably I should go through the back issues of H4E and also read Jeremy Sherr’s interview in the Nov.2007 issue.

** **Does Nancy have a web site or a blog? Otherwise I should try to get her publications, especially the ones mentioned at the end of the interview,viz., “Animal Mind, Human Voices” and “Sacred Plants, Human Voices”. I amplain curious.

** **Sorry for this long letter. Thank you very much for everything. Now Imust get on with my reading of the other articles in the June issue, before July issue gets into my mailbox. You see, there is no time to lose.



I am Bharati Devkota, Classical Homeopath. I would like to thank you for sending me the copy of the june issue and i find this as very valuable and useful for all the homeopath. everyone in the field will be benefited by this nobel work. Thanks

with regards

Bharati Devkota


In the case reports we learn from successes as much as from failures. It will be usefule tu sumbit difficult cases. Thank you.

Marina Scarinci


To the Editors,

I read through Cyril Smith’s work with great interest, despite having a very limited grasp of the actual science involved. I am eagerly awaiting the analytical chapters to follow. Obviously he will need to work closely with a homeopath, or your editorial group to hone the implications of his research for homeopaths.

I understood enough of the science involved to be impressed, but not enough to be critical.

The 2 most immediately obvious points that affect me as a practitioner are:

1) remedies should not be stored in tins or metal boxes: This is huge. Does that mean that anyone who has stored their remedies in metal filing cabinets has rendered them useless? Or carried them around in a biscuit tin? I know 2 homeopaths who stash their remedies in metal filing cabinets.

2) When I send remedies by post to a patient, I should wrap it up in aluminium foil, because he has his patients do so when sending imprinted vials of water, but why exactly?

My most pressing question is about ferrite rings. Why can ferrite rings copy? Not that I would use this knowledge as a practitioner, although I guess his remark about Nosode copying is interesting. And just as there is something biodynamically different about the moment of cell division, would ferrite ring copying really be as good as the ‘real’ thing?

And what is going on, exactly with steel/tin, iron, and aluminum, and their uses/cautions as implied by his work?

I know that Alize Timmerman says that the elemental nature of porcelain mortars and pestles, being aluminum, calcium and silica, used to triturate substances, helps reveal the nature of the substance. Alumina can integrate confused identity. So what exactly does aluminum foil around a vial do? Does it meld with, and therefore retain the identity of the substance wrapped inside it, but nevertheless insulate it from outside influences, but not cut it off from the magnetic field?

Steel is largely iron: if ferrite rings copy, why are steel boxes death traps for remedies? And why is it instant?

I have copied the bits of his chapters I found the most interesting and relevant (assuming his idea that knowing which pharmaceutical frequencies can affect a patient involves a massive project no one is going to undertake) and about which I have questions below:

“However, the D, C, and M dilution ratios used in homeopathy are not finely enough graduated for allergy therapy where the patient is usually so sensitive to frequency patterns that the allergen has to be potentised specifically for the individual. ”

What about LM’s or Q potentcies as they are also called?

“Certain dilution ratios do not potentise (e.g. prime number ratios), importantly an 11-fold dilution (1+10 dilution ratio) will not potentise.”

This is fascinating. I would love to know more about this.

“Living cells can emit highly coherent oscillations at the time of cell division which are not present during the other parts of the cell cycle and which are coherent down to the level of quantum fluctuations. Living systems can respond to magnetic resonance (NMR) conditions in the geomagnetic field.”

This is also fascinating, would like to know more.

6.7 Erasing a Frequency or Potency

The Earth’s magnetic field is necessary for the retention of a frequency imprint in water and the retention of the activity of a homeopathic potency. There is a precise threshold magnetic field (about 1% of the normal Earth’s magnetic field) below which all information is permanently erased. Putting a potency into a steel biscuit “tin” or a steel filing cabinet or cupboard will erase it. This is useful for making placebos since the chemistry is unchanged. It can be used to “clean” water or other materials before potentising them. The effect is instantaneous.

Please explain more rigorously.

“Rings of ferrite material can be used to copy and imprint potencies”

Why and how?

“Fractality makes it possible for chemical and biological frequencies to interact. If you do not want to get electrically hypersensitive, do not acquire multiple chemical sensitivities!”

I am not scientifically minded enough to have really understood his discussion of fractality. But I would like to understand this particular remark better.

Since the Study covered 20 transmitters from different parts of the UK, it is reasonable to assume that any effects related to geographical or topographical features and antenna design would average out. This only leaves the physical characteristics of the propagation of electromagnetic radiation from which to seek a mechanism.

Figure 12. Probability plot of cancer data versus distance from 20 transmitters.

A simple experiment involving a toroid and solenoid connected in series showed that when the A and B field vectors are in opposition (180º or p/2 phase difference) the frequency of the current is imprinted into nearby water. When the A and B fields are parallel (zero phase difference) that frequency imprint is erased.

The electromagnetic radiation (E- and B-fields) from a transmitter will experience the refractive index of air and propagate at the velocity of light in air. The magnetic vector potential (A-field) does not interact with the air propagates at the vacuum velocity of light. At 5 km distance from the transmitter, there is a transit time difference of 5 ns between the A and B fields. At 100 MHz this represents a 180º or p/2 phase difference. This is the condition for that frequency to be imprinted into any water or living tissues. The frequency band 70MHz-130MHz covers the standard deviation in Figure 12 and includes the FM radio transmissions from the TV transmitter towers.

I do not really understand exactly what conclusion can be drawn from this: can he please unpack this for people like me (not really good with math and calculating).

This does indeed seem like exciting work as far as rendering the use of our medicines explicable to non-believers, except, as I said, I am not enough of a scientist to have been able to criticize any of his work, or write-ups.

Thank you for publishing it,


Genevieve Ahearne



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