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Readers comment on the previous (Feb 2024) issue of Homeopathy for Everyone. Comments on The Spiritual Journey – Morphinum by Mirjana Zivanov,  Editorial – Follow the Money – Alan V. Schmukler and much more.


It’s very clear that homoeopathy is a threat both to the pharmaceutical world and allopathic medical professionals. Heartening though is that because of covid, a number critical thinking medical doctors have opened their minds to non-conventional western medicine.


Dear Mr. Schmukler,

Once again, I am drawn to write to say how wonderful of you to champion Homeopathy and highlighting the brainwashing of people and the money aspect.  Please keep the information going for us.

With blessings, peace and light.

Val in South Africa

From: Interview -Tim Shannon expert on Polarity Therapy is interviewed by Rooksie David.

Efficacy Using Polarity Analysis Exclusively in a Busy Practice – Tim Shannon is interviewed by Rooksie David

I agree that the Polarity Analysis of Dr Frei is a very good method and should be better known. Glad to see it described so well here.

Richard Laing

From: The Spiritual Journey – Morphinum -Mirjana Zivanov

Outstanding article…Thank you so much Dr. Mirjana Zivanov for sharing your talent and expertise with the world through your writing. I look forward to more of your remarkable work in the future.

Sushil Chandra Aryaal

Amazing work. I really got any informations about Morphine. Great discover from real work. Matrix Code is really interesting. Your work will always help homeopath community to advance their knowledge.

Suranjan De

Always profound and wise Dr Mirjana Zivanov. Like in her books, The Matrix Method, shows us again that everything is connected, words with emotions, which leads to remedy. Great work again Dr Zivanov 👏


Great lecture! You explained this topic very well, with many practical examples, which makes the topic understandable and applicable. We look forward to reading more interesting articles from you.

Milly Puskar

Excellent article! Great Dr. Mirjana! I find her insights into homeopathy fascinating. Each of her texts opened new doors for me!


Dear Dr. Mirjana, thank you for the interesting and impressive description of Morphinum. I am eagerly looking forward to your new articles. I wish you much success and productive work. With respect and love, Mirjana Medić.

This is a groundbreaking work, that opens up a whole new way of understanding the remedies and their relationships. Dr Zivanov’s exquisite work teaches us that the subtle world in which homeopathy acts, is far from the material systems of Aristotelian logic. She reminds us of the fact well known to the old Masters that every remedy is a singularity, a unique idea, and the relations between the remedies can never be truly understood if we force rigid classifications upon them. I am looking forward to more of the Dr Zivanov’s pioneer insightful work.


Wow really great clearly understand really great teacher and great homeopath I am really proud of you and salute you

Dr Rajendra Patel

From: Royal Samuel Copeland (1868-1938) -Sue Young

Thanks Sue!

Your work is comprehensive, and important. Good work, please keep it up!


From:  In Praise of Homeopathy  –  Louise Mclean

A wonderful resource of information about homeopathy. Excellent snapshot history and useful links.

Thank you Louise!

Alan V. Schmukler

From: Mastitis in a Woman of 30  – by Swapna Honavar

Mastitis in a Woman of 30

I really like your case and am wondering if this lady had recently had a return of her menses? Most women get them around 8 months after the birth not long after the baby starts to take solid foods. That heralds a shift in the endocrine system whereby the preponderance of strictly lactation hormones (prolactin and oxytocin) makes way for the return of surges of progesterone and oestrogen.

Our repertory lists Phytolacca as THE main remedy for mastitis immediately post birth and that’s when there’s a similar hormonal shift from pregnancy to lactation hormones and so it’s the same when menses returns and Phytolacca is a great fit.

It’s also good to use if a woman gets mastitis in her menopause (again due to a hormonal shift). Also…when mastitis goes from one breast to the other it’s a clinical sign that streptococcus is the culprit so giving strep 200C along with the remedy works at the deepest level and clears up the infection more quickly. Another therapeutic tip for when the breast is caked with milk is to soak the breast in warm water to which has been added a handful of Epsom Salts. The salts attract water into solution and breastmilk is 85% water and the breast is soon relieved.

Patricia Hatherly

From: Quick Results in Chronic Cases –  Kavita R. Chandak

Quick Results in Chronic Cases


Dr. Mustafa Hakimji

From: Wireless Harms – Homoeopathy and Natural Remedies for Maladies from Man Made Inventions -by Dr Chetna N. Shukla

Both the cases are eye openers and good learning experiences… very thoughtful.

Thank you so much Dr Chetana ma’am.  We are very grateful

Dr Jaylaxmi

A Remembrance of Homeopath Melanie Grimes  -by Jeremy Sherr

I first met Melanie as a student in one of my Seatle seminars. She immediately stood out as bright and enthusiastic, with a wonderful Jewish sense of humour. We continued to meet at society conferences in the UK and in Dynamis Seattle, where I often stayed with her lovely family. Together we worked, walked, laughed and mostly talked homoeopathy. We visited the Salmon ladder near her home, watching the fish leap the steps on their journey home, and that is where I decided to prove Oncorynchus.

Melanie edited my first proving book, Dynamis provings Volume I, and helped me with many other articles , provings and projects. She knew how to work, how to write, how to have fun and how to be funny. She loved homoeopathy, and worked hard at it. Her provings are of the highest standard, reliable and meticulous, and have contributed much to our materia medica. I have successfully prescribed her Meteoritum fax, the Allende meteorite, Quercus ruber the red oak, Galeocerdo cuvier, the tiger shark, Enallagma carunculatum the damselfly  and Microcystis aeruginosa, the blue green algae. I have yet to benefit from her Lamprohiza glow worm, Ganoderma fungus and Stangeria grass. These provings represent Melanie well. Melanie was a shooting star, a sturdy oak, a fierce tiger shark, a flirting damselfly, a prolific algae, a glowing persona, and as nourishing as her vitamin provings. She has left a legacy, and she will be missed.

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